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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 3

This year was already off to a good start, judging by the fact that Tatsuya was able to go and pay a first shrine visit of the year in the company of Liliana and China, and not only Keima, as was true in the previous years. It was filling his heart up with the kind of joy that was making all of his steps feel naturally lighter.

However, Tatsuya’s head could not come up with anything that couples could do together on this exact day, and what Keima was clearly alluding to all this time.

「Come on, man! There is only one thing that all lovers are supposed to do at the very beginning of the year! It’s a given! A staple, even!」

「Sorry, man, but I really don’t know.」

Tatsuya was so overwhelmed by Keima’s antics, but Keima himself seemed to be growing more and more irritated by the second.

He turned his

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