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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 4

「Sex ——……!?」

「Actually, the New Year has nothing to do with it nowadays, and the term itself refers exclusively to the very first sexual intercourse that you have in the year. That is what Hime Hajime is. I’m sorry to disillusion you like that.」

Liliana suddenly understood the reason for China’s violent rampage at the shrine before, and why her face immediately turned bright red upon Keima proclaiming his intent to take part in the activity. She did not know it, but she had also said it so many times with such curiosity and innocence, and her face went all “Puff!”, becoming bright red in an instant and with smoke almost coming out of her ears. It was honestly a truly adorable sight to behold.

「I-I’m really sorry, Tatsuya-san. It seems that I lacked the knowledge to understand, and ended up saying something really embarrassing.」

「No, you did nothing wrong, Liliana-san. it’s not

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