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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 3

「And with that, it seems that I am on a five-games winning streak, Tatsuya-san.」

Liliana’s voice boomed as she approached Tatsuya with the brush in her hand, looking all smug and content with herself.

The two went out to the small garden adjacent to their apartment right away and started playing with the palettes and the shuttlecock.

Confused by the unfamiliar feeling of the wooden palettes and the shuttlecock, in the beginning they were missing a lot of shots and hitting each other on accidents, which would result in a sharp and painful sensations surging through their bodies, but when Liliana grasped the trick ahead of handling her palette way ahead of Tatsuya, she completely took the flow of the game and dominated it without issue. And from there on out it was all downhill for Tatsuya.

The shuttlecock, which had drawn a gentle curve in the air, suddenly flew horizontally and became

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