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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 5

At the top of her voluptuous breasts, the first thing a man would notice, her erect nipples were filled with lust, and Tatsuya felt really hot and bothered all the way down to his very core from that.

To think that Liliana would be able to feel it so much with her nipples alone.

「Liliana-san…… Kuuh, to think that you would be feeling this good just from having your nipples teased like that.」


When he let go of the brush that was gripping hard to Liliana’s nipples, she let out her voice and followed her wistfully with her gaze.

「Liliana-san, you have been fidgeting in place for a while now, but could it be that you wanted me to do the same to this place as well?」

Upon hearing those words, Liliana stood silent, not even trying to deny it.

On the contrary, even though she was

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