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Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 2.5

「So that’s how it is. 」

「By the way, when will Yoshino-san move, Juugo-kun? 」

「I have no idea. 」

「Then what is Yoshino-san trying to do? 」

「I have no idea. 」

「Then then, don’t you think you might miss it? 」

「That’s just how it is. If Yun-chan intends to do something that will shake the entire island, we’ll notice it too. But if it’s something that targets an individual, like how she stabbed President Yuiga this time, we can’t help it. 」

「Then how do we do it? 」

「By using the Three Skulls? 」

I shook my head while glaring at Tensai.

「I don’t intend to use the Three Skulls. I’m just going to get it done. 」

「What are you saying? 」

「Don’t misunderstand me Tensai. You, the great detective, want to catch Yun-chan, Tetsu-kun and the Three Skulls are looking for Yun-chan’s whereabouts. All I want is to meet Yun-chan and ask her why she stabbed President Yuiga, then listen to her answer. That’s why I’m not going to take the lead in chasing after Yun-chan. 」

「In other words you are handing that over to Tetsunoshin? 」

「Is that your idea Tensai? Certainly this is like what you did last time with Tetsu-kun. But is that enough? Tetsu-kun and the others were overjoyed, and I could understand why. …well for that reason I think I’ll pass the information on to Tetsu-kun later, ok Tensai? 」

「Why are you asking me for permission? 」

「Well this was all an idea I was able to arrive at thanks to Tensai’s reasoning. If you say not to, I won’t tell Tetsu-kun. 」

「Just tell him secretly, ok? 」

「How secret do you want me to be? 」

「Otherwise you are not my diabolical rival. 」

「How rude. 」

Well I was going to do that anyways.

「I don’t care, do what you like. 」

「You sure that’s ok? 」

「To be honest, I was worried about how I should act in this case. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「In this incident Yuiga-dono was stabbed, I have some doubt about unilaterally asserting that Saki Yoshino was the villain. It’s obvious that Yuiga-dono is hiding something. Besides, I wonder how well I’ll stand out as a great detective if Saki Yoshino is cast as the villain. 」

「So what are you looking for? 」

「Well that’s just it… The other day when we were all going to visit South Red Mall, I gave Saki Yoshina a curt attitude. Ibara-dono seemed to be interested in me, and Aya Suruga asked me for help. …So somehow…」

「What? In other words, this time, rather than standing out as a great detective, you want to find Yun-chan for everyone’s sake. 」

「N..no way! I’m a great detective…」

「Ah, ok ok. I won’t tell everyone. 」

「Listen to me! 」

During that exchange I heard giggling laughter. When I looked over, Nanana-chan was smiling happily.

「Fufufu, this is interesting. 」

「What’s so funny Nanana-chan? 」

「It’s that Tensai-chan was looking at this as an incident, and Juugo was just thinking about the kid named Yun-chan. And now that the two of them have gathered and shared their opinions, a new idea has come into view. I thought it was funny. 」

I don’t know what expression to make when looking at Tensai’s face for some reason.

「After all, two heads are better than one. 」

That’s definitely something Nanana-chan would say.

And then I remember, 「Ah. Come to think of it, there’s something called the Tanabata Festival soon. 」

The three of them make a strange face when I say this suddenly.

「What is this all of a sudden Juugo? 」

「I was wondering about something, but isn’t the GREAT 7 members supposed to grant wishes one by one? However Nanana-chan is already dead so she can’t grant my request. So what happens? 」

「AH, well it seems like I’m treated as a special case. It seems that everyone else works together to make the wish come true for me. 」

「Huh, why would they do that? 」

「Why…? Hmm. Well it’s just a matter of matching numbers isn’t it? 」

「Is that right? 」

「Maybe. 」

「Hmph. 」

「…what? 」

「No, I agree. 」

Nanana-chan tilts her head.

「Come to think of it, have you guys already written your wishes? 」

「I have written and submitted it. 」

「Huh, that’s surprising. I thought Tensai wasn’t interested in this sort of thing. 」

「Well I wouldn’t say I’m interested. But it’s a festival and if I don’t write one down there will be people who get angry. So I wrote it down quickly and put it out. 」

「Hmph. 」

I was going to ask what you wished for while I was at it, but earlier this evening Yumeji-san warned me not to, so I restrained myself. I wonder if it’s related to being a great detective.

「I also wrote one. I’m excited because it’s my first time writing a wish」, said D’arc as he giggled innocently.

「Hmm, they won’t pick yours anyways. 」

「That’s not true. It might get picked right? 」

Those are very contrasting opinions.

「So Juugo, have you written yours? 」, Nanana-chan asked.

I shook my head.

「No. Actually, I just found out about the Tanabata festival today. 」

「Ah, so I just asked a strange question. 」

「Well so…」

「Then shouldn’t we hurry? It’s not long until Tanabata. 」

「I’ll do it Nanana-chan. 」



「So Juugo, what is your purpose in calling me to a place like this? 」

After dinner when Tensai was about to leave I called out to her 「Go to the nearby park after this, 」 and secretly joined her. Also D’arc is peeking out from some nearby bushes. Are you trying to hide behind it? Actually, why are you staring at me with a puffy face?

While Tensai and I were both standing I took out a piece of paper from my pocket. It’s the strip of paper for Tanabata, nothing is written on it. I clasp it and declare, 「Tensai. I’m going to do bad things. 」

「What’s that? 」

「I said, from now on I’m going to do bad things. 」

When I declare this Tensai’s mouth raises into a smile.

「Isn’t it rather amusing to declare war in front of me, my worthy rival? That’s fine. This great detective Ikkyu Tensai doesn’t run or hide! Let’s fight to the finish now! 」

Tensai pointed at me with a snap. She has a fearless smile. She’s ready for a battle as if she’s been waiting for this. This is bad, it’s like she switched on.

「…Um, it’s not good when you get excited. This isn’t what you think it is. 」

「Hey hey, what are you saying Juugo? You are not going to surrender quickly are you? 」

「No, I’m not going to surrender or anything. I’m not even going to battle you Tensai. 」

「? So what is it then? 」

「To be blunt; Tensai, I want you to take part in my evil deeds. 」

Tensai’s eyes open wide. Apparently that was too much for her to comprehend.


「Um Tensai-chan. Are you ok? 」

「You are taking half the world so you want me to join you! 」

「Wow, you just forced me to be some sort of dragon king! No, this time it’s not that kind of deceptive invitation. 」(TN: This is referring to the manga Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings)

「Don’t be silly. Who would join forces with you? Baaka, baaka! 」

「It’s ok to talk to consider it…」

「I don’t like it, I definitely don’t like it. I will face off against Juugo! It’s an elaborate battle of wits. A life and death game. In the end we’ll point our guns at each other with a blazing fire in the background and exchange cool lines! 」

「Don’t stomp on the ground waving your hands like that! What are you, a spoiled child? 」

「And the one who wins in the end will be me! 」

「Don’t stick out your chest while pointing at yourself! Are you that determined to beat me? You’re pissing me off! Ah, you’re such a pain! D’arc, hurry up and do something about this girl! 」

Together with D’arc, who came out from the shadows, I managed to calm down the raging Tensai and start over.

「…So what is your plan, you chicken bastard? 」

Teansai puffs out her cheeks and looks away. It seems that you are quite frustrated that you can’t face off against me. I’m quite angry. Who’s the chicken? Who?

「It means what it means. I’m going to do bad things from now on, so you should help me. 」

「No thanks. 」

「Listen to the end! 」

「No thanks. 」

「Calm down. Let’s listen to Juugo-kun’s story for now. 」

That’s the way. D’arc comforted Tensai which led to her being willing to listen to me finally. So taking advantage of this opportunity I explained the full extent of my evil plans…

「Ok, that’s fine. This great detective Ikkyu Tensai will take part in your evil deeds! 」

The great detective was easily felled. Ikkyu Tensai became an ally. Also Hoshino D’arc also joined my cause.

「Well, no that helps. So specifically…」

「But don’t get me wrong Juugo! I don’t remember becoming your ally! 」

「Eh, what’s that? Are you pretending again? 」

「It’s not pretending. I’m not going to follow you. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「This is just a temporary alliance. This is the only time I’ll let your evil deeds go unnoticed. On top of that D’arc will help you with information gathering and preliminary preparations. 」

「Wha? Just me? 」

「I won’t touch it. Only when things come to fruition, I’ll join your scheme. 」

「I see. Got ya. Well for the time being it’s ok if only D’arc cooperates. 」

More like even with Tensai’s support, I might just get dragged around.

「Um, in my opinion…」

「But Juugo, is that really possible? 」

「What? Can’t you trust your rival? 」

「That’s not it. It’s just that we are running out of time. I don’t think it’s feasible. 」

「That’s a good point. To be honest, I don’t have enough time to prepare. So if it doesn’t work out I’m going to stop. It’s my policy not to do more than I can. …Well, but this time I’m going to get it done even if it’s impossible. 」

Seeing me make this declaration, the corners of Tensai’s mouth raise in a smile.

「Good, then let’s see how it goes. 」




Information was provided to Tetsu-kun by e-mail at a later date. I told him 2 things. First, that Yun-chan is hiding somewhere on Nanaejima. Second, that there are people who hid Yun-chan and submitted a leave of absence notice that she returned to her parents’ house.

Also I added that I’ll ask Batako-san to keep this information confidential, but I’m worried he actually will.

「Do your best Tetsu-kun. 」

Well then, shall I get going on my own? Then hurry up and make the call.

「Hello it’s me Juugo. Shuu-san, won’t you do bad things with me? 」

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