Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 5.7

Now the moment we’ve been waiting for is here.

「Sounds like fun Young Master. 」

「That’s right. That was the goal, wasn’t it? 」

I can’t help but gloat. It’s not a lie to say that if my wish is chosen and fulfilled, the evil deed I have planned will be complete.

I wait impatiently for my number to be called, relishing the moment. Ikkaku Shunju will press the button on behalf of Nanana. The numbers on the display begin to change along with a drum roll.

By the way, my wish number was 86,225. I checked ahead of time.

Ikkaku Shunju presses the button and the numbers stop. Of course the number it stops on is…


「….huh? 」

「So, this year’s last lucky winner is wish number 21,892, Natsu Oshima-san! 」

The person who was chosen for the final wish was greeted with cheers. The whole venue, the whole area, the whole island shouted loudly for the last time.

As all this was going on I was stunned, and looked at the display again. My number is 86,225, but the number on the display is 21,892.

「…W..what! 」

I couldn’t help but shout. I was so stunned by this unexpected ending.

「This is impossible…What happened? 」

I collapse into the seat, stunned.

「Todomatsu is also stunned in the corner of the stage. It seems like everything went to plan」, says Yukihime-neesan, calmly confirming the situation.

But I’m not even able to comprehend those words.

You’re lying. Why? Why?

My mind is blank.

「So, Natsu Oshima will be the last person to have a wish come true this year! They are a pastry chef and the manager of the Cake Café 《Marmelo》 on the corner of 4th and 1st avenue. 」

Time continues in the venue as I feel left behind.

Why? Why? …No, it doesn’t matter now that I’m caught off guard. What matters is what comes after this. What am I going to do, getting my wish granted here was the most important part of this plan wasn’t it? Without it the plan is ruined.

「Yes, and so the wish is, ‘Please play my big advertisement for the shop’. 」

There was only sparse cheering in the venue for the very unexciting request.

「It seems that the store’s commercial has been uploaded online, so we will start airing that one. I’m told that this is a commercial that manager Oshima-san created himself. Well, the staff is currently checking whether it’s okay to broadcast it on TV, sol please give us a little longer. 」

There is laughter in the audience at this awkward situation that could only happen on live TV. After a short while my cel phone rings.

「Hello? 」

「Hey Juugo. What is the meaning of this?! 」

I hear Tensai yelling from the other side of the phone.

「That’s what I want to know! 」

「What are you going to do? Everything else is already in place. Without your wish, it’s only half finished! 」

「I know that! 」

「Hmph! 」

「…I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry. I’m just a little out of my mind at the moment. 」

「Don’t worry. I know how you feel. Anyways, we still have time. We need to come up with an alternative, and fast…」

「OK, the producer gave use the OK. Well then, here’s the commercial for the cake café, 《Marmelo》!」

As the commercial starts I raise my head and stare at the screen with anger for the commercial made by the guy who ruined my plan.

Then I couldn’t look away.

「Um, are you seeing this? 」

The footage appears to have been taken with a home video camera. The location seems to be inside the store 《Marmelo》. The problem is who is in the video. There is a young girl wearing a mask that covers the upper half of her face and is in a shiny cloak.

「Fwuahahaha, I am the mysterious masked girl M, and today I’m going to introduce you to the most delicious cakes on this island. 」

「Hahaha. Come on. What a joke! 」

「Hello hello? Juugo!? What’s wrong? What is it? 」

「….why? Why is Yun-chan in this commercial? 」

No matter how you look at it, this was the missing Yun-chan. But that’s not all.

「What is with the name M. 」

The name that Yun-chan used to introduce herself on the screen was the name of the organizer written on the Leprechaun’s website.

The commercial continues in front of my as my eyes start to water.

「Here is a special cake designed by Natsu Oshima, the world famous patisserie of 《Marmelo》, for Tanabata. Oh, do you want to taste it? 」

M used a fork to cut the cake (which seemed to be an image of bamboo leaves and strips of paper) into bite-size pieces and put it in her mouth. Immediately I recognized her mouth, even if her eyes were unrecognizable.

「Oh, this is really good! …No. I mean of course it’s good, it’s… eh? I mean, it’s really good! 」

What is with this commercial, it’s too amateurish.

「Now, if you want to eat this delicious Tanabata cake, hurry to the shop now! 」

The video stops for a bit… No, the recording still going, but Yun-chan in the mask is just standing still.

「Huh, what? Correction? Is this the next part? In addition, there is a special campaign going on right now for the week before and after Tanabata. 7% off for the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the lunar calendar! Go to the store now! 」

Yun-chan pauses again.

「Whew, I’m tired. Oh, there is still more? …That’s right, this is where the real thing begins. Ahem… Fuhahaha, to all those who seek the treasure hidden on Nanaejima! The masked girl M will give you a task! All you insatiable seekers who want a piece of the legendary treasure, unravel the mystery I give you and take the challenge! Go to the website now! The time limit is the end of the Tanabata festival! 」

This time the commercial actually ends.

The audience was also confused at the meaning of the last part.

「Well, I got confirmation. Apparently Manager Oshima was making a campaign where wishes can come true during the Tanabata festival, and the question is posted on the 《Marumelo》 website, where the commercial can be seen. Moreover, if you answer correctly, you will receive a free Tanabata cake made by the store manager. So, here’s the question from Manager Oshima! 」


「There is a member of the GREAT 7 that Manager Oshima has hated the most for a long time. Well who is it? And that member of the GREAT 7 will be asked to buy cakes for all the correct answers in the venue. 」

This got laughter from the audience.

Saito Futaba shouts, 「Is that what this is all about? 」

While the name GREAT 7 was being shouted from all over the venue, I was using my cel phone to access the website in question.

「A-ha. 」

The leprechaun’s home page. Just as Yun-chan… no, organizer M said. The homepage has been updated and new questions are shown. It also shows a countdown until the today’s day ends.

Even after seeing all this myself I’m still confused.

OK so what does this mean? Why is Yun-chan organizer M. What is the connection between Yun-chan being organizer M and her letter where shy mention something ‘I really have to do’.


「Yun. Yun! 」

「Idiot! I can’t see the TV! 」

The main hall of the Three Skulls headquarters building went silent.

The group members who had been drinking a lot of alcohol, eating all the food on the table, and shouting while watching TV, shut their mouths and turned their attention to one person.

Kurosu Sansa kicks Tetsu who was in front of the TV and lights a cigarette.

「You guys, the party is temporarily suspended. Let’s go. 」

「Yes ma’am」, Shouted everyone together.


「I checked the website. The update is just a simple cipher. The answer is another instruction to get a password. 」

Sansa nodded while listening to the report of the man using the laptop at the bar counter in the corner of the room.

「Kira, find the right people and organize a task force. And don’t forget to bring some smart guys. 」

「Roger! 」

「The rest of you are on standby. You can eat and drink, but keep your head on a swivel.「

「Yes ma’am」, everyone says together.

「Come on. Get moving you morons! 」

Everyone starts scrambling to get prepared.

「Hey Tetsu, come here. 」

「Yes? 」

Tetsu stands in front of Sansa, who is sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.

Sansa gives Tetsu a big bill that she takes casually from her pocket.

「I want something sweet, so go to that store right now and buy me a Tanabata cake. And if you see the masked girl M, put a collar on her and drag her back here. 」

Sansa grinned.

Testu, who took the money from her hand, replied strongly 「Yes ma’am」, and rushed out of the room with determination.

While her subordinates are in a hurry, Kurosu Sansa exhales purples smoke and grins.

「Well, this is starting to get fun. 」

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