Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 6 Chapter 7.2

The ability of the 《wise king’s crown》, one of the Nanana collection that Saki uses, has the ability to split her consciousness. However this is not a shared consciousness, but separate ones.

The little Sakis are a group of consciousnesses that are slightly different from their owner, but based on the consciousness of Saki. The original use for the 《wise king’s crown》 is for her to talk and consult with the little Sakis about various things and come up with answers, but when used in conjunction with the 《stardust army’s command cloak》 it has another use.

The combined techniques of these two Nanana collections allow for each of the little Sakis to control a gorokuma each.

This allows Saki to deploy many gorokuma at the same time over a wide area and use them individually.

However, at that time the knowledge and experience from each little Saki are not relayed to the original Saki. This is because each of the little Saki and the original Saki are all different consciousnesses.

Therefore, in order to integrate all the information it is necessary to receive reports from the little Sakis and make the original Saki aware of it.

The number of Saki that controlled the many gorokuma was so great that even if the original heard all the information it would be impossible for her grasp it all.

Suppose there is a reference book with 100 pages. It is impossible to have 100 people each tell you the contents of 1 page at the same time and you to be able to understand it all.

Because Saki and the little Sakis know the weaknesses of using the powers of these two Nanana collection in combination, they have made an agreement that there is no need to immediately report anything that is not considered important.

And during the first stage there were only two important reports that the little Sakis gave to the original Saki.

First is an excited report saying ‘Tetsu seems to love me just like I love him’ and the other little Sakis saying ‘wow!’

The other was a gossipy report of ‘it seems there is a girl among the participants who likes Tetsu’.

No other information was exchanged.

This is what resulted in this situation.

However, Saki still couldn’t accept it.


「Huh? Why didn’t I show all my coins from the beginning? It’s because I thought this was going to happen.」

「How did you know that the coins would carry over to the second stage?」

It was supposed be something that only she knew.

Just like how Saki the participants of the first stage were taught the strategies to passing the first stage at the winning strategy seminar, 《god》 was teaching her the strategies for winning the 《game》. She should be the only one who knew that.

So how was this person able to plan like this? Did he know the tricks to come as well?

The man gave a fearless smile that stunned Saki.

「That’s because I’m Hiiyo Ikusaba.」


The first stage. The results changed dramatically due to the revelation that Hiiyo Ikusaba made after the bonuses were announced.

In first place by far was Hiiyo Ikusaba with 60 coins.

Next is Organizer M, who only has 25 coins.

However for the other participants, the results are unchanged.

14 coins for Kachou, who is in third place.

All remaining participants have 10 coins.

At this point the remaining participants’ attention is still on Hiiyo Ikusaba.

While the other participants got just the minimum 10 coins needed to advance and headed to the castle early, one person predicted M‘s actions and continued to challenge the other participants until the last minute. They raked in the coins.

Juugo, Asumi, Haruto, Yukihime, and M became more wary of Ikusaba who was able to successfully accomplish this.

Tensai is keeping an eye on Haruto. She hasn’t forgotten the humiliation of her defeat in the first stage.

Tetsunoshin follows the feelings in his heart and keeping an eye on M aka Yun.

It’s the same for M… no Saki. She aims to win in order to regain what she lost and be with Tetsu again.

「I feel a strange sense of alienation.」

And Ageha, who collected coins from her subordinates and cleared the first stage without participating, was by herself.

What kind of development will this cause later?

At this point, no one knows.


Once the unexpected outcome of the first stage results announcement has settled down, M began to explain the second stage.

「So the second stage will start soon. But before that, I would like to say something to everyone. There is no problem continuing to use the Nanana collection in the second stage. However, if it is discovered that a participant is using a Nanana collection ability, that person will be disqualified and the Nanana collection will be confiscated immediately.」

Everyone frowned when they heard this.

In response, Asumi asked a question.

M that’s a strange thing to say. We are allowed to use the Nanana collection, but it is not allowed if you know that we are using it? To begin with, everyone here understands the existence of the Nanana collection. If even a slightly strange phenomenon were to occur, I would immediately suspect a connection to a Nanana collection.」

Asumi-san’s question was exactly what everyone here would have asked.

「I apologize. I didn’t give enough explanation. I don’t mind if we here realize that a Nanana collection is being used. However, it must not be exposed to people who do not know about the existence of the Nanana collection.」

「Who doesn’t know about the Nanana collection?」

「I will not be in charge of the second stage.」


At that moment the door to the room opened with a bang and several people came in one by one.

When I saw these people I couldn’t help but whisper to myself, 「What the?」


「Is it almost time? 」

3AM, Happiness Dorm room 202.

D’arc, who had come over to visit because he couldn’t get to sleep, was sleeping next to Juugo’s bed making soft ‘Kuuuu’ sounds.

The TV station that is on is , of course, NNE. A local station that Nanaejima is proud of. In the name of ‘fun and justice’, this TV stations does whatever it wants without regard for regulations.

The program had just started when the TV was turned on.

「Well, here we go. This is the irregular broadcast and experimental programming ‘Anything Goes’. This program, is a program that showcases interesting projects from among the proposals that have been submitted by the public. ‘Sugoroku de Pon’ will be held tonight just before summer vacation. Out of the four teams gathered, which two teams will be the winners?」

As soon as the host’s introduction ends, each team appears.

The first people to enter were two small girls wearing cat-ears and school uniforms. One of them is wearing a mask and cape, and the other is looking down in embarrassment.

「Hehe, it looks good on you Asumi-chan.」

Next a girl dressed as a detective and a man dressed as a phantom thief appeared.

「Oh Tensai-chan is so cool! But why is Hiiyo the phantom thief?」

Next up was a woman with long black hair wearing a hakama and a foreigner wearing a military uniform from the Taisho era.

「A beautiful man and a beautiful woman. This is good quality!」

The last team to appear was a fancy lady wearing a luxurious dress, and two people standing behind her in black clothes.

「…Juugo is rather plain.」

After all four teams had appeared an announcement was made.

「So which team will emerge victorious? Stay tuned!」

The program went into commercial and Nanana had a huge smile on her face as she watched.

「Hehe, this time it looks like it’s going to be very interesting」, Nanana muttered to herself.

「I see, I’m glad you like it.」

There was a voice that responded to her monologue.

Nanana is not surprised and she doesn’t look back.

Because she knows who is there.

A woman was standing behind Nanana.

Her face cannot be seen because she is wearing a silk-like cloth over her head.

「It is part of the contract to report back to you in a form that you can understand.」

「You’re still as rigid in your thinking as ever, aren’t you 《Negakana》?」

「Please stop calling me that weird name.」

「But you don’t have a name, do you 《Negakana》?」

「There’s no need for one, I’m just an intermediary.」

「If that’s the case, what do people call you, 《Negakana》?」

「I am called various names. Some call me 《contractor》, 《agent》, or 《god》.」

「Hmmm, in that case 《Negakana》 is fine.」

The reason Nanana calls her 《Negakana》 is simple. Because she can make negative things come true. So negative kana. But she doesn’t like it very much because it’s wrong.

Sure she grants wishes. But she demands a price.

Just as she did with Saki Yoshino.

In the name of 《contract》, the price is equal to the wish….

To be continued.

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