Chapter 158 – The day I reject my humanity



 Translator: Pink Tea

『Wha… What is this… Help me, Yuuto!』

Aah, this dream again.

A sight of Shiori disappearing into the light, right in front of me.

『It’s painful… It hurts, Yuuto…』

A dream, what I saw many times since that day.

And now, a nightmare with slightly different contents.

Shiori turns into particles and silently disappears.

Next, with blank eyes, appears Kaori-chan, Shiori’s little sister.

『Yuuto-niisan, it hurts…』

Kaori-chan’s voice resonates in complete darkness.

Kaori’s little arms fall down like they are rotting away and as all of her limbs fall apart she crumbles to the ground.

『Help me, help me… Help me…』

At such a acene I could neither help her nor run away or make any excuses.

I always wake up accompanied by despair.

「!  Haa, Haa, Haa, mguh, guh.」

Pajama soaked with sweat clings to the body, making unpleasant sensation even stronger.

Because it is an everyday occurrence, at some point I started to leave beside bed a change of clothes and a water container.

Drinking lukewarm water and taking a hot shower I come to senses.

Just today, I cannot afford to make any more mistakes.

Since the day that person revealed to me the fate of missing Kaori-chan, I have been planning the whole time just for this day.

The day I can get the whole lot of『Transference Applicants』together.

「…For Kaito and Mai-chan’s sake, I will certainly kill them all.」

Those two are the only people left that I want to save.

And yet『Transference Applicants』tried to get them as well.

When I heard that the two were caught up in the explosion incident it made my blood run cold.

Kaito who returned all covered in wounds and Mai-chan that at last was reunited with him.

I didn’t want to burden them so I removed Mai from the plan. I changed it so both of them will skip school on an the appointed day.

Mai-chan acted very apologetically, but since they finally were together I wanted them to at least live peacefully, therefore when I came in contact with Kaito I went to the great lengths not to get discovered.

I thought that erasing dangerous bastards is something that I should do alone.

Relieved that the two will be safe, I welcomed this day, when that bunch was likely to take action.

Last night I received a message from Mai-chan saying that she will participate.

Even though I spent a lot of time on the plan I didn’t want to drag Mai-chan into the trouble, since she just welcomed back her important person, but in the end, I backed down under her pressure.

「…will kill after tormenting thoroughly…」

I will never forgive the one who tricked Kaori-chan, making her believe that it was for Shiori’s sake and turning her into the plaything.

And I will not let them get in the way of Kaito regaining his memory.

There is a slim possibility but Kaito’s memory might serve as a clue to save Shiori.

That is why today, I will quit being human.

I will torment the fellow humans as cruelly as possible and then will kill them.

Tormenting, tormenting and tormenting and then I will show off the result of that torture to Transference Applicants from all over the country.

To make it a deterrent I will torture them beyond necessity and only then kill.

But what is even more important, I will do it to vent my anger.

That most likely wasn’t something that a human should do, but I didn’t have even a sliver of hesitation.

「I’ll be going, Shiori, Kaori-chan. I definitely will avenge you.」

I changed into my usual school uniform and headed to school.

Arriving a bit before the opening bell, I retrieve a self-made flash grenade, a number of handcuffs prepared to restrain all of them, a bulky hatchet wrapped in a white cloth and then wait for Mai-chan in an unused classroom which we made in our meeting place.

「Good morning. Yuuto-san.」

「Yeah, Good morning, Mai-chan.」

After a short while appeared Mai, carrying a naginata.

Under the cloth wrapped around its tip was not a practice wooden dupe, but a real sharpened blade.

「…I will ask once again, are you sure? You still can avoid getting…」

「Yuuto-san, you know, you don’t have to worry?  It was useless after all. Even if I leave it to others, nothing will come back. I certainly will regain my ordinary days with Brother. That is why I came here.」

「…I see. Then, let’s finally put an end to this today. Because I as well want those getting in the way to disappear, this instant, if possible. Besides, if we fail, more people might be killed.」

For our own reasons, we were deliberately ignoring the danger that people at school were exposed to.

I absolutely cannot afford to fail.

「Moreover, I heard from that person, that trash is trying to kill Brother?」


That was the information that yesterday was given to us by the person that unveiled the truth to us.

It seems that by some unknown means they learned that missing Kaito came back. And without the doubt, Kaito was put on the top of the scoring system created for us.

There is no way they would leave Kaito alone.

Mai-chan said that she will leave him at home even is she has to tie him up, so he won’t turn up at school, but it is still dangerous.

「If they want to lay hands on my Brother, then there is even more reason to positively end them with my own hands. Or we won’t be able to live peacefully with Brother.」

「…You are right, exactly so.」

After a while, a piercing noise resounded.

And right after that, there was a banging sound of shutters going down. The wall designed to prevent intrusion from outside became a cage that blocks the way out.

「…Looks like it started.」

「Yes, when this is over, useless big brother will be mine… Ehehehe, ehehehe♪」


Mai-chan, that was laughing imagining something, appeared pretty dangerous.

Dangerous enough to make me unwittingly show doubtful expression.

「Is something wrong? Yuuto-san.」

「…No, it’s nothing.」

「…Is that so. When this is over Yuuto-san should visit our home. Other people aside, you are Brother’s friend, I will specially permit it for you.」

For a moment I hesitated if it’s really okay to drag Mai-chan into this, but since we already came this far it’s too late to turn back.

「…Besides, I myself is not normal anymore.」

I am a bit worried, but I am on the verge of breaking as a person.

Since that day when that person told us about what was done to Kaori-chan, I could hear my sanity screaming in anguish daily.

Amid the hatred that might drive one crazy, I was struggling and struggling and struggling.

Inside, I already had no confidence about what kind of state『Normal Person』was supposed to be.

Besides, only Kaito can save Mai-can.

「According to info, after blocking the entrance they will lock up people into corresponding classrooms under gunpoint. That is probably when they will understand that Kaito isn’t there.」

「And then, they without much thinking will call out Brother here.」

「…Perhaps that is how it will go. Assembling at the principal office they will make a video demanding to hand them over firearms and Kaito. For them, spinning insane theories is like a breathing.」

After extended interchange on the net, that was the move they decided to make.

If there was something to admire about them, then it would be the fact, that no matter the situation, they could draft up a completely nonsensical theory in a moment and thus justify anything in a way that would be convenient for them, and tenacity, which allowed them to spend several months on such idiotic plan, mixing their members into police and security staff until they created the situation where all of the security consisted of their own people.

「For now let’s wait for about one more hour. If they won’t stream the video then the police might charge in without a good understanding of the situation which might ruin our plan.」

「I agree. If we wait longer our targets that happened to assemble in one place might disperse.」

And so while observing the situation we spent a long hour waiting without any further conversation between us.

「…Shall we go?」

「Understood, let’s clean up the trash.」

Confirming on a cellphone that the video got enough traction I switched power off my phone.

In my hands were the hatchet and handmade flesh grenade made from an aluminum can.

Mai held a naginata that had a real blade.

And also, so we could torment them, we had more than twenty handcuffs prepared.

When we reached the principal’s office, I threw inside the flash grenade, that was lit on fire.

「Mm? What? Can of a…』」

Immediately after a hint of confusion came from the other side of the door, intense light and sound, no different from shown during a trial, burst from inside of the room.


Following screams that came from the room, we burst inside and put handcuffs on the hands and legs of every person hunching in there.

Restraining them was even easier than expected.

Recording equipment they brought can be used to make an example out of them.

「Who, who are you? Could it be that you are daemon’s henchmen?」

Perhaps because the effect of the flash grenade was wearing out, one of them noticing that they were restrained let out a groan-like voice.

「Yes, maybe, today we came to quit being humans. In order to become the demons that will drag you bastards to the bottom of hell.」


When I removed the cloth that was covering the hatchet he raised a scared voice.

「No, No, stop… Don’t kill me…」

The moment I heard his pleas for life, along came a sound of reason crumbling inside me.

「Don’t give me this shit…!!! After you killed a completely innocent girl and on top of that even chopped off her limbs!!!  Please don’t kill me?! Just how fucking cocky can you get…」


Blood splashes over me.

I thought that I might chicken out at the last moment, but as I was swinging the hatchet downwards I didn’t have a single bit of hesitation.

On the contrary, my hatred burned up even more and was going out of control like a car with broken brakes.


「Shut up… You lived several longer than her, right? Then suffer several times more than her before you die!  Otherwise, wouldn’t it be strange?!!」

「GEEEEEEE!  Aagh, Agaha, Agah!!!」

「Hieee.」「No, no, I’m going home!!!」「Please spare me, please let me go!!!」

When I stepped with my heel on fingers of the bleeding man, there was an unpleasant sound and splashes of blood.

The blood that flew unexpectedly far made a stain in front of the men, who were lying on the floor restrained, to which they made an excessively loud scream.

「Relax… We still have plenty of time… For him to suffer much more, I have no intentions of giving him an easy death… And I will drag all of you guys to hell as well.」


They looked like they forgot how to breathe and just closed their mouths out of overwhelming terror and shock.

And every such surprised expression aggravated me even further.

Even though they could do such cruel thing to Kaori-chan and to Mai’s friend Satomi-chan, that’s the attitude they take the very moment they become the targets themselves.

…No, I already knew this.

Even if they showed a different reaction, this unrestrained hatred would only increase its momentum.

「Regret ever being born into this world and die, I will thoroughly torture you enough to give you a trauma that will prevent you from leading a decent life even if you really were able to go to another world.」

Saying that I sneered with a face colored by the hatred that I was patiently hiding for so long.



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