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Over the Infinite Chapter 15 Part 4

Toby: This is such a good meme. This is the first time the camera function on the status card came in handy.
Marco: didn’t you say his vibe was insane and he was so dignified
Toby: Well it seemed like that then! But that type of monster rookie is being kicked out lol it’s hilarious
Toby: That was such a good laugh. I’m gonna be a fan of that guy.
Marco: mean.
Yoshio: the internet forums are gonna go insane
Marco: I’ll prepare to edit the picture


There was nothing but despair. With all the hopes filling my chest and several parts feeling like they’ll explode, I was waiting for the staff to come back, but all I was given was a death sentence called age restrictions.

Philos「That is bad.」

Philos who came back from the dungeon attack in the Infinite Corridors, heard what happened, and just muttered that.
My heart was completely shattered. I can’t recover from this. Some adventurer that saw the moment took a picture and reported it to the internet forum, so the bored guys online who kept repeating the same topic acted like they were fed too much food. It was wild. In their minds I’m just a comedy character now.

Yuki「Its, it’s o, it’s okay. N, no, no I can’t, I just can’t … I’m dyinggg」

Next to me Yuki is dying of laughter. Gowen’s mouth isn’t even opening his mouth but he still looks like he’s laughing. It’s the end. I’m just done for.

Yuki「You, you look like you were looking too forward to… Going and…」

Fuck it, laugh all you want. I’ve just given up so many things. Kuro and Asya-san send me emails with their reviews of the incident whilst terawaros guys that I’ve never met sent me emails about how funny it was. These being the first emails I received on that PC like thing is just so sad that all I can do is cry. No, I’m not going to recover for quite a while.

Philos「Did you really not think about your age? Oh, is it okay in the royal capital?」

Tsuna「I completely forgot about it. Twenty is when you’re legally an adult in this country, isn’t it. We’re actually not even allowed to drink yet.」

Philos「I mean, it’s not like you did anything bad, so just go in another five years I guess.」

Tsuna「Philos I wish I was you. You can go right?」

Philos「No, not just yet. I’m not that interested but I’ll try going if I feel like it.」

Even if Philos doesn’t seem like the type to go, once he experiences heaven he’ll change. Guys like him do end up falling for places like that anyway.

Tsuna「Oh god….」

What should I do, the damage is just so big. Right now I feel like I can kill Werner. Obviously it’s not his fault though.

Yuki「Ah, I haven’t laughed so much in a while」

Tsuna「You’re laughing too much」

Yuki「Well, there was you acting weird before leaving, meeting Cloche on your way and that picture. Thinking about what went through your mind keeps cracking me up. I’m too tired after laughing so hard. I might set that shocked picture of you from the forums as my home screen.」

Tsuna「Please don’t… Also Werner’s responsible for the briefing session about classes later right? I wonder if I’ll be able to remain sane.」

Philos「I don’t think Werner-san is in the wrong at all」

I mean that is true but, you know.

Tsuna「Anyway, you two went to the Infinite Corridors right? How was it?」

Philos「Oh yes, I almost forgot we were here originally to talk about that. We faced no problems and both completed up to the tenth floor.」

So they did make it, huh. Not surprising but still impressive. It just reminds me that these two guys are indeed talented rookies.

Tsuna「If you went up to the tenth floor you won against the boss too right? What was it like?」

Philos「Well, quite strong I guess. Not as strong as the Minotaur though. It was a monster like a bear.」

Tsuna「A bear?」

Isn’t that just an animal? A bear…

Yuki「Huh? Didn’t you watch the videos I lent you yesterday?」

Tsuna「Do you think I was in the mental state to」

Yuki「Fair. … The tenth floor boss isn’t a bear.」

So it’s in the video. I guess it’s not going to be an animal…

Yuki「The boss is a panda.」

Tsuna「Yeah that is an animal」

Philos「Oh, are they called pandas? It had an interesting pattern」

A panda… We had to fight such a terrifying monster in the trial, but now a panda.

Philos「I mean it was quite strong. Not really the type you want to fight solo.」

Tsuna「I mean it is close enough to a bear. It’s still an animal though.」

Yuki「No Tsuna, if you see the video you’ll notice but it’s not like your average panda in the zoo」

Tsuna「What kind of panda is it then?」

Everytime I hear the word panda I keep imagining something weak. In my mind a panda is just an animal that eats bamboo, lies down all day and has a weird pattern.

Yuki「From the videos I watched it was a very acrobatic one. It did back flips too.」

Tsuna「Maybe they’re better working at a circus at that point?」

I think it got the wrong job.

Philos「The one I fought walked with two legs and fought with some kind of martial arts. It did have quite a lot of power and was probably stronger than the lizard man in the trials fourth floor.」

We actually don’t really know how strong a lizard man is. We can only imagine that lizard dude.

Philos「The lizard guy you mention may not be a good standard, so think of between an orc and a Minotaur.」

Tsuna「There’s quite a gap between the strength of those two but okay」

I guess I’ll imagine the lizard dude at that time but fighting 1v1 with him. Preparing for something too strong won’t cause any harm. I don’t want the panda to use such beautiful sword techniques though.

Tsuna「By the way Yuki, I hear from Kuro yesterday but apparently we’re in a bit of trouble with the rookie match member situation」

Yuki「Oh yes, I heard that too. Apparently everyone else might have already chosen their members? It’s a bit of an issue.」

It’s actually quite a problem. How are we going to find a third member?

Tsuna「What do you guys plan to do?」

Philos「Oh, actually we already have a third guy. We just happened to meet up.」

Yuki「Oh, so your side is sorted. We might actually be alone then. I can’t even choose to join you two and leave Tsuna anymore.」

Yuki, please don’t.

Tsuna「Do you know anyone who’s available?」

Yuki「Course not. It’s only been five days since we’ve arrived. We don’t even know many people. What about you?」

Tsuna「No… Nobody. There’s one in the middle of the trial but even if they completed it as fast as possible, they won’t have enough time for the training courses.」

Yuki「You mean Lyrica-san right? Fair. Philos, where did you find your member? What kind of person are they?」

Philos「He’s a beastman called Gaur. He’s a silver wolf breed so especially rare among other wolf breeds, apparently. His members couldn’t enter the rookie match because of their family situation or something, so we just had a chance to chat. His debut was more than six months ago so he’s very strong. We did one practice battle and he was on a different level.」

A wolf called Gaur, huh, his name is like the sound of a wolf growling in Japanese. Maybe it has some sort of meaning. It does seem random though. I guess it’s better than Gobtarou for a goblin.

Yuki「Wait, then what about the left over other member of his three people?」

Philos「Sadly they already found a group it seems. They found a group before you came into this city, so I guess you were unlucky either way.」

Tsuna「Oh, okay.」

Philos「I think all you can do is go through the whole name list. I don’t know if there’s anyone left, since the event is close and nobody has been approaching you.」

Yuki「In the worst case we’ll enter as a pair. It’s not really going to help our already low chance of winning」

I guess all we can do is train ourselves. For now we’re busy, like attending a briefing session, gaining a class and completing up to the tenth floor of the Infinite Corridors. If we finish that we’ll be in rank F and be able to do some cooperative training, so we will surely become stronger. We’ll just assume we won’t find a third member and try to positively come up with a way to win as a pair.

Before the rookie match we have to fight a panda though.
A panda, huh.


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