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Chapter 18 Part 1

High School Entrance (5) ~Almost there, just a bit more~

「Hirose-kun, are you going to the student council office again today?」

When Yuu was getting ready to leave after the last class on Wednesday was over, Rei, who was sitting in front of him, spoke to him.

「Yeah, that’s right.」

When Yuu replied as such, Masaya, who was sitting to his left, also spoke to him.

「Do you have student meetings every day?」

「That’s not really the case, but you see… I joined the student council in the middle of their term, after all. Moreover, it’s a good opportunity to learn about the school, so I’m thinking about learning a lot of things from the Senpais.」

「Wow, you sure are enthusiastic about it, huh.」

「Don’t you find it scary to be surrounded by seniors?」

「No, not at all. It’s exactly because they’re kind seniors that I decided to join the student council.」

Masaya seemed to have decided to join the concert band, while Rei seemed to be still undecided.

「And here I thought we would be able to go home together….」

「Ugh… Umm, my bad.」

Yuu and Rei, who lived in the same condominium, were supposed to take the same course of the shuttle bus.

Rei, who had just moved in before entering high school, seemed to be happy to find out that they were in the same high school, and one way or another, he had gotten attached to him since day one.

However, even for the promised club activities observation, Yuu could only accompany him for a while.

As such, when the girly Rei made a look like an abandoned puppy, Yuu wound up being seized by a sense of guilt.

「I have regular meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I think we can go home together tomorrow, okay?」

「I see! Got it. Then, I’ll see you tomorrow.」

「I’m going to visit my club, too. See you.」

「Yeah, see you tomorrow, Yamada!」

After leaving the classroom and saying goodbye at the entrance, Yuu headed straight for the boarding house.

There were few people around these parts, even after school.

Most of the time, they were girls heading to the bicycle parking lot.

On the benches dotted around the area, he could see second- or third-years couples, or perhaps combinations of one boy surrounded by two girls, but for some reason, the current Yuu did not feel envious toward them.

He felt his tension rising as he climbed the stairs of the boarding house.

In addition to Tuesdays and Fridays, he had heard that the president came to the student council office almost every day, but would she really be there?

If she wasn’t, he would surely be disappointed.

Was she there, or was she not?

When Yuu knocked on the door, his heart racing and his hands trembling with nervousness, a moment later, he heard Sayaka’s calm voice saying, 「It is open」, and a smile naturally appeared on his face.

「Oh, my? I never expected you would come today, too.」

「Ahaha. I thought I’d like to talk to you if you were here, Prez. Am I bothering you?」

「No, you are not bothering me at all. Rather, I am glad you came.」

Even if it was just a lip service, it made Yuu happy when she said so with a smile on her face.

「What are you doing here?」

Sayaka was sitting in her usual seat and seemed to be opening and looking at a thick file.

Taking advantage of the fact that the other members were not present, Yuu casually sat next to her.

「Ah, this is, you see… I was rereading the student council’s activity records since our school became co-ed. I had looked through it before, but after what you told me yesterday, Hirose-kun, I was wondering if there was anything that would be helpful if I looked at it again from a male perspective.」

「Wow. You sure are enthusiastic about it, aren’t you?」

It was fair to say that most girls who entered co-ed schools aimed to meet and bond with boys.

The exception would probably be those in the PE department and those who were zealous about studying, which was a student’s main duty. Incidentally, Riko seemed to fall into the latter category.

Not only was Sayaka excellent in her studies, she was also taking on the student council activities earnestly, which made Yuu respect her as a senior.

「May I look at it with you?」

「Yes, I do not mind.」

Yuu moved his chair closer to a position where his body was just barely not touching hers.

When he took a look at the page held down by her icefish-like beautiful fingertips, it read 『Shoka 3, Sairyou Academy Student Council Activity Report』.

He was still not accustomed to the imperial era, which was neither the Showa nor the Heisei era.

This year should be Shoka 13, so that meant it was a record from ten years ago, 1980.

「I believe, this was the fifth year since the school became co-ed, right?」

「Yes, it was. Until that time, you could see that they were going through a lot of trial and error. And as a lot of problem occurred, it seemed that they were having a hard time.」

Not only was the male-female ratio extremely skewed, the sense of gender was also reversed from the world Yuu used to be in.

When girls, the majority, were placed in the same space as boys, the minority, it was the girls who caused problems most of the time.

As such, it seemed that they had already arranged men-only cars on trains, buses, and cabs. However, men using public transportations seemed to be a rare case in itself.

Even in co-ed schools, the boys and girls, who had lived completely separate lives until middle school, gradually became accustomed to each other through social events, and as they moved up through the grades, a system was devised to make them lower the barriers and develop relationships.

While listening to Sayaka’s story, which included the history of the school after becoming a co-ed one, Yuu quietly looked at her.

Her silky black hair was quirk-free, stretching straight down to her back.

When her slight movements caused her hair to sway and fall forward from her shoulders, his eyes ended up being drawn to her gesture as she brushed it back with a natural movement.

Her skin was as white as porcelain, and her lips, sporting vermilion glow, were indescribably charming.

Yuu was assailed with a desire to not only look at them but also touch them.

Suddenly, Sayaka turned to him.

「What is the matter? It is embarrassing if you stare at me that much, you know?」

「Ha! I, I’m sorry!」

As he subconsciously ended up being enchanted by Sayaka, it seemed that he ended up being found out by her.

Seemingly never expected Yuu to be enchanted by her, Sayaka shook her head lightly and then went 「Hmmm!」.

As she stretched her linked hands upward.

Yuu took his eyes off her for a moment, but when he took a fleeting glance at her, he ended up seeing the bulges on her chest rising grandly, so he hurriedly looked away.

Whether she noticed it or not, Sayaka smiled and said.

「Phew. Let’s take a break here and have some tea, shall we?」

「Ah, let me help you.」

They both stood up at the same time.

As the wind blew in and shook her hair, the floral fragrance tickled Yuu’s nostrils.

He was seized by the urge to hug her as it was, but after coming to his senses upon seeing Sayaka turn her back to him and take a step forward, he came after her and headed to the office kitchenette.

◇ ◇ ◇

After that, Yuu spent some more time chatting with Sayaka over some tea, but thinking that if he stayed too long, he would get in the way of her research, so he decided to take his leave after about 40 minutes.

The fruits of his labor today were him being able to learn a little about her personal life, including the fact that although her parents lived in the southern part of the prefecture, she was living alone in a condominium near the school.

Though, she smiled wryly as she said that she had a commuting housemaid, so she left most of the housework to her.

Buying a condominium with a snap for the sake of their daughter, as expected, rich people were something else.

As for Yuu, he found himself liking her more and more every time he moved closer to her and exchanged more words with her.

Yuu was an old man in his forties inside, so she should be 23 years younger than him.

However, at this moment, his heart was aflutter, as if he had ended up going back into nothing but a high school boy who admired his beautiful senior.

He had been flirting with fellow first year girls until the other day, and just yesterday, he received a confession from Eimi.

However, that was that, this was this.

If it had been the Yuu of his former world, a senior named Komatsu Sayaka would have been an existence beyond his reach. Moreover, given the fact that she had already had a fiancé, it was certain that he would have given up on her right away.

To begin with, having experienced the collapse of his marriage due to his wife’s unfaithfulness, Yuu found those who were unfaithful unforgivable, regardless of whether it was a man or a woman.

Often, those who were popular with women and laid their hands around on them said, 「Cheating is a man’s resourcefulness」 or 「Women approach me first. So there’s no way I can refuse them」.

On the other hand, those who said, 「I would never cheat」, were often too busy trying to secure their relationships with one woman, so Yuu thought.

Having been reborn in this world, Yuu’s moral value had changed considerably in the past month.

It was mandatory for a man to bond with more than one woman.

It was completely fine even if they did it before coming of age (18 years old). On the contrary, it was welcome.

It was common sense for the man to be a dependent and for his multiple wives to go out and work in the society.

A man’s most important duty was to spread his seed to as many women as possible and contribute to population growth.

In that case, what was wrong with dating multiple girls?

The first woman that Yuu had been seriously attracted to since he was born into this world.

He earnestly thought that he did not want to give up on this feeling.

◇ ◇ ◇


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