Chapter 24 Part 1

Student Council (2)  ~The Passion is Never-ending~

「Ahn, ahn, ahn! Ah, amazing… so good! Yuu-kun’s dick, is reaching my deepest part…. Ahnn! I am… going to come already!」

「Aah… Sayaka-senpai, I’m also feeling so good that… kuh! If, if you clamp on me that tightly!」

「I, I mean, my hips are… m, moving by themselves~」

「Huh, no way… S, Sayaka, why?」

「Fueeeeeeee… Yu-yu-yu, Yuu-kun? No way….」

Through the gap on the door Eimi and Riko were peeking into, they could see the scene of the two milling about from diagonally behind them.

Both Eimi and Riko were very shocked by the sight that popped into their field of vision, but unable to even let out a single word, they were simply watching in mute amazement.

This was partly due to the fact that the state of the two were way more unseemly than everything they had ever seen before.

One of Yuu’s hands was put on Sayaka’s waist, while the other was fondling her breasts, which were swaying and jiggling about.

How long had it been since they united?

At a glance, they could tell that Sayaka’s face was flushed pink and her mouth was open slovenly as she wiggled about.

Schlop, schlop, schlop!

They wondered what sound it was that they had been hearing since a while ago, but it turned out to be coming from the parts where the two were connected.

This was the first time for both Eimi and Riko to see people having sex in real life.

Moreover, they were fellow members of the student council.

A man and a woman they knew were having sex right in front of them. The fact caused them to feel strangely aroused as well as bewildered.


As the two had only undressed the lower half of their bodies, Eimi and Riko ended up seeing it, but Sayaka’s chasm was wide open, and not only was it tightly sucking Yuu’s thick penis deep into it, it appeared to be glistening in wet shine and twitching.

In the adult video Eimi once watched, they were mosaic-covered so she had never seen how the genitals of a man and a woman were connected.

The concavities and convexities in the bodies of men and women were connected, entangled with each other as flesh.

There was a great difference between what she imagined and what she actually saw, and it was a more obscene sight than she had expected.

Eimi was standing, while Riko was in a crouching position as they watched.

It was because Eimi wanted to see Yuu, while Riko wanted to see Sayaka’s buttocks as well as the part where the two were connected that they had naturally positioned themselves that way.

「Kuuuh… Yuu-kun….」

Eimi’s lower abdomen tingled.

Yuu-kun’s dick is going all the way into the deepest part of Saaya-senpai’s pussy.

She involuntarily twisted her thighs and held down her crotch.

She realized that she herself was wet.

「Haaaa… S, Sayaka’s beautiful pussy is… s, sucking on Hirose-kun’s dick, a, and is stretched so much… she seems, to feel very good… ah, kuhh.」

When Eimi unintentionally took a look at Riko, she found that she was sucking her finger in her mouth and fidgeting.

「Ahh, nghh! Ohh… Hnn… Ahh! Yuu-kun! Yuu-kun! I am… already….」

Sayaka, who had abandoned her usual calm demeanor, was panting like an animal in heat.

Along with it, the back and forth movement of her hips was growing faster and faster.

*Smack, smack* The sound of flesh getting pounded echoed through the room.

「Senpai, you seem to be feeling very good, and are making a very beautiful face. It’s okay, you know. Even if you come first.」

「Aah…Yuu… Yuu…kuun…」

Yuu reached out his hands and did a lover hold with Sayaka.

Perhaps stepping up a gear because of that, Sayaka raised her voice even higher as she shook her hips.

「Ahn, ahn, ahn! So good! Cumming, cumming, I am going to end up cumming from Yuu-kun’s dick! Ahh, ahh, aaaaaaaaah~!! Ahn! C, cumming!!」

At that moment, as soon as Sayaka arched her body back grandly and looked up into the air, she plopped down and fell upon Yu.

Under the watchful eyes of Eimi and Riko, the two’s mingling continued on.

Taking one-eighty, the movement of her hips slowed down, but as she continued to wiggle and move her white buttocks about, Sayaka seemed to be holding Yuu’s face and kissing him, making a sloshing sound.

H, how enviable… I want to… kiss Yuu-kun like that, too!

The other day, just being hugged by Yuu and having him whisper in her ear made Eimi tingle and end up soaking her panties.

If she were to be kissed by Yuu, who knows what would become of her.

Just imagining it based on the two who were kissing each other single-mindedly in front of her eyes made her lower abdomen tingle more and more, getting wetter and wetter.

「Ahaa… Yuu-kuun…」

She rolled up her skirt and tried touching the crotch part of her panties.

It was already sopping wet, saturated with moistures.

She could tell that Riko below her was also rolling up her skirt and playing with her crotch in the same way.

However, the places on which her eyes were locked were Sayaka’s white buttocks as well as the parts where the two were connected.

At first it was just a small gap on the door, but as the two grew more and more aroused and inched forward, they did not notice that the gap was becoming wider and wider.

Amidst the fervent gazes from the two, Yuu raised his upper body while still holding Sayaka in his arms.

As he crossed his outstretched legs, they got into a position of hugging each other face to face.

Having adjusted their positions, once again, the two kissed. Kisses. And kissed.

In between kisses, they seemed to be exchanging words in a whisper, but the two people peeking in on them could not hear what they were saying.

Eimi, who was watching that scene, was unbearably envious, and as she got excited by the sight of the two who were different from usual as well as the leaking, audible squelching sound, all she could do was comfort herself.

At the same time, Yuu’s right hand was stroking Sayaka’s head, while his left hand was rolling up Sayaka’s sailor uniform and groping her back.

Her bra seemed to have already been removed, so without any obstructions, his hand smoothly crept up from Sayaka’s narrow waist, sides, spine, and even her shoulder blades as he stroked her body around.

The same was true for Sayaka, after completely opening the striped shirt that had been unbuttoned, she rolled up the T-shirt inside in one go and stroked Yuu’s body directly.

Eimi, who got excited by the fact that she could see Yuu’s flanks at that moment, ended up leaning forward even further.

As they rolled each other’s clothes up to the chest and pressed their bodies close to each other’s, this time, Yuu began to thrust his hips up.

「Nghh, ahh, ahn! Ahn, ahn, ahn! Aaahn!」

Sayaka clung to Yuu tightly.

*Smack, smack, smack* The sound of rhythmical flesh pounding echoed through the room.

「Hyauu… This… Yuu-kun’s hot and hard dick… s, seems to be penetrating a, a, all the way to my deepest part… Haahn, ahn, ahn! It feels, very good!」

「Aah… Me too, Senpai, being deeply connected to you… every time I move, I feel like my entire being is being squeezed inside of you… Kuha, I can’t get enough of it!」

Every time Yuu thrust his hips up, both Sayaka’s long black hair and breasts swayed, and his penis poked the deepest part of her vagina.

Having her womanly instinct intensely stimulated as she had her descending womb entrance knocked, Sayaka unconsciously wrapped her legs around Yuu’s waist.

Embracing each other so tightly that they even rubbed up their cheeks against each other’s, the up and down movements as they became one seemed to be elevating both of them to the top without taking so much time.

「Guh… S, Sayaka… senpai, I’m about to cum… too.」

「Ah, ahi… Hnn! Nghhh! M, me too… Ahh, hnn! I, I am going to… cum again! Yuu-kun is going to make me cum againnn!」

「Then… Let’s cum together, shall we? Okay?」

As he whispered in Sayaka’s ear, Yuu’s eyes glanced toward the door, and for a moment he showed a startled look on his face.

However, there was nothing he could do to stop it now.

As such, he thrust his hips up with even more vigor.

While Yuu was rushing to his last spurt, Eimi and Riko were also aroused and at the height of masturbation.

They were playing with their crotches with their fingers, giving rise to squelching sounds.

「Haa… Amazing….」

As far as Eimi was concerned, the only sex she had ever known was done in the cowgirl position, where the woman was on top of the man, who was lying on his back like a dead lay, rocking her hips in an attempt to devour the pleasure.

In the adult video she watched before, not only the woman but also the man was moaning, but according to her know-it-all friend, that seemed to be mostly an act.

In actual sex, the only time a man would let out a word as he groaned would be when he ejaculated.

Unless you were a very skilled technician, it was impossible to really make the man feel good during penetration, so she said.

Then, what about the pair in front of her?

They seemed to be holding each other tightly, seeking each other, rousing each other, and feeling each other, did they not?

Just watching them made her body hot, and she was unable to keep her arousal in check, she envied her from the bottom of her heart.

Unable to do anything but gazing at the two’s mingling with ragged breath, she was moving her fingers busily.

Under the watchful eyes of Eimi and Riko, Yuu and Sayaka’s dalliance was finally about to welcome its final part.

Having come this far, the two, still connected deeply, twisted and moved their hips as they matched each other. Inside, Yuu was gouging Sayaka’s womb entrance with his tip.

「Guh! I, I’m, already… cumming, I’m about to cum! Sayaka-senpai!」

「Hahi, hahi … M, me too… Cumming, I am cumming… Aaaaahhh! Amazing! It is swelling up inside me.」


「Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! C, c, cumminggggggggg~~~!!!」

The moment Sayaka came, holding Yuu’s head in her arms and letting out a loud voice as she looked up into the air, *glug, glug* a large amount of Yuu’s semen was poured into her womb.

Feeling its extended pulsation, Sayaka let out an 「Ahn… Hau… Nghh.」 moan as if she was unable to withstand the sensation.

After finishing his long ejaculation, Yuu sealed Sayaka’s lips the moment she lowered her chin.

Still feeling the heat in her womb, Sayaka was in a trance as she savored the sensation of his lips.


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