Chapter 24 Part 2

「You see, Senpai. Err… We’ve been discovered by those two.」

Separating her lips, Sayaka opened her eyes wide as she heard Yuu’s words.

*Creak, creak, creak* She turned her head stiffly like a robot and looked diagonally backward.

「Riko, and even Eimi….」


As they made eye contact, the three of them then averted their eyes with an awkward expression on their faces.

As far as Yuu was concerned, rather than teachers or students who were completely unrelated to them, he was glad that it was the remaining two student council officers who had discovered them.

Even though today was a day when there was no student council meeting, it was only a matter of time before they would be found out, after all.

If that was the case, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to bring the two of them into the fold?

「Both of you, rather than watching from there, why don’t you come over here?」


「For real?」

The one who immediately reacted to those words and jumped out was Eimi.

But she ended up stopping in her tracks soon after.

「Is, is it really okay?」

「It’s okay, right? Sayaka-senpai?」

「Y, yes….」

Being asked by Yuu, Sayaka ended up being at a loss for words.

Or rather, her head could not keep up with the current situation.

Yuu’s hand gently caresses Sayaka’s cheek.

At the same time, as he put strength into the lower half of his body, he said…

「Now that we’ve come this far, it’d be nice if everyone is together.」

「Ah… hnn!」

*Splurt* Semen was spewed out from his penis that was still inserted.


Then, Sayaka took a glance at Riko.

「Sayaka… I am sorry, for doing things like peeping.」

「No, I also unintentionally got too absorbed in it, so….」


With her face still flushed red, Eimi approached Yuu.


「I… I….」

Coming over and sitting down with a plop by Yuu’s side, Eimi stared fervently at him, but upon seeing that he was still connected to Sayaka as she lowered her gaze, she flapped her mouth open and closed and ended up averting her eyes.

Then, Yuu’s left hand was extended to her.


As Eimi got baited and ended up stretching out her hand, Yuu took hold of it and immediately pulled her toward himself.


Catching Eimi, Yuu immediately held her in his arms.

「Y… Yuu-kun! Me…me too!」

Eimi reached out both of her hands, hugged Yuu, and then pressed and rubbed her head against him.

Her twin-tail hair hit Yuu as it swung around.

After stroking her head to calm her down, Yuu smoothly lowered his hand from her back to her buttocks.

Then, he rolled up the hem of her skirt and inserted her hand inside.


「Amy-senpai, your panties are soaking wet. You must be masturbating while Sayaka-senpai and I were having sex, right?」

「Fwah! Hyaa, ahn!」


Before he knew it, Riko had also come so close to Sayaka that their bodies were touching each other, so Yuu reached out with his right hand and flipped her skirt up from her buttocks.

「Hyaa! Eeh?!」

When his fingers touched the crotch part of her polka-dot panties, which were fleetingly visible, they were just as soggy and wet as Eimi’s.

「Wha-wha-wha, what are you doing?!」

Riko immediately escaped from Yuu’s hands, but for some reason she moved to hug Sayaka from behind.

On the other hand, Eimi was wiggling her hips as she had her important parts played with by Yuu.

「Ah, aahn… Y, you mustn’t, play with, that part….」

Even as she said he must not do it, Eimi was pulling herself closer and closer to Yuu while letting out sweet noises.

Floating a smile as he looked at the three of them in turn, Yuu said….

「It’s come to this, so… Want to try doing it together?」




The first to react to Yuu’s words was Eimi.

「I… I also want to hold Yuu-kun like Saaya-senpai! As I watched the two of you having sex… I was very envious, and something in the depth of my belly ached… Aah, Yuu-kun, I love you!」

Eimi, who had been burying her face in Yuu’s neck and was smelling his sweat, raised her head and looked at him with feverish eyes.

Turning toward Eimi, Yuu gave her a light kiss as he was.

The sudden event caused Eimi to let out a 「Fweh?」 sound and her face turned bright red.


Sayaka, who saw the two of them kissing, was perplexed by the jealous feelings that suddenly welled up within her.

She already had a fiancé.

It had been less than a month since she met him, and her relationship with Yuu was no more than that of a senior and a junior in the student council.

It was not like they were dating or anything.

After consulting with Yuu that her relationship with her fiancé had not gone well, he had been teaching her many things about boys. That was the extent of their relationship.

And yet… Did it mean that as they connected their bodies, a desire to make him her own arose within her?

Of course, in this day and age, it was only natural for boys to date more than one girl, but….

For a moment, complicated emotions battled against each other within Sayaka, but suddenly, Riko spoke to her.

「I! S, since a long time ago… I, I have been in love you, Sayaka!」


She hugged Sayaka tightly from behind.

At that moment, Yuu’s penis ended up slipping out.


Semen was slowly seeping out from the vaginal opening that had just been unplugged.

「Shoot. T, tissue!」

Yuu stretched his hand backward and took the box of tissue paper they had left near the pillow.

And then, God knew what he was thinking, but he handed it to Riko.

「Riko-senpai, could you wipe Sayaka-senpai’s secret place with this?」

Riko was taken aback, but as soon as she understood the meaning of his words, her mouth loosened up as she accepted it.

「Leave it to me. I will wipe Sayaka’s precious place for you.」

「Ehh, um… Riko? Ahn.」

「Whoa, not good! A whole lot is dripping out, you know?」

Eimi, on the other hand, was unable to take her eyes away from Yuu’s penis.

Although it had calmed down somewhat after ejaculating, it was still maintaining its hardness and pointing upward.

Moreover, as it had been inside Sayaka’s vagina until just a moment ago, it was glistening in a slimy and wet shine, which made it even more obscene.

「Th, this is Yuu-kun’s dick…. It’s bigger than I imagined it would be.」

「Do you want to touch it?」

Being asked so from a distance so close that their lips were almost touching, Eimi’s eyes darted back and forth restlessly between Yuu’s face and his crotch, but her heart had already decided on the answer.

「Yes. Yuu-kun, let me touch your dick. I want to touch it.」

Eimi’s hand reached out and touched his penis.

「Aah… It’s so hard… and hot. Yu-kun’s dick is amazing…」

Eimi seemed to be nervous at the sight of the male organ she had seen for the first time, but when she touched it, the penis, which was close to going down, increased in hardness and arched back sharply.

As Eimi showed a melty look on her face as he stroked his penis, Yuu once again pressed his laps against hers and kissed her longer than before, glancing in Riko’s direction with one eye all the while.

「Look, a whole lot is still coming out. We have to wipe it off properly so it doesn’t stain the futon. Right?」

「W, wait! R, Riko! Wha, that much is… not good… Ahn… Nmm.」

Riko’s lips sealed Sayaka’s mouth as she tried to stop her.

Even after wiping it off with a tissue, Riko inserted her fingers into the vagina and played with it, giving rise to a squelching sound.

The liquid oozing out of it had become considerably clearer, but it was still somewhat cloudy and muddy, so she did not stop.

Looks like they’ve started having their own fun over there. In that case, I guess I should ask Eimi-senpai to let me do it with her. Still, I call her senpai, but this girl, she sure is cute, isn’t she?

From Yuu’s former world’s perspective, Eimi was a cute girl who would enter the top rank even if she was compared to all girls in the class.

For such a girl to say that she loved him, there was no way Yuu did not feel happy.

When Yuu inserted his tongue into her mouth, Eimi was a little startled for a moment, but accepted it.

After licking around the inside of Eimi’s mouth, he entwined his tongue with hers.

「Fwah… Ahnmm… Chuu, puha… Hnn, nmm… Ahn… Yuu-kun… I love you.」

Eimi, who fell into a dreamy state from the sensation of Yuu’s tongue violating her mouth, moved her own tongue as well as she tried to match Yuu’s.

It was her first kiss with her beloved Yuu. Moreover, it was an adult kiss that she only knew about in the form of knowledge.

At this point, Eimi’s head was dyed in pink color.

One hand was fervently stroking around, albeit in an awkward manner, his raging penis, while the other hand was entwined around Yuu’s neck and stroking his head lovingly, as if she would never let go.

Eimi was in such a state, so her secret place was dripping with significantly more nectar than when she was doing the peeping act earlier.

Yuu’s left hand had briefly left her vagina and had been rubbing her buttocks to savor the sensation of her springy flesh, but this time, he inserted it through the gap in the elastic of her panties.

「Hyan! Y, Yuu-kun? Ah, ahn!」

When Yuu rubbed Eimi along the center of her chasm with his fingers, he could immediately tell that a slimy sensation was transmitted through his fingers.

Even though he only moved his fingers a little, the entire area was coated with love juices, not just the areas around the tips of his fingers.

Involuntarily, Eimi ended up separating her lips due to the caress to her secret place.

A few strands of saliva were weaved between the two’s mouths.

Directing his usual refreshing smile at Eimi, Yuu said…

「Amy-senpai, do you want to put my dick in here?」

Inside Eimi, reasons to deny it were nonexistent.



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