Chapter 50×2 Part 2

I found him, but strangely enough, there was an unfamiliar girl next to him.

She was a tiny girl about ten centimeters shorter than Yuuki, who was about five centimeters shorter than me.

She had fluffy, wavy dark brown long hair and round eyes, and well, I guess you could say that she was fairly cute.

Her awfully frilly pink dress was boldly open at the chest area, so her voluminous cleavage was bulging up, and she was taking Yuuki’s arm and pressing it against her own chest, as if to sandwich it between her own breasts.

「Who is, that?」

「Ah… Elena! This, this is, umm….」

「Kyaha! As of today, you see, Ai is Yuuki’s number one girl. You’re demoted to number two, you get it?」

As I heard her idiotic way of talking, calling herself by her own name, I remembered her.

She was a member of the group of girls from another class that were aiming for Yuuki and following him around. I couldn’t quite remember her name, though.

I ignored that woman, who called herself whatever Ai, and talked to Yuuki.

「Is that so?」

「Yeah, well….」

「If we leave Yuuki to a woman like you, who doesn’t understand his feelings at all, that would be pitiful of him, right? If it were me, not only would I comply with whatever Yuuki wants to do, I would also take care of him for the rest of my life! Right, Yuuki-kun?!」

Ai brought her face close to Yuuki’s as if she were kissing him and fawned on him.

「A… haha.」

Having Ai sticking close to him, Yuuki, far from being displeased with it, was breathing heavily.

Seeing this, I realized that my feelings were rapidly cooling down.

I had no faintest intention of competing with such a stupid woman for a man that was merely Yuu’s spare.

「I see. Fine by me then. I wish you happiness.」

「Huh?! W, wait a minute! Elena, you too….」

「Huh? You should sleep talk after you fall asleep. Goodbye.」

As I said so coldly, Yuuki started to panic.

「W, wait! Elena!」

「Isn’t it fine?! Let’s leave that cold woman alone and go to the venue.」

「B, but….」

「Besides, I’ve reserved a hotel room for tonight. Once the party is over, let’s spend a hot night alone, just the two of us?」


Turning on my heel, I pushed the two that started to flirt out of my mind, and began to walk toward the front gate at a quick pace.

There was already a line of taxis waiting for the boys and girls who had slipped out of the party to go off somewhere.

I got into one of the taxis.

「Huh? Where is your companion?」

I guess she didn’t expect me to get in alone. The middle-aged driver showed a look of surprise on her face.

「To the front of Saiou Station.」


「Like I said, Saiou Station. Go quickly!」

Nonetheless, I felt ashamed to go home right away, so I, clad in my dress and getting subjected to curious gazes, strolled around the front of the station and watched a night show at a cinema complex that had just opened this year to kill time.

For some reason, I didn’t feel like watching a romance movie, so I chose an action movie that looked exciting.

After watching a monster movie and a movie about a rampaging delinquent girl, I felt hungry, so I went into a nearby hamburger joint.

I thought I had been able to get myself together after watching some movies, but when I was by myself, emptiness welled up inside me, and even when I ate a hamburger, it felt as if I was chewing sand.

Before I knew it, it was already around midnight, so I decided to go home.

It was still tolerable inside a heated room, but when I went outside, the cold wintry wind was so cold on my body which had its shoulders exposed, and coldness pierced my body.

I had left my change of clothes in the classroom, so I wrapped a thin stole around me to cover my body, and was relieved when I arrived at the condominium after a freezing run.

I was relieved when I arrived home, but I was still cold not only physically but also emotionally.

I thought about taking a bath as it was, but I just stood stock still in front of Yuu’s room.

The only one who could comfort such me was Yuu.

However, I knew that since that night when I slipped into his bed and got refused by him, Yuu had always locked his door.

I would be satisfied if I could hear even a single word from him, though….

Ultimately, for the current me, it was a wish that could never be fulfilled.

With these thoughts in my mind, I gripped the doorknob.

And to my disbelief, the door opened.

By any chance, had Yuu forgiven big sis?

Harboring an inner surprise, I entered my beloved Yuu’s room.

When I took a look at the bed, I saw Yuu sleeping peacefully, letting out quiet, rhythmical breath, amidst the orange dim light.

I could no longer stop the pleasure that was welling up inside me.

I took off my dress and threw it to the corner of the room and crawled over to him in my underwear.

I flipped up the comforter, speedily slipped in, and hugged Yuu.

「Hah~, Yuu… is warm and smells so good….」

Inside the comforter, it was so warm with Yuu’s warmth that it seemed to melt my frozen body and soul.

「Aah… As I thought, Yuu is the best. As long as I have Yuu, I don’t care about anything else.」


When I stroked his hair, Yuu, who had been sleeping on his back, turned his face toward me.

When I saw his angelic sleeping face, which was more beautiful and well-featured than anyone else, I was at the end of my patience.

I gently kissed him.

I moved my lips away, looked at his sleeping face, and repeated the kiss.


As Yuu moaned, his mouth opened a little, and I licked off the drool that was dripping from the edges.

This kiss with Yuu, which I had had for the first time in a long time, tasted superb.

「Haa, haa… Yu… u….」

Driven by a hot passion that scorched my chest, I unbuttoned his pajamas.

I removed the comforter and took a good look at his underwear-clad figure.

Hanging over him while making sure I didn’t put my body weight on him, I felt a rush of excitement I had never before, but there was still a part of me that was calm, so I carefully rolled up the underwear inside as well, so as not to wake Yuu.

When I saw his fair-skinned chest exposed, I couldn’t help but drool, but I guess there was nothing that could be done about it.

「Kufu, kufufufu.」

Overflowing with excitement, I paid no mind to the fact that I was letting out strange noises, and started to kiss, lick, and suck on his body in turn, starting from his chest.

When I sucked on his nipples, Yuu let out a 「Hnn.」 voice and stirred a little.

「Ufufu, does it feel good even if you are asleep?」

As was the case the other when we barged on him in the bathroom, he was weak there.

I sucked and licked him around, focusing on his tiny nipples and armpits.

The smell of his body, covered with faint night sweats, and the moan Yuu occasionally let out made my heart boil and I realized that my secret place was tingling and getting wet.

Besides, the one that had been hitting my stomach since a while ago was Yuu’s penis…!

Gradually moving from his chest to his cute navel and then to his stomach, which had no fat at all, I put my hands on the elastic of his pajamas and slowly, gradually pulled them down.


I involuntarily swallowed my spit.

Unlike when he was in elementary school, the front of his trunks was bulging up.

If it was Yuu, I wouldn’t mind even if his penis remained as tiny and cute as the one I saw three years ago.

However, it was a woman’s nature that the bigger the boy’s bulge was, the more I was attracted to it.

When I took a look at Yuu’s face for once, he was mumbling in his sleep. So cute.


I psyched myself up.

When I reached out for the elastic of his underpants and pulled them down with my hands that were trembling with nervousness, his penis popped out energetically.


I moved my body away for a bit and checked it out carefully in the dim light.

From its softness, I believe it was still in normal mode, but it was clearly the size of an adult’s penis, not a child’s.

I could also tell that pubic hair was growing on its smooth surrounding area.


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