Chapter 6 Part 3

Her physique was small and it did not look like it was particularly well-trained.

However, there was this air around her that made him unable to let his guard down around her. Otherwise, she would not have been qualified to serve as a male security personnel.

At a glance, she might look to be about the age of a high school student, but given the fact that she had gotten herself a job, she might actually be around 20 years old.

「Ah, so your name is Kujira-san. That’s an unusual surname.」

Suddenly, a small hand was held out in front of him.

She stared at Yuu with expectant eyes.

「Ahaha. I will be in your care.」

「Mm. I’ll do my best to protect you. I won’t let even a single insolent wench touch you.」

Kanako looked at her with a rather stern look.

Perhaps she had this kind of character. As far as Yuu was concerned, he did not particularly mind.

If Kanako was an anego, then Touko in front of him gave off an impression like that of a bratty little sister.

「I will be counting on you.」

Wrapping his hand around her small hand, he shook hands with her.


The cheeks of Touko, who ended up casting her face down even though she was the first to hold out her hand, seemed to be turning red.

Now that the greeting was over, Martina began to explain.

「We’ll be having Kitamura-san and Kujira-san stationed in the condominium 24 hours a day. It’s said that recently, there have been some intruders trying to slip through the security system, so things have become quite dangerous, you know. That’s why, by always having them by your side, mama will be at ease even when mama goes to work. In particular, you see, Kitamura-san is a holder of S rank qualification, one of the best personnel even in the whole country! Yuu-chan, when mama thought what if something that happened to you before were to happen again, mama was so worried, so mama unreasonably requested them to do so.」

「I, I see. Err… Thank you, mom.」

「This is all for your sake, Yuu-chan.」

Martina nodded her head as if it was the most natural thing to do, which on the contrary wound up making Yuu feel embarrassed.

The two newly appointed male security personnel watched the exchange between the mother-son pair with a warm smile on their faces.

If he had to put it, the male security personnel employed during the graduation ceremony in his memory were rather sturdy-looking and their faces were below average.

He felt bad for comparing the two with them, but the two in front of him were both beauties, though of a completely different type.

Given that they would stay by his side as his male security personnel, it was a man’s honest feeling that beautiful women would be more desirable.

According to what he had heard, a bus with school security guards would take him from in front of their condominium to the school grounds when he commuted to and from school.

Therefore, in addition to the two who were stationed for his habitual security, a team of three or more was usually formed when going out.

As expected, it seemed that men in this world did not go out alone.

Yuu was dissatisfied with this inconvenience.

Incidentally, from what he heard later on, the cost of hiring the two was 20% higher than that of the previous company, but since they had received consolation money as well as condolence money from the government, they had enough to cover it.

This was something Yuu was not accustomed to.

「Ah, right! Mama believes you have already known it, but there will be a medical checkup on April 1. Starting this year, you, too, will finally have semen analysis done, Yuu-chan. Just in case, I’ll leave the pamphlet here for you, so do take a look at, okay?」


What Martina took out was a thin A4-size booklet.

On the cover of the pamphlet, 『Information on the Enforcement of Nationwide Simultaneous Male Physical Examination』, was written, and below it were illustrations of men with strangely cheerful smiles on their faces, from children to adults, middle-aged and even elderly men.

And then, at the bottom of it, 『Since 1981, semen analysis as well as semi-annual semen donation have been mandatory for those 15 years of age and older』, was written.

◇ ◇ ◇

Once their introduction was over, Kanako and Touko left first and got into the company car.

Kanako, holding the steering wheel, could not stop her mouth from loosening up as she recalled the beautiful face of Yuu whom she had just met, the smile he showed her, albeit a reserved one, and the feel of his hand as they shook hands.

A few moments into the ride, Touko muttered to herself.


「Hm? Ah… By some chance….」

Kanako had teamed up and worked with Touko a number of times, so she had gotten used to her suddenly speaking up, even though she was usually quiet.


When she took a fleeting glance at Touko in the passenger seat, she could tell that she was grinning ear to ear.

It was a little creepy.

「Well, I guess so. I know how you feel. Most of the men we guard neither make eye contact with us nor do they have any interest in holding a proper conversation with us. They don’t even want to be touched by us. Yuu-sama seems like a very nice person, don’t you think? Though, since I had heard that he was attacked by girls from the same school a while ago, I had prepared myself for the worst, thinking about how much of a tough nut to crack he would be.」

「I want to stick close to Yuu-sama 24 hours a day and protect him ♪, from all the things that make him suffer.」

Saying so as if singing, Touko made a gesture of holding him with both hands.

Normally, she was a girl whose thoughts you could never read.

Her physique was the smallest in the company and she didn’t look strong at all.

However, she had expertise in a number of martial arts, so her body movements were swift and her performance in anti-personnel combat was excellent.

As a whole, Kanako was better than her, but she had gone through painful experiences under her hands a couple of times after having her back taken by her.

Her code name was 『Shinobu』 because of her ninja-like body movements.

By the way, Kanako’s was 『Neki』, a shortened version of aneki.

She simply could not accept being referred to as such even by her older colleagues and superiors.

In terms of age, Kanako was 24 years old while Touka was 22 years old, only two years apart, but they were a duo who looked more apart than that.

「I understand how you feel, but he is an important escort target, so….」

「Yes, I know. I’ll embrace him to my heart’s content in my imagination only. I can separate the two, so no need to worry.」

「Good graciousness, you girl really are….」

Touko was a closet pervert.

「So you say, Neki, but since a while ago, your mouth has been so loose, so slovenly.」


「Come to think of it, your little brother that’s about the same age as him is….」

「Say no more about that!」

「Watch out. Look ahead.」

Kanako wound up being so dismayed that she almost crossed the centerline.

The sole weakness of Kanako, who was excellent in all aspects and had been highly rated in her past jobs and seemed to have no openings, was her younger brother, who just happened to be of the same age as Yuu.

Naturally, she doted on him, but since he had decided to enroll in a boys’ school with a dormitory, she had been feeling lonely.

At any rate, for both of them, not only was the new client worth protecting, they also harbored secret expectations for him.

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