Chapter 7 Part 1

Spring Break (4) ~Super Chance~

It was April 1st.

Past 10:00 on that day, it was the moment when he stepped outside the hospital for the first time since becoming the Yuu of this world.

That said, it was a three-minute walk to the hospital’s annex.

Even so, wearing a white hoodie that hid his face so that it was hard to tell that he was a man at a glance and being surrounded by Kanako and Touko, who were guarding him, plus the nurses in charge of him, he went out through the hospital’s nighttime service entrance.

Since it was early in the morning, they arrived at the rear entrance of the annex building without being spotted by anyone.

Today, a physical examination for men was to be held there.

Based on the pamphlet handed to him in advance, it was not much different from those given at school or work.

Height, weight, chest circumference, vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood, chest X-ray, urine, and electrocardiogram examination.

If there was a point that was different, that was the fact that there was a semen examination, which was mandatory from the age of 15.

It was probably about five years ago.

He had a colleague who was married but unable to have children, and he secretly confided in him that he had gone for a semen analysis as part of his fertility treatment.

He was not too keen on the idea, but as they were both in their mid-30s at the time and they had no leeway in time due to their age, he took the test reluctantly after being persuaded by his wife.

As a result, he was judged to have azoospermia.

「I was told that I have no ability to have children, you see.」

He remembered him muttering to himself in self-mockery over drinks.

In the end, they chose to keep on living with only each other, without any children.

The semen is… As expected, are we meant to masturbate and release it into a test tube?

He believed his colleague said something along those lines.

Which meant, inside a small private room, they had erotic magazines and manga arranged to serve as jack-off material.

「Well then, we will await your return here. As long as you are in this building, I believe nothing will happen to you, but in case it does, please press the button on that transmitter hard.」

It seemed that Kanako and Touko would be waiting in the lobby on the first floor.

Looking closely, given that groups of two or three well-built women similarly dressed in suits were firmly sitting on chairs, they must be similarly male security personnel.

When Yuu and the others came in, they only took a glance at them and showed no particular reaction.

On the contrary, he could more or less tell that the receptionist women sitting at the counter in the back of the lobby were stealing fleeting glances at his direction, even as they pretended to act in a casual manner.

Uniform-clad security guards stood at key points such as the elevator and by the aisles, and the main entrance had a shutter hanging on it, so it was dimly lit.

Today it seemed that normal patients were completely barred from entering.

「I’m off then.」

Yuu said goodbye to Kanako and the others and headed for the reception counter.

He must have come for a physical examination as well. After all, he saw a young man doing reception at the counter.

Except for the old doctor at the hospital, this was the first man he had seen in this world. He was older than Yuu, maybe around 20 years old.

Perhaps because he had been surrounded by women all this time, he was surprised to find himself feeling relieved upon seeing him.

He never thought he would feel that way when he saw a man.

The man seemed to have finished the reception, though, so he walked away from the counter toward the elevator.

Yuu, without being able to hide his nervousness, submitted the medical questionnaire he had filled in the hospital room.

He believed he had a clean medical history, but just to be sure, he filled it while checking with Martina.

As far as Yuu was concerned, he was used to having a normal medical checkup, but as expected, he could not hide his uneasiness about the semen analysis he was going to have for the first time.

「Yes. Hirose-sama, is it? Well then, please take this with you, take the elevator to the third floor, and hand it to the person in charge over there.」

The young woman, dressed in a navy blue uniform that was very typical of a clerk, explained with a big smile on her face.

When she handed him the clear file folder containing the examination form, their hands touched, but it must have been his imagination that the gesture seemed deliberate.

Yuu then went up to the third floor, handed the clear file folder to the white-coat-clad nurse waiting there, and was told to sit down in one of the lined chairs and wait.

It was a large, horizontal room that could accommodate roughly 100 people. It looks like it is usually used as a conference room, Yuu thought to himself.

There were nurses in white coats behind long desks conducting examinations and walking around with documents in hands.

There were also about 20 men receiving examinations.

The age range was varied, generally from those in their teens to those in their forties. The elementary school students and younger as well as those in their sixties and older were not here because they were in a separate area.

At a glance, it looked similar to the scene of a company physical examination that Yuu had received in the past.

However, perhaps because it was early in the day, the number of people receiving examinations was fewer than he had expected.

No, in the first place, the number of men was small in this world.

The medical checkup was scheduled for this one whole day only, but maybe it would not be as crowded, and the waiting time would not be as long as what Yuu once experienced.

As expected, in less than three minutes after sitting down, a nurse of about 30 years old called his name.

「Now then, Hirose-sama. First we will measure your height and weight.」


When they entered a partitioned section at the right end of the room, he found a familiar height-measuring device and a large scale.

「You are 170.5 centimeters in height and 57.2 kilograms in weight. Is that correct?」


More in height and less in weight compared to the me when I was at the same age. Moreover, I sure look skinny, huh.

He thought so when he took a bath, but he did not have much muscle.

Did he not join any sports club in middle school?

No, to begin with, there was no boys’ sports club, huh, so he checked in his memory.

I’ve happened to become young again. I guess it’d be a good idea to work out and train my muscles, so Yuu thought.

Since it was not so crowded, he received one examination after another.

As expected, his vision was excellent, 1.5 in both right and left eyes.

Sure enough, it was better to be able to see far with the naked eye.

He had no issues with his hearing either.

For the blood test, perhaps because the one in charge of it was a veteran nurse of about 40 years old, she was very good at inserting the needle, so he did not feel much pain.

If there was something that bothered him a little, it was probably the fact that the nurse was very cheerful and touchy-feely.

Looking closely, the other men seemed to experience the same thing as well, all following the instructions with a resigned look on their faces.

「To think I’d be able to see so many men, I sure am grateful for it. I’m glad I became the one in charge of it this year!」

「Really! It’s a once-a-year treat for the eyes.」

「The young ones are especially nice. Their skin is so glossy and they smell so good.」

「You, I thought you were being strangely touchy-feely, but that was how it was, huh!」

Perhaps thinking no one would be able to hear it, when Yuu was sitting and waiting for the next examination, he could hear the voices of the nurses chatting in a whisper from beyond the partitioning screen.

It sounded like a conversation between sexual harassment old men.

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