Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 9

And when the water finally stopped flowing, the red light had completely disappeared from the surroundings.


「Did that do it? 」


Siluca glances at the Chaos Globe embedded into her magic wand.


It might been just her imagination, but she felt that the white glow inside the crystal ball was getting stronger, while the dark mist was moving in an intense and erratic fashion. That was an indication that the density of the Chaos in the surroundings was rapidly declining. It might just be that the Chaos concentration that Aishela temporarily increased was returning to normal, but…


(But I can’t… anymore…)


Siluca had used up all of her energy for that water magic attack. Now that she realized that, it was not long before she felt like she was losing consciousness, and she collapsed on the spot with her vision and awareness fading away.


*          *          *


When she woke up, Siluca noticed that she was lying in bed in her own room, and that for some reason she felt as if she was being suffocated.


When she glanced to the side, she saw that Aishela was there, prostrated all over Siluca’s chest.


Sensing that Siluca has woken up, Aishela raised her face. Siluca also sat up, and then she flipped through her blanket to make sure she was wearing her nightgown  properly and that her underwear has also been changed for her.


「Aishela, you… you did this for me, right? 」


Siluca asked timidly while the sight of Irvin skillfully changing  her clothes crossed her mind for a brief moment.


「As if I would have ever allowed anyone else to do this to you! 」


Aishela said angerly.


「That is good to hear. 」


Siluca breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Aishela while apologizing for the trouble.


「But I was not the one who brought you here, Siluca. It was actually Lord Theo. He moved even faster than me and picked you up right away. Of course I threatened to cut him cleanly in half if he does not let go of you, but he did not listen to my threats and did not let go of you all this time. 」


「Lord Theo did something like that? 」


Siluca felt her face heating up.


「Hey, listen.  Did something happen between you and that Lord?  Because I feel like the two of you have become especially close friends all of a sudden… 」


「N-No, of course not! Nothing happened between us! There is no way anything could ever happen! 」


Siluca hastly shook her head to clear Aishela’s misunderstanding.


「I just had a long and honest talk with Lord Theo. That’s all. 」


「Then, it looks to me like he has finally starting to notice just how lovely you are, Siluca. At this rate, sooner or later, he will definitely try to take advantage of his position as a Lord and get his hands on you! I will have to keep an even closer eye on him after all. 」


「And I think that there is nothing for you to worry about. Lord Theo does not see me as a woman, and even if he did, he is not the type of person who would try to force himself on others like that. 」


「You are so sweet and naïve, Siluca. So sweet that I want to lick you all over! But you still do not truly understand just how dangerous of a creature  men can be. 」


「You think so? I think that when I look at Moreno-senpai I get a pretty good idea of how they are. 」


「He’s just a light-hearted fool, so he’s not that dangerous. People like Theo, on the other hand are the ones who usually seem serious, but are also the ones who hold the most determination to see their hidden twisted desires fulfilled in their hearts. 」


「Stop it, Aishela~ !」


Siluca involuntarily covered her ears. Sjhe is not very good at these types of conversations.


「By the way, what happened to the Salamander when the battle was over? 」


Siluca  hurriedly changed the subject.


「It went and disappeared. And then it has become a Chaos Core. 」


「And what did you do with that Chaos Core? Did you disperse it? 」


「I advised Theo to absorb it, but he was insistent that I should be the one to do it, so I had no choice but to go and engrave it into my Art, which honestly works for me just fine, because I want to become stronger and be of more help to you, Siluca. 」


「Lord Theo… 」


Siluca involuntarily held her head. Absorbing the Chaos Core to make his Crest stronger is a far more important role for a Lord than carrying a contracted Mage who has just lost her consciousness to safety.

「If he absorbed the Salamander’s Chaos Core into his Crest, it would have served as a considerable boost to its bower, and yet he… 」


「Exactly. That is why I have been saying that he is such a strange Lord. 」


「It was too early for me to let my guard down. If only I stayed conscious for a while longer… 」


She cannot blame Theo for what he did, because he did bring her here while she was unconscious. But if nothing else, she wanted him to may more attention to the priorities of what he should be doing as a Lord and think about his responsibilities more seriously.


「Is it already morning? 」


Siluca looked back at the window. The shutters and curtains were closed, and the room was dark, but bright sunlight was streaming in through the cracks in it.


「No, it is actually past noon. By the time yesterday’s commotion was over, it was already dawn. 」


「This is bad! I have to get up immediately! 」


Siluca threw aside the blanket and got out of the bed.


「Wouldn’t it be better for you to rest more a while longer? 」


「No, I’m fine now. I have to make sure that yesterday’s mess gets cleaned up properly… 」


「Old man Saturus is already seeing to that.


The last explosion woke him up from his sleep and he rushed over to the scene immediately, but by then it was all over, so he apologized that he could not be of any actual help. And he was also impressed by how you handled the situation. 」


When Aishela said so, she gave a big yawn and crawled into Siluca’s bed.


「I’m going to sleep myself for now. Oh, and if you don’t mind, then from today onwards, I’ll be sleeping in this room as well. 」


「I don’t really mind it… but why? 」


「To protect Siluca’s chastity of course! 」


Aishela said  so with a rough snort.


「C-Chastity… 」


Siluca felt not only her face, but also her whole body turn red.


「Are you okay? 」


「I’m totally fine. I was just overwhelmed by your exposed belly button. 」


「That’s something I can show you anytime if you want… 」


Aishela put her hand on her bountiful chest and breathed a sigh of relief.


「I gave my room to a family who lost their home in the explosion. Both that room and this room are too big for one person anyway, aren’t they? 」


「Yes, I guess that is true. 」


Siluca smiled and nodded. She’s not good at handling Aishela’s more pushy side, but she loves that she is still able to be kind and compassionate like this.


Siluca then  took off her nightgown and changed into her Magic University uniform. On the contrary, Aishela took off her clothes as well and she crawled into bed in nothing but her underwear.


「Good night. 」


Siluca called out to Aishela and went down to the hall on the first floor of the castle. A large number of villagers from the castle town had gathered there.


「Miss Mage! 」

Seeing Siluca, the villagers raised their voices. Then they bowed to her and showered her in words of gratitude.


「Y-You should really be thanking Lord Theo, not me. 」


Siluca said in confusion.


She was happy to be thanked, but also embarrassed, and above all, the one who should be praised is the Lord, not his contracted Mage.


「We’ve already been told what happened. But you were the one who made the biggest contribution last night. 」


Theo didn’t sit on the throne, he stood in the same place as the villagers. Right now, his territory is just a scaffolding, but last night he was thinking only of the villagers.


Then the blacksmith workshop’s master came forward.


「Lady Siluca saved my life. And now, after a good night’s sleep I can work again as if nothing happened! 」



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