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Return of the Fallen Volume 6 Chapter 94



Author: Blue_Rat


Zetrazz was taken aback by this. A rise of anger began to swell within him.

(This small mortal thinks he can come up to my level. That look in his eye, he’s not joking, he truly believes he can reach my heights.)

Zetrazz curled a single finger. His energy shot forth and grabbed Kazuki, pulling him before him. Zetrazz grabbed Kazuki by the neck and inspected him up and down.

“What gives you such confidence? You’ve seen my power first hand when I destroyed that ugly creature a few moments ago yet you…you seriously believe you can reach me, why?”

Zetrazz was both angry and genuinely curious. Just holding Kazuki in his hand, he could feel Kazuki’s life force. He wouldn’t even need to squeeze to take Kazuki’s life. With a mere thought, he could kill Kazuki in a million different ways and Kazuki would have no way of resisting whatsoever. Zetrazz knew his power well and he could see through Kazuki’s clearly, yet Kazuki still showed no evidence of lying.

(Where does this ants belief come from?)

Just as he was thinking this, Glacious discovered a small amount of aura leaking from the golden compass hanging around Kazuki’s neck and his black eyes seemed to darken even more.

Grabbing the compass, he ripped it away from Kazuki and tossed Kazuki to his feet.

“So it’s this compass that gives you such wild thoughts.”

Zetrazz gave the compass a sniff.

“Godly aura. Not only godly aura but the compass as well is interesting.”

Zetrazz sent out a bit of his energy and wrapped the compass entirely in his power. After a moment, he nodded.

“So this thing has eyes. I understand now. I can feel bits of this godly energy seeping out of the compass and falling into you. In order for that to work the person who owns this aura must be blood-related to you. So that’s your backer. You have someone in your family that’s a god who watches over your shoulder. A babysitter for you, heheha. For a brief moment, I thought you had belief in yourself but in reality, your trust is in whoever owns this thing.”

Zetrazz shook his head as though he was disappointed.

“Your power isn’t your own, it comes from a god. Do you think a god can protect you? Unfortunately for you, gods can not descend to a lower realm with all of their power intact. Because of this, in a lower realm, they will never be a threat to me.”

Kazuki slowly stood up, this time it was his anger that was starting to boil over.

“Your wrong!”

All the shit Kazuki had gone through, the things he overcame, the many times he nearly died. The godly aura did in fact help him, it did save him when he first fell into this abyssal trench, and because of its nature Kazuki began to understand aura and in desperation, he created his own aura. The godly aura has taught Kazuki many things but these things were observed by him and comprehended by him. They were not freely given. Kazuki used his own hard work and understanding to grow stronger.

To be told that everything he’s done and overcome was because some hidden figure sitting on a cloud somewhere was watching him from the beyond and helping him. To Kazuki that was the biggest load of bullshit, he had ever heard. All the fighting, all the pain, all the loss.

“I don’t know if there really has been someone watching me all this time but I refuse your excuse, that I didn’t earn my strength, that I was merely helped every inch of the way. No, fuck that! When I lost my Mage core, there was no god who got me a new one and put it back together. I did that shit all on my own! I crawled my ass back to this world, I fought time and time again, not some figure in the sky. If there really is a god who’s been watching me suffer through all of this, all this time, then the only thing they’ve brought me is hatred. Because that means this god watched my brother be murdered and did nothing. Watched my granny master sacrifice herself and did nothing, watched my friend die, and again did nothing. I’m fine with the burdens and I can take suffering but they deserved none of it. To this supposed god, watching over me, it ain’t out of kindness or for fortune but instead to curse and laugh at me as I fall time and time again. To that god I say fuck you, damn the blood between us both.”

Kazuki held up two middle fingers toward the sky but there was no response. Whether he was looking for one or not, who knew. Zetrazz though didn’t understand Kazuki. Looking at the compass, it was clear a god aura but the way Kazuki acted it was as if he really was uncertain.

“This act of yours, it really is too much don’t you think?”

Kazuki’s expression twisted.

“If you really think it’s an act why don’t you check. The way you used your power earlier, you were somehow able to see Satorus’s past actions. Why don’t you check my past for yourself and see whether I’m lying. Look and see if this god you claim has been watching my back had truly put the effort in to protect me all this time or maybe you doubt your own accusations.”

Zetrazz flicked his finger and sent a pulse of dark energy crashing down on Kazuki.

“Watch your mouth little ant. Otherwise, you might just prove Glacious’s words to be true and I’ll crush you here and now.”

With another flick of his finger, the energy was pulled back and Kazuki felt relief.

Dark energy began to spiral and swarm around the room.

“I’ll have a look myself.”

Kazuki sat there waiting. He thought he might have gone too far and fucked up but he could take Zetrazz’s words. He knew what he had experienced and gone through, he knew the truth. Once Zetrazz saw, he would know as well.

All of the dark energy within the underground world began to move. Just as quickly as it started to move, it just as quickly came to an abrupt stop.

Zetrazz went quiet.


Zetrazz turned to look at Kazuki, a bit of doubt in his eye.

“I did check. You weren’t lying about your experience down here but that doesn’t mean you haven’t lied about the rest of your past. I need to look through your spirit and sift through your memories. Only then will I ascertain the truth.”

Zetrazz took a step forward and came beside Kazuki.

Kazuki was a little terrified because he couldn’t see through Zetrazz’s movement whatsoever. He couldn’t perceive at what precise second Zetrazz had moved. It was like he was always by his side and he just didn’t know until Zetrazz spoke.

Not only was this speed terrifying but the fact that Zetrazz also wanted to peer into his soul. If he did that, then Zetrazz would know that Kazuki was lying about Glacious talking shit and would then proceed to kill him.

Kazuki instinctively released both his aura and ki. Kazuki folded his aura overtop itself creating almost a dozen layers in an instant. It was the most layers he had ever created in his life but to this, Zetrazz just smirked.

“Hmph, stop your petty resistance.”

Zetrazz simply pushed his hand closer. In an instant, every single one of Kazuki’s aura layers was torn away and he felt his ki being disrupted. Zetrazz placed a single hand on Kazuki’s forehead and Kazuki felt his entire body become numb.

“Now hold still, otherwise I might accidentally scramble your spirit into a jumbled mess. You wouldn’t want that.”

At this moment, Zetrazz’s black eyes became even darker as if all light was being absorbed into them. At the same time, Kazuki’s eye color faded away and they both turned as black as night as Zetrazz invaded Kazuki’s soul world.

In the outside world, barely a second passed before Zetrazz let go of Kazuki and took a step back. Kazuki’s eyes returned to their natural color but his face was now as pale as paper and cold sweat poured from him continuously. His breath was ragged and he could barely lift his head. When he did, his gaze met Zetrazz. Kazuki couldn’t tell what this shadowy figure was thinking and the silence between the two was almost driving Kazuki to the point of insanity.

(Is he going to kill me now? Why is he silent, what is he waiting for?)

“So everything you claimed Glacious said about me was a lie that you came up with on the spot. You picked out clues from my personality and made your response in line with what you thought would push my buttons and get me to talk longer. All in the hopes that I wouldn’t kill you.”

Zetrazz raised a hand and his dark energy began to pulse in the surroundings, causing Kazuki to have difficulty breathing.

“You actually dared make a fool of me.”



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