Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 19

After seeing one of his mother’s favorite drinks, Jool was now convinced that Kazuki really was acquainted with her. This in turn made him more apprehensive instead of relaxed. Kazuki saw through this body language and couldn’t understand why this made Jool more guarded than before.

“What’s wrong with you? As I said I was a friend of Tilly’s, so why are you acting like I’m going to crush you?”

Jool tried to calm down but he was having trouble as he explained.

“If you really are a friend of my mothers then are you not aware of the relationship between her and me?”

“From what I know, it wasn’t all too great but not bad enough to warrant such fear from someone who claims to be her friend. Am I wrong?”

Jool nodded.

“Tilly and I even though were mother and son, we’ve never seen eye to eye. As you know, she was a woman who couldn’t put down the drink or rather could only do so when she was crafting, working on another damn project that would consume her.”

“The way you say it, it sounds like there is resentment.”

“Tell me, friend of Tilly’s, if you were always the second, no, the third thought on your mother’s mind growing up how would you feel? At first, you trick yourself into believing that her work is more important or that she only drinks because she’s lonely but then you learn the truth. All the times she ignored you as a boy, all the times she pushed you away it wasn’t because she was busy with things, after all for a child a mother could put down anything to be with them. No, in the end, the truth was, Tilly never intended to have a child in the first place. Someone who was so self-absorbed and selfish suddenly being tied down to a small town with a burden like me. Tilly never had love for me, and I the naive son didn’t realize this until I was nearly 15. That’s a long time to love someone with all your heart only to find out they never loved you at all. Resentment you say, of course, I have it but more than that, I hate her and I who wasted her youth, if she didn’t hate me, that would be the true surprise. Su yeah, I am suspicious of some hulking giant who sneaks past all of my guards, into my mansion and into my office. Not only that but you also cut all communication off with the outside world and lock me inside here with you like a caged animal. What else am I supposed to think?”

That was a lot to hear. Kazuki grabbed one of the cups off the table and downed the alcohol inside it with one gulp. Wiping his mouth he put the cup down and refilled it.

“I see. I guess the Tilly you knew and I knew were different. I understood how she could be so obsessed with her work but I didn’t know the rest. At the same time, the reason why I had to sneak in is because of all the guards. You see you’re not an easy man to meet. As for cutting off the communication and locking you in here with me, that was simply so the guards wouldn’t overreact like they did this morning.”

Jool perked up a bit.

“That was you?”

“Yes. That was my fault. Your guards were just too, well, on guard about me. I tried to talk first but well the rest you already know.”

Jool began to understand why Kazuki did things the way he did. He cautiously picked up the cup in front of him. At first, he gave it a small sniff followed by a small sip. Finding nothing wrong he downed the cup in its entirety. Kazuki refilled his cup and the two downed their drinks together.

“I have to say, Tilly’s taste when it came to alcohol was unique.”

“Unique is one way to put it. As long as it could dull her senses and fuzzy her mind, mother was happy with just about anything that had alcohol in it.”

Kazuki couldn’t disagree with Jool. After all, he had witnessed her drink away Glacious’s many bottles of alcohol as if it were going out of style. It didn’t matter what it was, she would happily drink it.

“So why is a friend of my mothers coming here so late?”

Jool got straight to the point.

Tilly’s ring appeared in Kazuki’s open palm. As soon as Jool saw it he realized what it meant.

“So she’s dead then?”

“Yes. She was attacked by Azirian’s.”

Jool closed his eyes for a moment as the news processed within him. A moment later he opened his eyes, a small smile on his face. THis smile irked Kazuki.

“Is it really so great that she died by the hands of a monster?”

Jool waved his hand.

“That isn’t it. I’m not smiling because of that, rather it feels like something has been lifted from my shoulders. A devil has been exorcised from me.”

Irritation started to build up in Kazuki.

“Look, I know the relationship between the two of you wasn’t good but she was still your mother. The least you could do is show some respect.”

Jool’s brows scrunched up and he shook his head.

“Respect…That is for those who deserve it. My mother definitely does not fall into such a category. Though I do not like that she died the way she did, especially by those disgusting creatures but if any were to deserve it

Before Jool finished his sentence, Kazuki had already grabbed him by the throat and held him high off the floor.

“Do not speak ill of her again. Otherwise, even if you are her son, I’ll crush your windpipe. Do you understand me?”

Jool started at Kazuki with a mixture of fear and anger. Everything he said about his mother, he felt it deep down and believed it to his core. Still, when it came to the threat of death, he was not someone you’d call brave.

“I…I understand.”

Jool being so close to Kazuki’s face, onyl now did he somewhat recognize Kazuki.

“Do I know you?”

Kazuki dropped him to the floor and shook his head in denial.The two had only meat briefly for a few seconds, it wasn’t worth mentioning or bringing up.

He showed the ring to Jool once again.

“I wondered if I should return this to you since Tilly was your mother but I doubt she would want you to ever have it. Sorry for disturbing you.”

Kazuki was done with his business. Jool had thoroughly disappointed him and he was even leaving with a bad taste in his mouth thinking about Tilly’s memory. Just before he left, Jool spoke with a hateful yet victorious tone.

“Hmph, you think I’d want anything else from her. I’ve already claimed and collected everything she owed me. I sold all of her old projects for basically change and I got her mansion. The debt she owes me as a terrible mother is settled.”

Kazuki’s steps paused and he turned back to Jool.

“Even now you dare spout shit in front of me.”

Kazuki spread out his aura and senses. He then located everyone in the entire mansion and then all at once he abruptly snatched them up and moved them out of the mansion. He did this so suddenly that many people were shocked awake as they felt their bodies out of nowhere being lifted and forcefully removed from the mansion.

A large panic spread out as everyone was thrown into confusion by this unknown power that had complete control over their bodies. The alarms began to ring out one after another and soon a huge crowd of workers and soldiers were all around the mansion. The soldiers of course tried to bust into the mansion to try and rescue the city lord but Kazuki’s aura prevented any from entering. No matter how they tried to cut the door down or blast holes into the building with magic, none of their attacks could penetrate Kazuki’s aura.

Kazuki grabbed Jool by his collar and flew out of a window. Flying into the air, he came to a stop and stood in the air using wind aura.

Jool was freaking out at this moment seeing how high up they were.

“Wh…what are you trying to do? I thought you said you wouldn’t harm me!”

“I hope you get everything you deserve but you are not worth killing. One thing you don’t deserve though is this mansion.”

Kazuki’s ring lit up and the entire mansion, all of the belongings inside, from the tables and chairs to the designer beds and wardrobes, all the way down to the nails, in an instant, it was all stored inside his ring. Jools eyes were already wide at this moment and grew that much wider as Kazuki released his collar and dropped him toward the ground.

People down below heard Jools screams as he fell and a few mages took flight in order to save him but Kazuki blocked them with his aura as he watched the panic and fear come wailing out of Jool with everything he had. Just before he hit the ground and died, Kazuki’s ring glowed once more and one of the many beds inside his storage ring appeared underneath Jool.


Even with the bed underneath him, the fall was still quite fast and he broke the bed upon impact. In the end, though, he was still alive, albeit with a few broken bones.

Kazuki wrapped himself in a cloud of dark energy and disappeared into the night sly as though he were never there.

(Tilly, I’ll miss you.)

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