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Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 23

The extensive amount of food was great. As a matter of fact, it was too great that several waiters had to pull over extra tables and connect them to Kazuki’s in order to lay all of the food out. Kazuki had ordered everything on the menu and had even asked for 5 to 6 of each item. The menus themselves had over three hundred different foods.

This large amount of food though would not be a problem for Kazuki. He forgoes using utensils and started grabbing food by the handful. If he needed to cut things up and put a forkful or spoonful into his mouth he felt it would be far too slow. The waiters were shocked and awed as they continuously carried plate after plate to Kazuki’s table only for him to eat everything in seconds. It seemed as if they were removing plates and clearing his table just as quickly as they were putting things down for him to eat.

This attracted not only the waiters and kitchen staff but the guards, as well as the other guest, who were all flabbergasted. They all stopped eating and couldn’t tear their eyes away from this bizarre show in front of them. Kazuki didn’t just attract curious eyes but greedy gazes as well. A small group off to the side had spotted the stack of gold Kazuki deployed moments before and their interest was sparked.

Kazuki picked up two bottles of alcohol and dumped them into his mouth, draining them in a flash.


Several minutes passed like this, where Kazuki ate food like a behemoth while others stared in awe. After a while, Kazuki had eaten every last morsel of food. Patting his stomach in bliss he leaned back in his chair and relaxed comfortably.

*Clap clap clap clap clap*

Applause suddenly broke out and several people began to cheer. Kids were laughing and smiling and a few people even came up to Kazuki to shake his hand saying how amazing that was and asking if he were part dragon or something similar.

Kazuki could only chuckle as he left the restaurant. On his way out he gave a little extra gold Zeni to the wait staff and cooks in the back as they really went all out for him.

As soon as he left the restaurant, a group of five men and two women got up and followed after him.

Kazuki walked around for several minutes and could sense the strangers behind him. Without even looking he could tell exactly what they looked like, the equipment and weapons they had, their sex, and even how much they weighed. He could tell all of this and more with just his senses alone.

Kazuki walked into an alley where there were no eyes or ears nearby and stopped. Soon enough, the seven people following him had wandered into the exact same alley.

Without turning around, Kazuki spoke calmly behind him.

“If you’ve come to rob me, I’m afraid you’ve picked the wrong one. If you leave me be, then I’ll do the same and look the other way just once.”

The sound of blades leaving their sheathes rang out behind him. Kazuki slowly turned around.

One of the men had a sword drawn and he spoke with a raspy voice.

“Your money, hand it all over and it will be us who looks the other way. You may be a big fellow but your big ass is outnumbered and you ain’t even got a weapon, yet your gonna look the other way, funny. Give us your shit now or we’ll cut your throat and let you bleed out among the rats .”

Kazuki shook his head.

“Fools that can’t see.”

The man leading these thugs didn’t shout as to not attract any guards to this alley. Instead, he gave his group a single with a hand gesture and they all understood. Barely a second after the signal, all at once, they rushed Kazuki.

Kazuki watched these bugs coming at him, their speed so slow to him that they seemed to be moving in slow motion. Most of the thugs brandished swords while one carried a dagger. One of the women had a sword with inscriptions upon it. As she approached a red flame engulfed the blade and changed the weapon into a fire sword. The only man with a dagger also had a magic tool and his blade turned as black as night and split into three individual black blades.

Kazuki knew magic tools didn’t come cheap, yet two of the seven had magic weapons. This meant they either stole them or they had robbed and killed so much that they were able to afford the magic tools. At least this is what Kazuki concluded.

(How many people did they corner and kill to gain such tools? It doesn’t matter. I warned them and yet they still drew and pointed their steel at me. Death is the only thing they deserve now.)

All at once, the enemy’s blades landed upon Kazuki’s hardened body. Five of the swords broke and shattered once they hit Kazuki. Kazuki’s body had changed and evolved again and again and again. There was no way normal weapons could do anything to him at all. Not only the normal blades but the fire sword and the black dagger. They didn’t shatter or break as the other blades did but they couldn’t even come close to penetrating Kazuki’s flesh either and simply stopped on the surface of his skin.

As soon as this happened, all of these insects looked dumbfounded. Before any of them could say or do anything though, Kazuki moved. First, he grabbed the shards from one of the busted swords. The metal fragments were still falling and had yet to hit the ground when Kazuki snatched them out of the air. Then with a terrifying speed, he threw a handful of the sharp fragments at two of the thugs. The speed of these metal fragments was like a shotgun blast. All of the shrapnel hit the two thugs’ chest. The impact was so great that it lifted the two men off of their feet and threw them back into the side of one of the buildings in the alley. The shrapnel tore through their bodies and shredded their internal organs. The two men were dead before they even left the ground.

Kazuki tensed up one of his fingers before flicking one of the women in the throat. His flick contained so much strength that it crushed her windpipe in an instant. The man who had stabbed forth with the dagger covered in dark energy, Kazuki sent out his own dark energy and covered the man from head to toe in it. His dark energy began to melt the man. As it degraded his flesh, his skin fell off, soon followed by muscle and cartledge in large globs and chunks. This all happened in less than a second before the man was reduced to a bubbling puddle of bloody chunky soup.

For the woman who had the fire sword, he reversed the flames and had them engulf her, the flames were amplified and burned bright blue. The woman didn’t even have a chance to scream as she was reduced to crispy ash almost instantly.

Kazuki launched his hand forward and penetrated one of the men’s chest before pulling his hand out. The man’s heart sat in his hand and beat a few more times before Kazuki crushed it in front of the man. The man then fell over dead.

The last man was the leader. Kazuki took a step forward and the man turned and fled immediately. Kazuki though was much faster. His body blurred and he grabbed the man and turned him around so he could see his expression. A cruel smile stretched across Kazuki’s face.

“You should have looked the other way. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you a helping hand before you go.”

Kazuki simply grabbed the leader’s head with a single hand and twisted the man’s head a full 180 around. The last thing the man saw was the peaceful yet busy going of the city from out of the alley before his sight went black and he was dead.

Kazuki looked at all of the dead bodies. A relaxing feeling overtook him. There was something about killing bastards that just felt good. Kazuki raised a finger in the air and several tiny blue fireballs materialized above his finger. With a simple wave of his finger, the fireballs were tossed out and landed on all of the bodies, puddles of the men and women, and reduced them to ash in an instant. As the wind blew, the ash disappeared with the breeze. The only things left were a few rings money pouches and weapons.

With a wave of his hand, he stored the money, and at the same time, he held all the weapons in his hands. Pressing them together, as though he were crumbling up a wad of paper, Kazuki made a round ball of metal out of the weapons and simply stored that as well.

Cleaning his hand with water magic, Kazuki soon stepped out of the alley. All in all, it took him only three or four seconds to kill and clean up the evidence.

(I took too much time, next time I’ll be faster.)

No one knew of the slaughter that had just taken place, none were aware except Kazuki and to him, this tiny blip was not even worth mentioning. Kazuki returned to the street and rejoined the crowd who were none the wiser but definitely better off without those murderous thugs roaming the city.

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