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Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 59

The kitchen was turned up to an 11 as the food was cooked and rushed out plate after plate. The expansive menu had over 100 different items on it so the amount of food that was brought to Kazuki’s private room was many. At the same time, the flow of drink never ceased the entire time the four ate.

At first, Tozu and the others were slightly curious about the food in a human city. Back on their island, the type of food was limited to the few types of animals raised for them. For Ancient beast food wasn’t much of a priority. They could easily go and hunt something or have someone else do it for them. The only reason they had cattle and other animals on their island was mainly for their lower servants such as humans and Limit beast to have food. Food just wasn’t something they had on their mind.

As soon as they took their first bite though, the curiosity became a fascination, and a bite after that it became obsession. The different flavors, the interesting textures, and the mouthfeel. This was a whole new experience and it was an amazing one at that. The food was delicious, and the word itself was something they finally understood. Delicious is what you call food that is just this good. Before the word was almost foreign to them but now they truly put it together.

Food fell into their mouths and was practically inhaled as they went a bit wild. It didn’t stop with just the food though, the different alcohols were eye-opening. Some of it was almost overly sweet but when consumed with the food it perfectly matched the taste. Some were spicy with a little sour and some were bitter but none of them were bad in the least.

All of these different taste was mind-blowing. They wanted to ask Kazuki how humans could make such tasty food but he as well was scarfing down food as fast…Actually faster than all three of them combined.

Witnessing a human out eat them, they felt a tinge of their pride being pricked like a needle to the side and their eating speed increased. As the food started to dissipate, Kazuki ordered seconds and then thirds. The restaurant became that much busier.

A while later…


A chorus of belches filled the room prompting Kazuki to open a window and fan in some fresh air.

Everyone wore a satisfied expression as Tozu and Sasai pat their bellies as if they were proud expecting mothers.

Shaila rubbed her husband’s stomach and giggled.

“So dear, will it be a boy or girl.”

Tozu nodded along.

“Probably both, heha.”

Everyone shared a little laugh and the atmosphere became a relaxing one.

Sasai leisurely sipped at his cup of red wine a smile still lingering on his face.

“So this is what humans usually eat in this place. Brother, how come the servants on your island don’t make food like this?”

Tozu shook his head.

“Is it even possible? Surely a master cook has prepared this for us. Kazuki what do you think.”

“Although it does take some level of skill to make something tasty, this level of food actually isn’t the best. It’s pretty good but there are even better chefs out there. As for the reason the food isn’t as good on your island, you probably are lacking a variety of ingredients as well as someone who actually knows how to cook well.”

The three Ancient beasts went quiet and Kazuki could see they were obviously plotting something.

“Let me just say this now but don’t even think about kidnapping the chefs around here, you’ll ruin the good mood. If you three are really that interested we can come up with some ideas later. For now, though, I think it’s time we deal with the ones waiting for us outside.”

Tozu nodded.

“Thanks. I’ll hold you to at your word about the cooks. Who would have expected this trip to hold such a good treat. This experience was definitely a bright spot.”

Kazuki called upon the waitress and after paying for the meal he left both her and those who helped her along with all the cooks in the kitchen a fat tip.

On the way out of the restaurant, the four could hear a celebratory cheer. Whether that was because Kazuki had been as generous as he was or whether because the staff could finally catch a breather or both, whatever the case may be, it was joyous inside nonetheless.

As Kazuki and the others made their way down the road a group of 7 men followed them from a distance. Kazuki and the others knew it was the thugs from earlier who were greedy for Shaila’s crystals and Kazuki’s gold.

Kazuki soon made a turn down a quiet street and then another into an abandoned alley. The thugs soon came rushing in to block any escape.

One of the men began to laugh.

“Hehehe, to think you fools walked into a dead end on your own. This makes things much easier. Tall bitch, you hand over that chunk of crystal I saw you flash earlier and I might just let you live after each one of my men has had a turn. You in the front, you be sure to hand over the gold and I’ll make sure to not rip your spine out of your back. Hurry up!”

Kazuki shared a look with Shaila and the others and all four of them couldn’t help but laugh after hearing these threats. Tozu’s laugh was a forced one though as he didn’t like hearing anyone call his woman such a name.

Having these four people laugh at them, the thugs all started to pull the blades at their waist before brandishing them in a threatening manner.

Sasai and Tozu took a step forward.

“Kazuki, like you said, we’re not breaking a rule by killing them since they threatened us right?”

Kazuki nodded.

“Right, these people you can definitely kill. You can also be merciful, I don’t really care. These people in my eyes have forfeited their lives but you can do what you want.”

Sasai wore a demonic smile. A slit opened on his forehead revealing a third eye. At the same time, a red flame materialized and hovered over Tozu’s left hand.

The thugs seeing this took a step back but didn’t back down fully. They still thought they had a chance at winning and this was their downfall.

“Just to remind you, don’t damage any of the buildings or other structures. You are a guest in this city.”

The two gave a nod before moving at the same time.

A beam of dark energy and a wall of flame shot forth and submerged all of the thugs at once. The dark energy liquified the men in an instant and the flame then vaporized these puddles of meat immediately after. A tower of heavy energy erupted within this alley and the sky brightened over the entire city for a mere split second before both Tozu and Sasai contained their own energy and suppressed it.

The sky returned to normal a fraction of a second after it had brightened. It had all happened so quickly that many hadn’t noticed. Those that did merely witnessed a strange red flash in the sky like a random bolt of lightning. There were no storm clouds anywhere nearby nor a follow-up of booming thunder. The ones who had witnessed it soon thought they must have been mistaken and the city was completely unaware of anything happening at all.

Kazuki looked at Shaila and wondered out loud.

“How come you just watched? That man directly insulted you but you did nothing.”

Shaila wrapped herself around Tozu’s thick arm before giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Kazuki you claim to have two women yet you don’t know a girl’s heart. Sometimes it’s simply nice to see that the man you chose cares enough to stand up for his girl.”

Kazuki shook his head.

“Doesn’t that only work when the girl is a damsel in distress and can’t defend themselves. You on the other hand are far more capable than nearly every man in this world, are you not?”

Shaila teased.

“It’s not about strength Kazuki. It’s the thought and emotion. Yes, I could have demolished them with a flick of a finger but when my dearest husband gets mad for me and does something about it, I feel loved.”

Kazuki sighed inwardly.

“That makes no sense.”

“Telling us you love us is completely different than showing you love us. We, women, cherish words but we covet action and affection even more. Hehe, that’s just how women are.”

“I really hope that’s not true because that sounds exhausting.”

Shaila shrugged.

“It’s not exhausting when it’s love.”

Kazuki didn’t know how to respond to that. Sasai as well was shaking his head hearing this, while Tozu was just happy to have received the peck on the cheek from his wife.

Kazuki said nothing more before leaving the alley and leading them all to Sid’s shop.

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