Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 80

Dark fog had spread out for nearly a mile in every direction. Yet a moment later Dreunz created an orb of light which pushed all of the darkness away in an instant.

As soon as the dark fog was pushed aside and the world returned to normal, Dreunz found that Kazuki was gone, in his place was a large metal sphere 20 feet by 20 feet in diameter.

“You think this turtle shell will keep you safe from me. Once I turn it into scrap, I’ll burn off each of your limbs. Then that mouth of yours will spill everything about my grandson!”

There was no sound whatsoever from the sphere. This felt like Kazuki was ignoring him which only drove to provoke his rage.

“Ignoring me! Fine! let me stop talking as well, let me simply show you!”

Dreunz held one hand a few inches over the other, palm above palm. He gathered the light in between his hand and a small sphere of light started to spin. Pulling his hands to the right side of his waist, he inhaled a deep breath.

As he did so, lines of light were pulled from every direction and the sky began to darken. The light was actually being pulled from everywhere. The energy between his palms grew rapidly as it continued to spin before Dreunz roared out.


The moment he said this, the spinning sphere of light morphed into a laser-like beam that shot forth and struck the large metal ball in front of him. The ball did not move though.

This surprised Dreunz but Dreunz quickly understood why. He could sense a great deal of aura holding the ball in place. His attack though wasn’t over yet so his concern was none existent.

The beam of highly condensed light energy warped the very air as it continuously poured into the metal sphere. The heat from this beam of light was so intense that the surface of the ocean began to boil and whirlpools began to form. The glacier the metal sphere was on melted and the water vaporized in an instant sending wave after wave of hot steam up and into the sky. The air became hot and dry but there were still no signs of movement from the sphere.

Dreunz continued to pour his energy into this force of light attack and the light in return only grew stronger and hotter. As he did this, sparks and smoke began to rise up from the metal ball and the entire sphere began to glow. At first from an orangish-red to bright orange and then to a near white.

Kazuki couldn’t believe there was such intense heat in this world. The only other thing he could compare it to was Glacious’s black flame.

The heat and light grew and grew until it was as hot as the sun and then even hotter than that. The temperature only rose from there and the surface of the sphere began to warp and flex miserably under such heat.

The entire glacier the ball resided on was now no more but the metal ball still hovered in the air. Kazuki’s aura held it in place while Dreunz continued to drill into it.

“More! MOre! MORe MORE!”

As he repeated this call, the light seemed to answer to him and more power was drawn to the center of his palms. The beam grew in size until it fully eclipsed the metal sphere and one could no longer even see it.

*Chck Chink*

Flakes of god metal started to chip and crack and before falling away into the ocean below. This caused Dreunz’s excitement to grow. He never expected to find such a tough metal but he was confident in his abilities and sure enough, even this unique metal before him was no match.

The chipping and cracking only grew from there and Dreunz could tell he was almost through.

“Just a little more, a little more!”

Now thousands upon thousands of tiny fragments and sheddings of god metal fell into the ocean down below.

It was at this moment that the ball finally could take no more.


A Large crack appeared across the entire ball and just like that, the ball split in half and the two sides fell away from each other.

There was nothing inside. No Kazuki, no nothing. Just a hollowed-out shell. Dreunz flew over and inspected it himself. A look of rage mixed with shock on his face.


The sky shook from this outburst and with it, the broken ball of god metal fell into the ocean.

Dreunz’s eyes darted all around. He saw that there was still a small connection of aura holding the ball but it was quickly fading.

“So you are below! You cannot hide from me!”

Dreunz dove into the ocean like a lightning bolt and gave chase. His own aura sensing Kazuki’s he could tell Kazuki was deep within the cold ocean.

One mile down quickly became two. Dreunz speed was no joke. Even in the water, he was still faster than Kazuki.

After only a few seconds, Druenz spotted Kazuki at the bottom of the ocean and pointed at him.


Light gathered in a near-instant before shooting out underwater. However, the scene of Kazuki being cut apart and turned into a crisp did not play out. Dreunz light beam was dulled and it actually bent the further it traveled in the water until its course was completely turned off and it hit the ocean floor a near 50 feet away from Kazuki.

Kazuki watched this with a natural smile on his face. A bit of wind aura gathered around him and as he spoke it found its way to Dreunz ear.

“Are you really trying to kill me? Just like your grandson Alodeus. If you keep going, you’ll meet the same fate as he did, hehe.”

Dreunz’s eyes bulged as he screamed.


Kazuki shrugged his shoulders.

“Should I tell you? Maybe not, hehe?”

Kazuki then turned and accelerated in the water. His feet were attached to the ocean floor and he used the element of gordonia to pull him forward. Using fire or darkness to move forward was not really an option underwater. Using the ground itself though, to pull himself, was almost as fast as flying in the sky with fire.


Dreunz roared from behind as he gave chase.

He still used light to move forward and he was still terrifyingly fast. SO fast in fact that he was already closing in on Kazuki.

Kazuki quickly gathered power and stomped on the ocean floor. A wall of hardened rock a few thousand feet tall, wide and thick rose up behind him.

Dreunz fired another beam of light.


The wall shattered to bits and barely slowed Dreunz.

(As expected, it only slows him that much. That much though is all I’ll need.)

Kazuki continued to accelerate forward and raised several large walls to get in Dreunz way. Dreunz in return blew through them and continued his chase.

This chase only lasted for a few minutes before Dreunz realized Kazuki was basically flying around in circles but by this time it was already too late.

Kazuki suddenly came to a stop and turned around to face Dreunz.

Dreunz furrowed his brows.

“Boy, you have pushed me far too much. As you have seen I can follow you everywhere and you cannot escape. Since you’ve stopped on your own you must see that. Now stop with these games and tell me right here and now what you’ve done with my grandson. If you’re honest I will remove your head as quickly as possible and not prolong your demise. Now tell me!”

“Hmm, your right. You really do keep following me around like a stalker. As for your grandson though, I’ll be honest. Alodeus, that fool is dead. That is the fate of all who set their sights to kill me. It was his fate, it was your guard’s fate and it is your fate just the same.”

Dreunz heard this and it was like someone had taken a sledgehammer to his mind.

“You…You lie!”

Kazuki’s ring glowed faintly and a magic beast core appeared in his hand. Dreunz knew instantly it was his grandsons. A pain unlike any other twisted at Dreunz heart and soul.


Dreunz accelerated forward faster than all the other times from before.

Kazuki though shook his head.

“Blame yourselves.”

Dreunz appeared right in front of Kazuki and aimed directly at Kazuki’s exposed head. Kazuki though already predicted this and a myriad of Motozu scales formed around his body in an instant as Dreunz roared out.


Light gathered between his palms and shot out in a fraction of a second but Kazuki’s body was already covered in Motozu scales.

The light hit the scales and Kazuki felt great pressure pushing down on him but only for a split second before all of that power amplified and was reflected backward directly at Dreunz.

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