Return of the Fallen Volume 9 Chapter 52

Hearing their King’s words, a sense of hope began to spread among the small number of survivors. Everyone quickly gathered not only their things but soon started after the guts of the mountain base itself. they took the magic lights that lit the grand halls, they took the magic cooking equipment from the kitchens. They quickly began to strip the base of everything that contained even an ounce of magical power.


The barrier protecting the base rattled and warped inward under the monstrous force between the Titan brothers. This caused the survivors to rush even faster as they knew time was running out.

King Brian announced to everyone to head to the main grand hall. It was the largest room in the entire base and could hold nearly a hundred thousand people if crammed inside all at once. Compared to the few thousand folks left, it could accommodate them all with ease.


Another explosion rang out and the base shook violently. Even with the barrier still in effect, the heavy vibrations from the outside forces caused the mountain some damage and large chunks cracked before breaking off and crashing into the ground below.

King Brian and the others were already headed to the grand hall at this time but the moment they felt that a sense of urgency caused their pace to quicken.

Triska, Shin and Sasai moved like the wind and were the first to arrive. They didn’t hesitate to lay down the magic metal plates side by side. With a thought, Shins ring began to glow and so to did Triska’s trident. Sasai opened the third eye on his head and the three gathered the power of lightning as rapidly as they could.


Lightning lit up the grand hall as the three began to burn the inscriptions into the marbled floor below. Following the pattern of the metal plates, they inscribed thousands upon thousands of inscriptions in seconds. One after another like a chain link and layer atop layer, each magic word stayed true and was inscribed with near perfection.

After a few moments, the three had finished every single ancient symbol and the teleportation gate was complete or rather nearly complete. All it needed now was a power source along with a destination inscribed. The metal plates Shin and Triska had, came with a problem. They were specifically designed for bringing people from the mountain base to the teleportation gate and back.

What they needed was for the teleportation gates to send them far away. For that, someone who was knowledgeable in space magic and inscriptions to inscribe a destination into the magic circle. There was a problem though, no one in the entire base could inscribe a destination as there was no one still alive who was knowledgeable in the ways of both space magic and inscribing.

For that problem though, Danny had already come up with a solution. Very quickly, Triska, Shin, and Sasai had carved out another 7 of these Magic circles. With it, they now had in total 8 teleportation gates. Soon a small wave of people came rushing through the large doors and bursting into the grand hall.

King Brian took note of all of the people. It was a sad sight.

(So many lost their lives, this is all that’s left of humanities army. Damn those Azirian bastards, Damn you Fera!)

King Brian had many more curses for Fera but he knew they were running out of time and every second counted. He threw all the nonsense to the back of his mind and asked.

“Danny, with all of these treasures, please give me some good news.”

Danny looked over at a corner of the room. There, everyone had piled up everything they had brought. Combined with what was brought out from the vault, along with Shin, Tozu, Shaila and Sasai, the amount of magic items was overwhelming. Shaila and the others did not mind giving up this fortune. They owed Kazuki greatly and if this amount of wealth could not only save his friends as well as them, it was more then worth it to them.

As everyone brougth out what they had there were just as many treasures and magical items taken from the entire mountain base. There were magic stoves and cooking utensils, chandeliers and lamps, crystals, cannons, shields, and weapons. There were even items that had been clearly taken from the recently deceased. From top to bottom, the base had been gutted and more than half of the grand hall, an area that could hold 100,000 people had now been filled with magical items.

This much wealth could buy a country but here it would be drained as though it were a hill side battery.

Danny quickly did some calculations in his head before taking out his own saber and tossing it into the pile and giving a slight nod.

“This will just barely be enough. Most of these items contained very little power but with my body and core, I should be able to draw out what I need from them. You should get them ready.”

Danny was right. Most of these items had very little power as is and they needed them for space magic. A magic that generally required more energy than most other elements.

King Brian gave a nod before turning to his people. At this point they were basically panicking as another explosion had just rocked the outside and shook the base, breaking off more of its overall structure. They could all tell, even without seeing or inspecting the damage, the base was near collapse. Every second could be their end. Would it be the next attack or the one after? They didn’t know but they all understood their end could appear at any given moment.

They were scared, terrified. They had literally been through war and had just barely survived and now once more they were faced with death. All they wished for was to go home. See the ones they loved, hug their children, make love to their wives or husbands, rest in their own beds and eat a home-cooked meal. They had forgotten the meaning of safe but as King Brian gave them hope, they began to remember those days and their fear only increased when they realized that at any second all of their hopes and dreams could be snuffed out at any moment.

As the crowd of folks started to grow, King Brian stamped his scepter twice.

*Bang Bang*



A strange quiet took over and everyone turned their attention to King Brian. Some had been so scared moments ago that they hadn’t even seen King Brian even though he had been there before they had even arrived. The moment he stamped his scepter though, all took notice immediately. Seeing King Brian standing there among them, hearing the authority in his voice, a small sense of calm wrapped around many like a warm comforting blanket.

With him here, it meant that he still had hope and he still hadn’t given up. Because of this, many started to regain their own hope.

“We have no time to panic, nor do we have time to act like scared pups. All men step back to the edge of the room and all-women line up in 8 lines in front of each magic circle. Ten women in each circle


King Brian turned to the man who spoke up in this moment and without hesitation, he pointed his scepter at the man and fired a wall of wind at the man. The pressure slammed heavily into the man and sent him flying backward, crashing into the wall.


The man hit the wall and it was clear from the impact that he had broken a few bones.


The man groaned before he fell unconscious from the pain. King Brian gave everyone a cold look afterward before saying.

“Even I as King will not be going first. I will travel in the second group along with my men. I don’t care what anyone says, women will go first and that is the word of the King. If you have any complaints, stuff them down your fucking throat and then kill yourself, or I will do it for you. NOW! Women, line up as I said, get ready to leave.”

There were some men who were still upset but there were many more who even in this terrible situation weres inspired. How could they not be as they saw Shaila, Asuna and the other female heroes not getting in line with the rest of the women. How could theses people not feel admiration at this moment. If they survived this, they would tell their great-grandchildren the gallant heroic story of King Brian and the other heroes. They would say that even in the end when they could all die at any moment, King Brian and the heroes still thought of the women folk first and stayed behind.

The women quickly formed 8 different lines. Those in the front were thrilled while those nearer toward the back were shaking. Still, it was hard for them to complain, what with the many men standing against the wall. At this moment though the feeling of inequality was felt between both in different ways.

Ten women stood in each magic circle for a total of 80 women. King Brian looked over at Danny.


Danny gave a nod before walking into the center of the room. He was surrounded in every direction by these teleportation gates as he was at the center. As soon as he stepped into the center he sat down and Asuna quickly joined him. She was the solution to their destination problem. With no one to inscribe a destination, it would take a powerful person in the ways of space magic to guide them to their destination. Asuna had only recently entered the Core stage but she was highly talented with the element of space.

Now that she was fully recovered, she would use her powers along with Danny’s to get these people to a safe place far away. This although sounded easy on paper it was more than difficult. She would need to concentrate and split her focus into 8 magic circles at the exact same time. If she wasn’t careful and her focus was lost for even a fraction of a second, she could accidentally send these women into a rock wall, or underground where they would suffocate and die. The possible places they could end up were endless and that meant there was in fact endless danger.

“Asuna, are you ready?”

Danny asked her this. Asuna though looked at him and one could see the determination in her eyes. After she let go of her past resentment for Shin, Glacious, and Etora, she felt lighter, stronger. She would no longer let the past restrain her or place her on a path she did not wish to be on. From now on, her way was her own. She was done being controlled by anger and sadness.

“I’m ready.”

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