Return of the Fallen Volume 9 Chapter 55

Shaila’s senses spread further than anyone else within the mountain base. ALong with her was Tozu, Sasai and Danny. Shaila was the first to feel the ever-approaching, ever closing dome and soon the other three could feel it as well. At first, they didn’t understand what they were sensing. As the two Titans allowed their powers to combine to form this large dome, Shaila and the others were unsure of what the power actually was. Even though Danny was highly focused on the magic gates, he still had enough thought to conclude that no matter what this enclosing dome was, the amount of power and pressure flowing from it was incredibly dangerous.

With a glance he could tell that Shaila, Tozu and Sasai sared his thought.

Not only that, the four all knew what came with such domes.

Power that defied logic closing in all around you, Danny’s mind rolled back to the Miasma surrounding him and his friends. The inescapable doom was something that was all too real.

(If that dome seals us inside then all of Zetrazz’s and Torzz’s attacks will be amplified and concentrated inside this area with us. We barely managed to get by and that was with random attacks scrapping around us. If these attacks hit us directly, even with Sam’s reinforcements to the mountain and Brian’s barrier protecting us, it will be meaningless. Like paper holding back a tidal wave, this is not something we can survive.)

Danny understood the looming disaster and could only add pressure on Asuna.

“Asuna, we’re running out of time. Sorry but I’m going to increase the speed. Concentrate on the grasslands as best you can and guide the people with your power. This might get a little rough.”

Asuna was taken aback by this but if Danny said it, it meant things were desperate.

“I can handle it.”

Danny nodded before his eyes began to glow. He drained more and more power from the pile of treasures and magic items taking up the other half of the room. At the same time, he ordered all the men.

“Listen up, things have taken a turn. There will be no more delay between transfers. I will keep the gates open and you men will run into the magic circles one after the other. The instant you arrive on the other side, you must clear the way for the men rushing through after you. If you don’t, I cannot guarantee you will not end up being teleported inside one another.”

The men all shared looks with one another. They quickly prepared themselves and got ready to rush forward in an orderly manner. After Danny’s disp[lay of power moments before, none would dare cross him and would follow his orders to a T.

At the same time, King Brian, Nunully, and the others knew things were really bad outside if Danny was changing plans right in the middle. All of them felt useless right now. They couldn’t go out and fight without facing certain death, yet a the same time, they could do nothing to help Danny and Asuna. All they could do is clench their fists and wait powerlessly.

“Asuna, are you ready?”

“Just say the word Danny.”

Danny didn’t wait, he couldn’t, not if he wanted to get everyone out of here alive.


With a shout from Danny, the 80 men waiting at the edge of the magic circles did not walk in but instead leaped in. The moment all of their feet touched the ground, the teleportation gates lit up with golden-white light and the men vanished. After they vanished, unlike before, the blinding light did not dissipate and continued to illuminate the entire room. None of these regular soldiers, Mages, etc could see at all but they could still hear Danny’s commanding voice in the center of it all.

“Do not stop, next 80 men rush forward. run toward my voice and jump through. If it’s not your turn do not worry, I will use my aura to hold you back, the moment I release you from my aura, it means to rush toward my voice as fast as you possibly can. NOW MOVE!”

His words had barely fallen as the men raced forward as fast as possible. Adrenaline pumping through them, their bodies moved faster than they ever thought possible. Jumping at the final moment, they felt their insides twist terribly as they teleported away. The very next moment, the sky appeared before their eyes, a sight they never thought they’d ever see again. Finally, the moment they recognized the ever darkening sky, they felt people pulling and pushing on them, forcing them away from their spots.

The very next second, more people appeared where they previously just stood. When this happened it was like their minds snapped back to reality and their training as soldiers kicked in. They immediately snatched up the folks who just arrived and hurried them out of the way. Just as those men were cleared, more arrived, and so on and so on.

Back on the other side, even though Asuna said she was ready, this was entirely different than what she was expecting. Using her power to guide 80 people to a certain location a thousand or so miles away was not a task that just any could do. As a matter of fact, only someone at the Core stage like her or above could get so many people at once to such a location. This type of burden was astronomical for other Mages at the 4th stage and below. They would need nearly as many Mages as the Gates capacity could hold.

Eight magic circles meant around 80 Mages of high-skill and powerful magic tools. Not only that but after teleporting 80 people, the toll this would take on these Mages’ minds who put all of their power and focus into this. It would completely exhaust them both mentally and physically and they would most likely suffer Mana sickness afterward. Asuna though was doing the work of that many Mages all on her own and without a powerful magic tool to help her. Not only that but she was doing it continuously with no break in between.

Eighty people followed immediately by Eighty more people, again and again, and again. This quickly brought pressure upon her. Her focus was impeccable but having to guide so many people in a steady flow, caused her mind to bear a heavy burden. As hundred passed through the gate, Asuna’s mind felt as if needles were pricking her brain. As hundreds turned into a thousand, it felt like someone was literally scrapping her mind with a grater.

Danny could tell that she was suffering but there was nothing he could do to help her. If he stopped right now, he knew Asuna would most likely blame herself. At the same time, he knew when to push the envelope and he knew Asuna would not quit. If things truly got dangerous, he would cut the power no matter what to keep Asuna’s life. Even if she blamed herself or him afterward, he didn’t care as long as she was still alive.

For now, her suffering as cruel as it may sound, was already in his calculations.

One thousand became two and two thousand quickly became three. A ringing came and went constantly in Asuna’s ear and all her vision blurred as she endured the pain. She felt her mind slip for a split second and she no longer pictured the grasslands. Just as more men were about to leap through the gate her mind snapped back into focus as she was determined to see them safe passage.

Her face paled as she knew how close that really was. She wondered if she should reach out to Danny but her stubborn side came out along with her determination.


She bit down on her lower lip, and a small line of blood spilled down her chin. This bit of pain took some of the other pain away from her head for a moment and her concentration rose.

(Nearly half of the men are gone, a few thousand more, just a few thousand more and I can rest.)

Just as Asuna thought this, the next group of men rushed forward toward the blinding lights. Leaping into the gates, they all expected to vanish and teleport on the other side of the Patar desert but unfortunately, the moment they leaped into the magic circles, the golden white light was what vanished instead.

Asuna’s eyes dulled from a bright purple to a bright sapphire blue.

Blood began to leak from Asuna’s nose and Nunully quickly rushed over and to help heal her, while checking to see if she was ok. but she was shocked to find that her magic wasn’t working properly.

“Asuna are you alright?”

Asuna nodded wearily.

“Yes, just a little tired, thanks.”

Asuna than asked Danny.

“Why did you stop Danny? I could still continue on. I’ll be pissed if you say you stopped because of me.”

Danny didn’t answer Asuna right away. His silence told them all that something was wrong and all eyes focused on him.

“Damn, I didn’t take his Aura breath into consideration. How could I have made such a grave mistake?”

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