Return of the Fallen Volume 9 Chapter 74

Detra’s eyes lit up somewhat when she learned Fera’s mother could not return.

(So does that mean Fera is left unguarded…No, she still wears that black compass. Killing her would only put a target on my back. I dislike Fera but she has yet to bring me any harm or become an enemy. Still, she is Kazuki’s enemy and I need him.)

Detra really wanted to kill Fera but with eyes watching from higher realms, it would be the end of her. In the end, she had to make sure Kazuki was given the best chance when the two came to clash. In order to see that happen, she had to remove an obstacle or two. Coming here with that single purpose she told Torzz straight up.

“Do not fight Kazuki. Since Gods are observing through both compasses, it could mean something we are unaware of is happening. Not only that, I need Kazuki’s help finding your father. In the end, It’s best we let the siblings fight it out.”

Detra wasn’t sure if Kazuki could actually beat Fera but she had to let them go at it without outside help. She could not step in with God’s watching.

Both Torzz and Zetrazz gave her an odd look. Zetrazz because he wanted his brother and Kazuki to trade blows. That was the only way he could get a sense of Kazuki’s true strength. If Zetrazz engaged Kazuki to test his strength first hand, that would only allow his brother and Fera to finish her plan. That was something Zetrazz was in no mood for. He only held up his brother to buy Kazuki time. Because he could not kill his brother, he was planning to make Kazuki and Torzz come to blows. NOt only would Zetrazz understand Kazuki’s powers better but that would allow him to personally take care of Fera.

It was her fault his rival was dead and Zetrazz would not be satisfied until he ended her. Nw though things were becoming complicated. A god was personally watching Fera through her compass. If he made a move against her, it could lead to other Gods descending into this lower realm.

(If I kill the vixen Gods would come down here. If they do, their bodies and powers should be restricted but there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to handle them. Fera’s mother could contend with my own mother and I probably still cannot defeat her. Damn! How frustrating. My brother will listen to my mother and now I won’t see Kazuki’s ability and I also can’t destroy Fera without disastrous consequences.)

Zetrazz was fumming inside. Learning a God was watching Fera, even if her mother couldn’t interfere that wouldn’t stop whoever else is connected to her. This, therefore, stole his chance at revenge. A Titan such as he, living for eons being able to do nearly everything he wished with so few restrictions. It was almost like the planet itself belonged to him, yet now, there was a single creature who he absolutely hated, and yet he was not allowed to kill it, to kill her. A being that could destroy the world, a being like him who saw humans as insects shortly before and now he could not kill one of these measly humans in fear his own life would be in danger.

(Vexing…Undeniably vexing.)


As his thoughts led him to a frustrated and gloomy state, to his utter surprise, his brother adamantly refused his mother’s request.

“You what?”

“Mother, you heard me. Kazuki is strong so what? There are gods watching this all play out, Fuck them! As long as I stay here and them there, they can do nothing to me. Even if they come down here, they will be weakened. I will destroy their fake bodies and send them back from whence they came again and again and again if I have to. Not only will I not cower but now I will personally seek Kazuki out and destroy him once and for all. He has been a pain in Fera’s side this entire time and now that he’s reached the Convergence stage, he has become a threat to both our goals. A god is watching, do you think that matters mother? All this time isn’t that all they have done is watch. If they cared, would they have not helped or protected Kazuki long ago? He has no one in the higher realms and once I kill him, he will be no one. As for father, that bastard abandoned us long ago. Do you really believe he would come back even if he was found? Mother, how can you be so naive?”

Detra froze after hearing this. She couldn’t believe her son had said this to her. Even when Torzz had called her a whore, all the previous disappointment she’s felt, all the betrayal. None of it hurt as much as this. She believed her husband was out there, somewhere. At the same time, something, tiny, something fractionally in the bottom of her heart told her the opposite but that little something was so small, so insignificant that she could ignore it. Her son’s words though brought this tiny feeling, tiny thought blazing ahead to the forefront and it was something she could not deal with right now.

It was like she was hit by a falling mountain at this moment and she became numb.

Her voice grew weak as she spoke.

“Mayne your right, maybe I am naive. All that I’ve done, all I’ve given, it’s all been for my family. I do everything I can because I love you both but it seems no matter what it’s not enough. Even when I warn you that you are going to make a disastrous mistake, you slap me in the face and I for the most part over all of these countless years have simply turned the other cheek.”

Detra became silent and Torzz and Zetrazz just stared at her awkwardly. Neither one of them were very loving or empathetic in the first place so neither one of them knew what to say or do at this moment.

It felt like something was cut inside Detra’s heart and she looked at her two sons coldly.

“I have done all that I can and I have warned you. Zetrazz you as well, I know how your mind works. You may have been on Kazuki’s side up until now but that was clearly for entertainment. I won’t say much but I’ll tell you the same thing I told your brother just now. Do not fight Kazuki and I need him.”

After that, Detra vanished without a trace. Her voice lingered on the wind.

“If you come to death’s door ahead of me, do not ask mother to save you. At that point, it will be too late. Goodbye.”

Zetrazz had never seen his mother like this. Not only that the warning on top of her cryptic last words set alarms off in Zetrazz’s mind.

(Don’t ask her to save me because it will be too late. Mother who can control time and space specifically mentioned it would be too late. She’s serious. This warning and the fact that she said she needs Kazuki, does this mean she will make a move if he’s in danger…No, not just any danger. She already told us about the Gods watching and we know what would happen if Gods start descending into this realm. She won’t make a move as long as it’s just a fight between Fera and Kazuki. If brother or I go against Kazuki though…She’s warning us not to touch him otherwise we’ll be dealing with her. Would mother do that…Would she actually attack us…Would she…Kill us?)

Zetrazz wished to wipe this thought from his head. To him this was an impossibility, no way would his mother do such a thing but the more he thought about it, the more unnatural and out of place, everything seemed.

(Mother has been obsessed with father. After he abandoned us, her obsession became even more so. Such to the point that my brother and I were neglected in some ways. There’s no doubt that she loves us but I think it’s safe to say she loves father more. What would she do in order to find him, to be with him again? She has already proved her love and obsession with the fact she guards this planet beyond normal. Always calling it fathers legacy. Going so far as to stay here and watch over it just in case father came back. If Kazuki is her only chance to find father, and Torzz is attempting to block that path…)

Zetrazz’s eyes became wide and he felt a chill inside. Given his mother’s unnatural state and her very clear warning combined with her obsession, Zetrazz understood how serious she was. He looked over at his brother to see if he understood but expectedly, even now, his brother was ignorant and still cursing under his breath at Detra.

(Brother if you fight Kazuki mother will end you…and you can’t see that, hehehe. Good.)

Zetrazz’s expression became even darker with glee at the thoughts of his brother’s death.

(I could tell him but where in the 7 realms of hell is the fun in that. Brother…you will not be missed.)

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