Return of the Fallen Volume 9 Chapter 91


Kazuki cut his power in the outside world and used it inside his soul world instead. With this, he shut his eyes and focused his all inside.

The very moment he stopped the flow of magic outside, the gravity weighing him down, along with the blazing flames keeping him flying, vanished right there and then. No longer flying forward, the pull of the black hole behind him dragged him backward at an incredible speed.

Kazuki’s entire body went limp as his mind concentrated on the inside.
Zetrazz was still mid-fight with his brother but he was still paying attention to Kazuki. When he saw Kazuki flying away like a rag doll, a sense of panic set in. If Fera really did become a Demigod, Zetrazz who was her enemy of course would be near the top of the list of those to be destroyed.

Earlier, Zetrazz wasn’t as worried because in the back of his mind he had his mother Detra who would save him. She may not be able to stand against a Demigod but Detra could at least protect Zetrazz as well as her own life in a lower realm. Now though things were different. Detra had seemingly given up on her sons and the world itself. She put her faith in Kazuki but at the same time, even now, she would not interfere. This all meant that Zetrazz had no safety net to fall back on.

If Kazuki died, it basically meant his death. He couldn’t beat Fera, not alone. He needed Kazuki, that much was obvious now.

Seeing Kazuki fly away, Zetrazz became desperate as he fought Torzz. His eyes glowed with dark light. The ground began to tremble more and more before it burst open all over the place. Pillars of dark energy burst through the surface and rose high into the air like broken geysers.

These pillars of darkness contained Zetrazz’s aura breath and they all changed direction and began to fly from across the entire battlefield, all aiming for Torzz and the still unconscious Fera he carried.

(I have to kill Fera before it’s too late!)

The surrounding gravity threw most of the pillars off and sent them careening in every direction before they were dragged toward the black hole. Some of these pillars though flowed with Zetrazz’s aura and came rushing toward Torzz like a river of death.

Torzz for the first time could sense danger in his brother’s attack and alarms echoed in his head. His power climbed as he opened his mouth and roared.


The air shook and ripped as a beam of pure white was fired from his mouth. The beam was created from dense fire. Torzz had used gravity to coat the flames from his mouth, causing the power and temperature to rise to such a degree that everything in his surroundings began to vaporize. Torzz had to spare some power to protect Fera from his own power.

This beam of white flames raced across the sky while a dozen of Zetrazz’s dark pillars spirale4d like tornadoes and came racing forward just as fast if not faster.

The moment the two powers impacted, the sound of an explosion did not ring out as expected. Instead, Zetrazz’s dark power and aura breath engulfed the beam of fire. One power covered the other and one would think that meant the fight was over but how could things be settled so easily.

The dense beam of fire was being suppressed by aura breath and degraded on all sides by the darkness itself but the fire within this cage burned hotter and brighter than Zetrazz could ever comprehend. The fire that was being degraded countered with its high temperature and dense nature caused it to explode within the darkness.

The darkness as well was now falling apart as these two chaotic energies battled it out for supremacy. Within a fraction of a second, millions of explosions erupted within as a chain reaction was unleashed. At the apex of these explosions, something between the two energies gave and everything came to a single point and this power on both sides, imploded.

Within the center of the power, the element of darkness, the power of aura, the element of gordonia, and the element of fire all collapsed in on one another, and space once more was torn asunder. With Fera out cold, her domain of space was no more. Because of this, the tear was transformed and before everyone’s eyes, a new black hole had formed.

Both Zetrazz and Torzz were shocked. They knew Fera was out but there was one more who should have prevented this black hole from forming. Their mother was the one who would normally deal with such singularities but she was nowhere to be found. This black hole forming just confirmed dit once again that Detra was an observer and an observer alone in all of this.

The two could not be shocked for too long as they both felt an immediate pull on their bodies. Since they were much closer to this black hole than they were the other one, they were being pulled toward its center. The two could no longer focus on the other and swiftly made their escape.

This new black hole quickly showed the two they had made a grave mistake. With their mother nowhere nearby or rather without her caring, the black hole would only grow and the danger along with it. The problem was even worse for Zetrazz or rather Kazuki. A new black hole formed on the opposite side of him and one would think this would slow his fall into the other but this was in fact not the case.

The new one was being pulled into the first and something strange happened along with it. It seemed as if the new one was fueling the first one as the first one was now growing faster and faster. This all happened in a fraction of a second and Kazuki was completely unaware of all of this.

Zetrazz and Torzz started to panic. Zetrazz couldn’t lose Kazuki, not here and Torzz could not lose the world.

If the black holes continued to exist, both would end up losers in this scenario.

The two nearly at the same time called out in the world.


The two exchanged a look but neither cared for face at this moment. Instead, they tried to sense their mother’s presence but because of the chaotic flow of energy, they could barely feel or sense ten miles away.


No response, no answer, not even a single sound. Detra gave them nothing.

“Mother, this is no time to act this way. Put a stop to this before it’s too late. Even if you don’t care for the world as you used to if this continues Kazuki dies. Didn’t you need him?”

Zetrazz’s tone was a little off in the way he asked but the message was clear and if Detra didn’t step in, the consequences would be dire.

Again no response. This time it was Torzz who did not ask but instead demanded.

“DETRA, you think you can play games with us. You better do your job and fix this otherwise…”

Torzz hesitated near the end. Even now, even knowing he wanted to end his mother, after her warning he was not willing to just straight up threaten her and left his words lingering in the air.


A moment before this all happened, Kazuki had entered his soul world. He fed a little more of his magic to the spinning void within his soul world, allowing his soul to grow even more. Unaware completely of what was taking place in the outside world, his mind was sharpened and he concentrated with everything he had.


He felt his soul twitch slightly and he once again commanded.


His soul began to wiggle like a worm as it started to respond. It was as if his soul was a boat and this boat was stuck in shallow waters with no wind. With the black holes in the outside world, nearly all of the magical energy around Kazuki was being sucked into them. His Mage core which could take in an ocean worth of magical energy, right now, could only find strands of magic in his surroundings.

Still, the moment these tiny strings of magic entered his Mage core, he immediately directed it to the spinning void and his soul grew by a tiny bit more.

(More energy, I need more!)

Kazuki basically screamed this inside but he was completely out of magic and he was getting less and less from the outside world.

Kazuki’s guided his ki into his soul world and allowed it to be devoured as well until he had no more. His soul grew by a fraction but it was starting to slowly move as if it was waking up. Still, it wasn’t enough. He needed more, just a little more and he could control his soul and break the seal from the inside out.

(Where can I get more energy. There has to be something, anything!)

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