Chapter 105: Northern Disturbance ⑪ Wall of Water




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The morning sun rises. My crotch has become totally light. In the battle last night, my balls felt so heavy that it became an obstacle, but I have released everything now.

「Please excuse my rudeness, Aegir-sama! The interrogation of the prisoner is……」

As Celia enters the tent, she takes two deep breaths to calm her heart. She’s become a grown-up now.

「I expected this to happen, but this is horrible.」

「Doesn’t she look happy?」

「It looks like she’s become unable to understand anything.」

「Hahhih……fuck me……big……thick……pregnant……impregnate……」

Myla is lying face down on the bed with her butt raised. She shouldn’t be conscious but she’s swinging her ass.

「Aegir-sama is matchless beyond common sense so please hold back a little. You don’t have to release so much that puddles are made.……」

Fumu, I shot so much into her womb because she really liked it.

「Did she use the medicine?」

「No, it looks like she didn’t.」

Celia shakes her head.

「I guess there will be more children.」

I don’t know if it will be that easy, but if it does happen, I’ll look after it properly. After all, Myla is already my woman.

When I rub the swaying ass, seed leaked out with a kind of nasty sound in response.

After that, we started our march after I embrace Celia and Leah. There is no longer anything that stands in the way of our destination, the city of Barrela.

One week later, Yurest Alliance Representative City, Barrela, Council

「Then, we’ll start the conference to discuss the ceasefire.」


When I glare at the speaker, the man hunches his back and sits in his chair.

「Didn’t you want fair and equal negotiations?」

Helgen, the corps commander, lets out an astounded voice.

「U-ultimately, this is a negotiation for the sake of peace……」

After advancing to Barrela, we started to prepare for a siege battle, but the gates were thrown open and a messenger came running to us. I went along because I regarded their desire to talk things out in a conference as them surrendering. So when I heard the words ‘ceasefire’ after getting to this point, I don’t know if he’s brave or just plain stupid. Based on what I heard from Myla, it should be the latter.

「We have unanimously decided to sever our ties with Magrado. From here on, we will form an alliance with Goldonia and fight together with them. A request from Magrado to form a united front has been sent to us, but all of that……」

I don’t have to finish listening to this foolish reasoning.

「I don’t want you to misunderstand. We can take everything you’re offering to us by ourselves. On the contrary, the condition to end this war is for you to offer everything that we want.」

「S-so, what will you guarantee us?」

I reply with an expressionless face.

「Besides your lives and safety, we can’t guarantee anything else.」

If they are going to resist, I don’t mind. Now that the Alliance army has been eliminated, the remaining scattered forces of the various feudal lords outside of Barrela are limited. I just have to systematically burn all of their cities down.

「You tyrant!!」

「How insolent of you after you broke the treaty in the first place!」

「To be precise, if you and your family move to Goldonia, I can guarantee that you will live without worrying about food.」

Leopolt chips in his own two cents. I guess the messenger from the King did say something like that.

The feudal lords get loud and start making a fuss, but one of them raises his hand.

「If I may ask, Lord Hardlett is a Goldonian Viscount……is that right? From the beginning, I have many relatives here in Goldonia. Even now, I have a certain marquess acting as cabinet minister, and may act as our ally.」

Even though he says ‘certain’, I don’t remember the names of any ministers. To begin with, is that certain minister going to help here? That’s why I don’t like negotiations. It’s especially the worst when it comes down to relying on others and using blood relations or personal connections.

「This negotiation is from the king……」

Helgen, who wanted to object, had no more words to say and just keeps quiet. I instruct all the guards of the escort unit and all the closed windows of the conference room swing open.

「Wh-what is……」

「This is……」

Taking the open windows as a signal, a steady sound starts to resound and shake the assembly hall. That sound comes from the footsteps and hooves of the continuously marching soldiers around the hall. It’s a sound that could drown out anybody’s voice, and with one word from me, it wouldn’t take 30 minutes for Barrela to sink in a hellfire.

I move to the back as I watch the representative feudal lords sitting at the roundtable. Then I hit the table with all my might……it dented, sorry.

「An unconditional surrender, yes or no?」

Nobody dared to open their mouths.

And thus the Yurest Alliance surrendered unconditionally and is successfully annexed. Their scheduled disarming and the governing of occupation will be left to the parliamentary official coming from Goldonia and the third division corps while me and my private army will head down south.

Two Weeks Later

「So busy, going south, then going north……」

「It’s inevitable. I heard his Majesty is personally commanding soldiers for this strategy.」

Exactly as Celia says, we are heading towards the city of Altoberg right now, which is a port city in Goldonia that is flourishing as the base for foreign trade with the Federation. The king has left the capital and has already entered the city with his imperial guards.

「It goes without saying that the target of the attack is Magrado.」

Naturally, the Magrado Dukedom is located on the opposite shore of Altoberg. Because it is separated by the river, I can’t think of any other reason to gather soldiers at the port city besides the necessity of a landing strategy.

「But I hear that Magrado has a navy. Does our nation have something like that?」

These last several decades, there has been no other nation besides Arkland who has picked fights with other nations, excluding small skirmishes. Magrado, on the other side of the river, maintains a considerable navy for that threat.

On the other hand, Goldonia didn’t compete with military strength so didn’t maintain a decent navy beyond exterminating robbers. Since foreign trade through the river is prosperous, they possess many boats, but it wouldn’t be possible to load and send soldiers on unarmed civilian ships.

「I wouldn’t know until it happened but ……the King isn’t that foolish. I’m sure he has some sort of plan.」

「You’re right……by the way, this is regarding Leah, who is riding with you.」

「What is it?」

I’m conversing with Celia, who’s riding beside me on horseback, while Leah rides in front of me.

「Her hips are hovering strangely, aren’t they?」

「Well, I guess so.」

「She’s purposely covering herself with a cloak so her lower body can’t be seen, right?」

「Isn’t it stylish?」

「Isn’t the shaking too excessive from just riding a horse?」

「Is that so?」

「Her face is flushed and she’s suppressing her own voice.」

「That might be true.」

「……you’re inside, aren’t you?」

「Don’t say it so loud.」


Leah bites down on her own finger as she throws her head back. The sound of my ejaculation should blend in with the sounds of marching and shouldn’t be heard by those around us.

「……I’m riding there next.」

「Sure, come.」

「Pipi too!」

The march continues enjoyably.

The King personally comes to greet us after we arrived in Altoberg.

「Lord Hardlett, I was getting tired of waiting! Your accomplishments this time around are definitely unmatched!! I knew you were the greatest warrior, but to think you were this capable of leading troops, I don’t know whether to praise my eyes or not.」

The King runs down his throne, set up temporarily in the mansion of the feudal lord, and grabs my hand.

「There are still enemies remaining so I can’t say anything specific, but I can promise to grant you a larger reward than anybody.」

That really helps. I’ve really used up my war funds so Adolph is probably crawling around right now.

「A landing operation in Magrado……is that the last task?」

The King releases my hand and gazes at the river.

「Umu, Stura is also our enemy and that country has mercenaries as their main force, but they won’t be able to gather mercenaries to fight against our country.」

Mercenaries aren’t idiots either. And the number of eccentric people who would join a side showing such strong signs of defeat can be counted on one hand.

「I have received letters from the Stura government saying they want to remain neutral too. In actuality, the only enemy is Magrado but……they have already been dealt a blow and we have the superior numbers, so once we land on their side, our victory is all but confirmed!」

There are already countless ships moored at the port and the central army soldiers, who have finished suppressing Treia, are boarding one after the other. It was an overwhelming scene.

「I hear the enemy has a powerful navy. Are you going unarmed?」

The King grins broadly and slaps my shoulder.

「Hahaha, I may not be as skilled as you as a general, but I am not that much of a fool. Magrado’s navy is nothing!」

30 large ships are moored at the end of where the King is pointing. With a long, narrow shape, and numerous paddles sticking out from the side, the boats are entirely different from civilian ships. There are also sails, so they can rely on the wind to cruise along. Most of all, there are catapults and ballistae and other such weapons mounted on the decks.

「They’re battleships purchased from the Federation! Once these arrived, there is no longer anything to fear from Magrado’s navy!」

「This is quite……」

I’m a total amateur regarding navy, but they seem strong. If he has these ships, he might be able to rout Magrado’s navy.

「I will be putting these ships in front and using them tomorrow to cross the river too. I believe the soldiers are tired today, but what do you think about decorating your accomplishments with another shiny award by taking the lead against Magrado?」

After coming this far, I have no reason to refuse the King’s request. I was about to give my consent, but someone cuts in.

「Please wait, your Majesty!」

The one who raised his voice is one of the traditional nobles, who is participating as part of the lord’s army.

「Viscount Hardlett’s army has already been in many battles. In comparison, our army has only been a part of the fortress battle……me and my troops also have a burning desire for an opportunity to perform. I will definitely use that fighting spirit and increase my achievements for you!!」

That reminds me, these guys only attacked the fortress and not the occupied former Arkland territory abandoned by Treia. It’s hard to say that the fortress was brought down from a frontal attack, so I wonder if he has something in mind.

「……nuuu, I am also planning to follow the advance-guard after they land and cross the river……」

No matter how many transport ships Goldonia has, they can’t carry 50 000 or 60 000 altogether. Considering that the Central Army corps have already boarded, the only space left is a few thousand, and if I’m going to go, I was thinking of having the bow cavalry board with me.

When I was considering whether I need to compete over this, my stomach started to hurt. Oh yeah, the shellfish I got from the village near the sea and along the river smelled weird. I ate it without paying much attention but I might have upset my stomach a little. If I have to depart tomorrow, I’ll have to get various things ready and it would be hard to hold in diarrhea.

「Your Majesty, my army has fought enough battles. I believe it is best to concede the position of advance-guard.」

It wouldn’t really matter if I went first or not. Most soldiers don’t want to die, so the only ones who are so eager to cut in line are only the upper class.

The faces of the nobles light up with joy, while the King has a slightly disinterested look.

「I see……then I have nothing to say. So I will leave the advance-guard to you, Count Band, Aurdorien…………」

It’s unavoidable. I can’t just spill out my feelings in front of everyone like Celia would after all.

The Next Day

Several hundred ships depart altogether for the opposite shore in front of us while we slowly make preparations as the rear-guard. Judging by the current of the river, they are advancing at a slight diagonal direction, so it’s a considerable distance, but it shouldn’t take them more than two hours to reach land.

We have taken a spot on a hill in the city to watch the military operation in fascination.

「It’s my first time watching naval battle. I’m so excited.」

「Same here.」

「Me too!! I’m sure it’ll be very impressive!!」

Celia and Irijina’s eyes are sparkling. By the way, Pipi and Luna are overwhelmed from seeing a river for the first time in their lives and are still in a daze. As expected, I can’t bring Myla out with me so I left her in a room in a private residence I rented. Leah isn’t really interested in war, and only interested in getting spoiled by me, so she isn’t looking at the river.

「Aegir-sama! It’s starting!!」

「Is it about time?」

Magrado’s battleships are coming out from the targeted destination, the opposite shore. It’s somewhat far in the distance so I can’t see clearly, but their ships seem much smaller than the ones we have, although there are lots of them.

「There are four pieces of cloth……and there are eight on our side.」

「There are 20 soldiers riding on each of them!」

It seems Luna and Pipi can see them very distinctly. What amazing eyesight.

「Our side is firing first.」

Balls of fire are flying consecutively from our ships. They’re probably using catapults to fling burning rocks. Most of them fall into the river, but one ship was hit and goes up in flames for a brief moment before sinking.

As they bring the distance closer, they must have started to fire their ballistae, since the number of enemy ships on fire is increasing. The enemy should also be returning fire, but it doesn’t look like there is much effect.

「This is……over, isn’t it.」

「Did we get them!?」

It’s a one-sided development no matter how you look at it, and even Celia and Irijina are certain of their victory.

But the situation gradually starts to change. The enemy ships change direction as if defying the river’s current and makes a beeline towards the transport ships at the back.

「They’re going to attack them even though those are only transport ships?」

Well, I’m just a total amateur. When it comes to naval battles, I can only watch and make a fuss about who looks to be winning or losing.

Almost as if saying ‘they won’t let them through’, the battleships on our side turn their rudders, causing the enemy ships to change course at the same time, as both sides head towards each other, closing the distance instantly. Our ally ships start firing their catapults and ballistae, but the enemy movements are quicker, going from upstream to downstream, contrasting with our allies, who are opposing the current and moving quite sluggishly.

Passing each other, the enemy ships throw various burning objects repeatedly, probably pots of oil, directly at the ships on our side. In the blink of an eye, close to ten ally battleships burst into flame.

「They got us!?」

「But if they push through, it will be our turn to go downstream next. Wouldn’t the state of battle be flipped again?」

However, unlike what Celia said, the enemy changes their course before passing by completely, and runs parallel to our ally ships while still sticking close to them. When I look carefully, the ally ships stagger when they expose the side of their ships to the current, while the enemy is able to move swiftly without a hitch.

「It’s the size, isn’t it.」

Leopolt was here!?

「Our ally ships are affected largely by the current and not able to make tight turns easily. The Federation’s battleships assume that we will be fighting in a wide river ……going downstream with a gentle current. This river is too narrow and too quick.」

The enemy clashes fiercely with our ally ships in this packed state. According to Pipi, they are also boarding the ships and fighting each other.

As the chaos continues, a portion of the enemy goes around the battlefield and gets upstream. Then, they use their paddles and work with the current to start increasing their speed.

「They’re intending to charge!?」

「Rushing in with naval rams[1. Nat: a beak like installment on ships driven into other ships’ hulls]!!」

The enemy is charging one after the other, aiming at the side of our ally ships, who are unable to move their rudders the way they want because of the close-quarter battle. The battleships, hit on the side with an accelerated charge, keel over one by one and sinks. The other ships are hurling fire at them too, so it isn’t a situation where they could put up a decent fight.

「I guess this is it.」

「Yes, it is our defeat. We’ll have to hurry and unload the soldiers who boarded the ships or else……it looks like we’re too late.」

The enemy fleet, who neutralized our battleships, heads straight for the transport ships overseeing everything from the back. Even if they wanted to hurry and escape, the several hundred tightly packed transport ships are slow and unable to make any quick movements. Preparing to be attacked with fire, the soldiers scoop water from a tub.

The enemy doesn’t attack with all their ships, but approaches the ally transport ships with only several ships.

「What is that? Why don’t they attack altogether?」

「……naval warfare is also outside my area of expertise so I’m not quite sure.」

But the answer would soon reveal itself. The ships are rowing their paddles furiously, but is then enveloped in an inferno. They must have spread oil on themselves and set it on fire. The crew jumps into the river and the flaming, unmanned boat charges into the ally fleet.

They were prepared for attacks like oil pots, but something like entire ships being set on fire and ramming into them was outside everyone’s expectations. The boats that were hit instantly caught on fire and even start to spread to the nearby ships.

Because there is nowhere to run on a river, the soldiers are all jumping out from the burning fleet. Some soldiers, who were still wearing armor, get chased by fire inside the ships and jump off too, but naturally they don’t come back up again.

The enemy, confirming that the fleet is in a state of panic, approaches while keeping enough distance to not let the fire spread, and fires flaming arrows. The transport fleet, that were turned into burning torches, welcomed the night by continuing to burn endlessly and illuminating the town with an eerie glow.

Only five of the thirty large-sized battleships of the King’s sponsored fleet remain as they disappear far off on the river, only a little over 2000 soldiers stayed alive and are able to step on the ground out of the total 20 000.

Goldonia, having lost their method of crossing the river, lost their method to attack Magrado, and the King’s ambition, of wanting to rule over the entirety of the northern central plains, is blocked by a wall of water even more impenetrable than those of the Majino fortress.

Looking at the bigger picture, this final result left a bitter aftertaste to the overwhelming victory attained in the war.

「But that was a close call. If we departed on the earlier voyage, we would be the ones dead by now.」

None of the nobles who took my place came back. I want to thank my diarrhea.

「Diarrhea……is it……? Uuuuu.」

It seems Celia is getting traumatized just thinking about it.

「Y-yeah! If master wants……I can do it! For my beloved master, getting dirty is nothing to me!」

What is Leah saying? It’s probably something in another unknown realm.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime (end)

Subordinate Units

Private Army: 9400
Infantry: 2000, Cavalry: 1200, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5300

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot), Leah (Night Attendant), Myla (prisoner of sex)

Current Location: ——

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed, Fell the Majino Fortress (Joint), Repelled the Yurest Alliance Army, Yurest’s Unconditional Surrender




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