Chapter 128: Patrol




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The army forms orderly ranks as they head south. The objective of our patrol this time is to inspect the former feudal lords of Treia who are acting as the governors of my new territory and make changes to personnel. The reason the army is coming along is to make known the new ruler, as well as to intimidate the former feudal lords so they don’t start hatching any strange ideas. Thus, the only areas we will be making our rounds is the new territory.

「First, we will advance to the southeast and enter the city of Rigol. This city is……」

「It is a small city with a population of about 500 people, where some Viscount used to rule over the surrounding area.」

I interrupt Leopolt mid-sentence. Bandits used an area close to this city as a base to commit wrongdoings. It would be nice if I don’t see anyone I know, but it was back when I was still young, so they might not even recognize me.

「So you are aware. According to scouts, the rule of the local governor is slightly on the harsh side. His own soldiers are used to threaten the farmers, so they should not pose a threat to us at all.」

「Is that so?」

「I told them beforehand we will drop by prior to summer.」

Umu, we’re about two months too early. But I’m sure that’s on purpose.

「I don’t remember allowing such a harsh rule though.」

「This is ultimately a temporary measure, so the ruling details were left entirely to the local governors. As expected, we were short of hands to go around to all the new territory. Even an inferior rule is better than disorder after all.」

Adolph is accompanying us on this patrol as the domestic affairs official. Our end goal is not to confront them directly in battle, but to confirm their work as governors, so his abilities are needed.

Leopolt jumps in.

「Even though their titles changed from feudal lord to governor, their harsh reign hasn’t changed since before the war, in which Lord Hardlett can then appear gallantly to change the existing governor or perhaps reprimand them and improve the lives of the citizens. In this way, the people’s desire to revolt will disappear.」

As I thought, Leopolt is much more wicked than Adolph. The most warped person amongst us is undoubtedly this guy.

「Haa, I never wanted the people to suffer, but if we mess things up in a half-baked manner, their sorrow will continue for a long time. I just need them to bear with the pain for a short while.」

Adolph is unexpectedly warm-hearted despite how he appears on the surface. He would never pass any policy too cruel for the citizens unless absolutely necessary.

「I’ll punish anyone who has any strange intentions!」
「They’ll be skewered!」

Celia and Irijina are enthusiastic. It’s quite comical how the girls are the ones being the most militant. Luna and Myla are following us as well while leading their own squads.

「We have 2000 in troops, right?」

「Yes, 1000 bow cavalry, 600 infantry, and 200 each of archers and spear cavalry. There are also 100 heavily armed cavalry, who will become Lord Hardlett’s full-time escort unit. This will be the second time, won’t it.」

You could have just informed me happily without that last unnecessary part. Rafen has already become a large city with over 10 000 people living there. I can’t leave the city unguarded so I’ll leave about 500 soldiers there. Although I don’t believe there are any enemies in the vicinity.

「I can see Rigol.」

The city doesn’t have any walls and the land blends in so I can’t see much in the distance. There are fields spreading out before us nearby and gives off the feeling of a large village. It doesn’t appear to have changed much since my younger days.

「Hiiiih! An army!?」「Hide!」

The farmers doing fieldwork panic and run into the nearby woods.

「Don’t be alarmed! We are the army of the Count Hardlett, the one who rules this land! We will not harm the citizens.」

Myla and Irijina shout loudly to settle the farmers down, while about 10 horses come running from the city after they heard their voices.

「The feudal lord!? I received notice that you will be coming right before summer……」

「Things have changed. We will take care of our own food. A welcome is not needed, so don’t worry.」


He doesn’t look happy, and it seems like an endless amount of dust would come off if I pat him.

We are being guided to a comparatively extravagant mansion as opposed to the rather lonely-looking city. The first one to open their mouth was Adolph.

「Well, first thing is regarding the tax levied from the citizens.」

「The required amount of spring head tax has been prepared as instructed in the letter.」

「Right, but what I gathered from the people, there is actually an extra portion levied.」

「Th-that is for the fees for the highway and the cultivation of the farmland and also the construction fees!」

「Then, please inform me about the additional farmland and highway. I will confirm it immediately.」

Adolph ostentatiously takes out a thick stack of paper. When did he prepare something like this, with all the details of the region’s roads and farmlands recorded on those documents. He’ll know right away if there has been any new highways or farmlands constructed if he compares with his papers.


Seeing as how he’s clamming up, it means he’s lying. He’ll probably lose a large majority of the interior decorations inside the mansion.

「The number of citizens entrusted to you is 2000, with around 5 silver per head, making the total tax 1000 silver short.」

「That was a mistake!! Count Hardlett, please have mercy!!」

The former Viscount of Treia……who is now a mere local governor, is looking to me with a pale face.

「Fumu, that’s enough with the numbers.」

I interrupt Adolph.

「I’m a virtuous person, so I’ll believe what you’re saying. It must be some sort of mistake.」

A broad smile appears on the temporary governor’s face.

「I’m sorry, it was a mistake on my part to appoint someone who can’t calculate like you as the governor. Looking at the current state of affairs, you will be relieved of your duties. From now on, you can live a peaceful life without having to think about numbers.」

The face of the governor once again turns pale.

「That is-! 」

「Did you not hear the order? This mansion is given only to the governor. Promptly vacate the premises, I don’t care if you want to rent a house or plow the field or do as you like.」

Leopolt blocks the governor from clinging onto me and informs him coldly, then we leave. There are many places we have to go around to, so I want to finish things quickly and return to Rafen before Mel gives birth.

「Kuh ……how dare he, that invader……our land……」

The temporary governor gives a sharp look at the two guard knights standing by the entrance. Those two have probably served from generation to generation, as they place their hands on their swords. I pause and stand in place before glaring back at them.

「I believe it’s better for you to stop now.」

I’m holding the Dual Crater in my hand. If they’re going to attack me, they will only get cut down.


They must know about the rumors surrounding me. The knights stop just before they grip the handle of their swords.

The former governor did not say a word, but his eyes are desperately pleading the knights. He probably intended to feign innocence like he usually does when his knights kill someone.

Knights are tough men, so they won’t just sacrifice themselves for a fool who can’t read the atmosphere. I give a signal to Leopolt.

「A new governor will come soon. Experienced soldiers will need to be appointed as that person’s guards as well. If their loyalty is proven, a suitable amount of remuneration will be promised.」

At the same time Leopolt spoke, the knights returned to stand at attention. They have families they must support as well. If they can guarantee their own lifestyles, why would the jump head-first into a disadvantageous fight.

I turn my back to the governor, who hangs his head, and leave the mansion.

「Won’t they revolt?」

「Unlikely. They clearly understand just by looking at our forces they’ll get massacred if they revolt, and after indicating a path for the knights and soldiers to be appointed, the only ones who will be making a fuss are the governor and his family. This will also suppress any others.」

Leopolt answers Celia’s query.

「Then I will go and announce to the citizens about the substitution of the governor and the order to reduce head tax.」

Even if the former feudal lord makes a fuss, if the knights or citizens don’t follow him, it will be nothing more than a child’s tantrum. Ignoring the benefits, he doesn’t even appear to be a person who you would want to obey. I’m moving on to the next place without worrying about what will happen with him.

「Um, is it true that the tax is getting lighter?」
「Is the offering to the governor-sama not necessary?」

In just a single day, the rumors have spread throughout the city and to the surrounding villages, and as we march the next day, rather than running away, the citizens approach the soldiers. But the privates won’t know even if you ask them.

「It’s true. Starting from next year, the tax will be lighter by 5 silver. Things like passing fees or offerings are absolutely unnecessary.」

I’ll answer on behalf of the soldier, who is making a confused face.

「Ooh……our lives will become much easier.」
「We were prepared to offer girls to the previous governor at any time……」

He went as far as requesting girls as well? If I knew that, I would have chased him out more harshly.

As I enjoy how the atmosphere changes to that of a welcome reception, a single young girl jogs to catch up to the large Schwartz, then hands me a flower. Fumu, she’s a beauty.

「Thanks. I appreciate it.」

The girl smiles brightly. She seems like a cheerful and lively kid.

「Sorry, but how old are you?」

「I’ll be 17 this year! The new feudal lord-sama is quite the manly person!」

Alright, I can do it.

「All units, take a short break.」

「……We’ve only been walking for about an hour though.」

「Let’s take lunch earlier than usual. Our legs will work better if our stomachs are full.」

I evade Celia’s persistent gazes and give a sidelong glance to the soldiers who are making skeptical faces and asking ‘already’ before taking the girl’s hand. Let’s talk in the bush over there.

After an hour, I cover the naked, drooling girl with clothes and kiss her. I ended up taking her virginity, but if I’ll be in trouble if I don’t go now.

「Feudal lord-sama……so wonderful……don’t leavee……」

「You were great too. When I have the chance, I’ll embrace you again, so become a good woman.」

「I will……I’ll become a good woman for the feudal lord-sama’s sake……」

I gently envelope the wavering extended arm of the girl before sucking strongly on the nape of her neck. I’ll at least leave my mark on her. Ah, I forgot to use the contraceptive. She’s 17 though, so she should be able to bear children normally, which is fine I guess.

「「How was the virgin?」」

Celia seems to have told Myla. Two piercing gazes are directed at me in front of the bush.

「It was tight. She was clenching real hard on me.」

「Stealing someone’s virginity so casually is something only a lowlife would do!」

Myla is so uptight.

「She was happy, so it should be fine, right?」

「Uu……of course any woman would moan if Aegir-sama is with them!」

I pat Celia’s head as she said something so pleasing. I was thinking of messing up her hair, but she’s tied it up, perhaps because we’re in the middle of marching. I’ll mess it up real bad tonight in bed though.

「Hardlett-dono! Pet me too!!」

Irijina, who has finished eating easily more than two portions of lunch, brings her head close to me. You’re big, so crouch down a little more.

「Chief, could I have some affection as well?」

Alright, alright, I’ll pat Luna too.


Myla silently draws her head close to me. She’s a surprisingly cute woman.

Several days pass after that as we go around to check the situation of the territory where a former feudal lord is acting as the governor for the city and villages. Many of the places we stop at are ruled in a similar manner where the governors act the same when they were feudal lords, taking more tax than I requested for and keeping it for themselves, and wielding their authority as they please.

50% of them were instantly replaced due to their tax evasion, embezzlement and high-handedness towards the citizens – in other words, they’re completely out of the question as governors. 30% of them had difficulty being loyal, and although no evidence of injustice was found, they were the type to move in the wrong direction if they saw an opening, thus a reason was given to have them replaced. Only 20% of the governors were allowed to continue their duties.

「It will be hard to choose people to replace so many governors.」

「At least we have somewhat of a goal……but there might not be enough people.」

Having to replace 80% is outside our expectations. Adolph holds his head in frustration.

Governors will be enacting their rule over distant lands and have some form of independence, so they must be somewhat skilled in domestic affairs and maintenance of public order. Rafen is actually being ruled over by Adolph alone, so it isn’t an easy task to pick out a large number of promising personnel.

「I’ll leave it to you.」

I’ll hand over the additional personnel selection to Adolph.

「If I collapse, all my work will go to Hardlett-sama, you know?」

Let’s help think a little then.

It happened on the way to our next destination as we pass a mid-sized village.

「Ooh! An army! The feudal lord has led them here!!」
「Hurray! Now our daughters can be saved!!」

The farmers seem to be making a fuss over something. It’s rare for them not to be afraid at the sudden appearance of an army, so let’s hear them out. I call out to a smelly-looking middle-aged man, who is raising both arms in joy.

「I don’t know what’s going on. Explain yourselves.」

The men instantly slump their shoulders.

「S-so it’s not as we thought……」
「As expected, there’s no way the feudal lord would listen to us.」

「I’ll decide right now whether to listen or not, so tell me.」

According to the men’s story, a large group of bandits settled in the nearby forest amongst the confusion after the war.

They would steal crops and women and the men, feeling perplexed, have asked the governor for help countless times. After their crying and pleading, eventually a subjugation unit of about 20 men were dispatched, but the gang of bandits had double the forces, causing the subjugation squad to be driven off instead.

The governor put the blame of loss on the villagers and even increased the tax, so the farmers gave up trying to appeal to the governor, cornered into leaving the land or joining up with the bandits.

「Fumu, fumu.」

Adolph, who is beside me, listens on as he makes note of what is being said. That memo will probably be fatally damaging to the governor.

「If 20 soldiers were wiped out, that means there are 40 or 50 of them.」

The governor’s soldiers are inadequate as well, so twice the number of bandits is more than enough to defeat them. Since those bandits are attacking villages around this area, there can’t be more than 100 of them.

「The troops will feel bored if we just march too. Why don’t I let them see a little blood.」

50 bandits won’t put up much of a fight. It’ll be something like recreation for the army. That’s right, I’m just checking things out.

「Have there been any casualties suffered as a result of the bandits’ attacks……in particular, those of women?」

「Yes……when Rugg’s daughter resisted as she was being raped, she got stabbed in the stomach with a sword……」
「My cousin’s daughter also got strangled, dammit!」

Alright, I understand very well.

「Inform the entire army. This is an exercise of sorts, but you’ll die if you get cut, so stay alert.」

I continue further.

「They aren’t soldiers, but pests, so don’t show them any mercy. Be careful not to kill the people they abducted while you exterminate the pests. There won’t be any surrendering, since insects don’t put up white flags.」


Everyone scatters off simultaneously, while Celia comes up to me holding a spear and making an incredible expression. It’s admirable of her, but it’ll tear her muscles, so I’ll do it myself.

–Third Person POV–

Bandits Hideout


A dirty man, covered in grime has a woman’s ass saddled on him as he groans. The man rocks his hips to the pleasure of climax as the woman continues to cry out. Similarly, there are men who are fucking other women around him and other men who are laughing heartily while drinking alcohol.

「Aah, that was good. Hey, don’t cry and make some food! If you stay idle, I’m gonna fuck that vacant asshole of yours too!」


When the girl puts on her tattered clothes and stands up, the door opens.

「Boss! Enemy attack!!」

Everyone becomes uneasy, cursing as they abandon their women and drinks to grab their weapons.

「Keh, so the feudal lord’s soldiers came again?!」
「The feudal lord is pretty much Goldonia’s dog, same as the governor. We’ll turn the tables on them this time as well, and take their equipment.」
「We made some nice cash last time after all!」

The bandits roar with laughter as they start preparing for battle.

The bandits knew about how the feudal lord lost power when his army got disassembled during the chaos after the war. Even if they came, their army would consist of at most 20 or 30 soldiers with an inferior leader and an inferior level of skill. There is no reason for the soldiers hired by the feudal lord in the city to risk their lives leaving that city to go around from village to village and they will run away if they face even a little bit of a disadvantage because there is no money in it.

「Wait! This time……it’s different……」

The lookout collapses on the spot after saying that. But the excited bandits did not notice the arrow piercing his back. Not having a force to subjugate them, the group of evildoers grew to about 50 strong and their numbers boosted their confidence.

「Alright, you guys! We’ll send these soldiers of the governor flying and attack a village to steal some women as revenge!」

Their morale is raised as well, as they raise their swords and axes while shouting in a barbaric fashion, and putting their rusted iron equipment on before rushing out.


They exit their hidden base and rush out of the small forest.


What unveiled in front of their eyes was not the governor’s soldiers wearing crude leather armor, but a row of cavalry and chainmail-equipped infantry.


There were no less than a thousand of them. As soon as the bandits appeared in their sight, a command was given and the charge began.


Before the bandits could run into the forest, the spear cavalry pursued them and skewered them from behind one after the other. There are some escaping bandits who abandoned their weapons and knelt down in surrender, but they were either mercilessly stabbed to death or trampled beneath the horses’ hooves.

The ones who somehow managed to reach the forest were shot in the head relentlessly by a rain of arrows. It was just a single volley, yet 1200 arrowheads continuously poured down towards the bandits, taking most if not all of their lives.

「N-no way……what’s with the number of forces?」
「That pitch black flag looks familiar! It’s the war demon Hardlett’s army!!」
「You’re kidding, he personally led an army just to come crush us?!」

There’s no longer any choice but to run. After their numbers were reduced to but a few, they turn around to find that the cavalry have already entered the forest. It’s not that thick of a forest, so the cavalry will catch up immediately.

「We can’t shake them! A woman……if I can take a woman as a hostage.」
「Boss, you think that kind of guy will listen to you?!」

「I don’t know, but there’s no other way……」

The surrounding voices stop abruptly and when the leader turns around, the two followers escaping with him lost their heads.

「So it’s safe to say you’re the boss, right?」

A man riding a horse large enough that one needs to look up to see him is pointing a large bloodstained spear at the leader.

「H-help me……」

The leader reflexively abandons his weapon and begs for his life.

「Where are the people you abducted?」

「O-over there. Save me……」

The man glances over in the direction of the place which was pointed at and moves the spearhead away.

As soon as the leader sighed, the shaft of the spear spun around and hit him in the chest, causing his supposedly muscular and heavy body to fly up and dance in the air.

–Aegir POV–

「Aegir-sama! Geez, didn’t I tell you not to gallop ahead by yourself?!」

The furious Celia comes chasing after me, with the pursuing escort unit trailing not far behind. It can’t be helped, since Schwartz’s leg speed is much faster than a normal horse. Also, there was only three of them remaining.

「Hm? Where did that boss-looking guy go?」

I was close to him and didn’t want to get bathed in blood so I hit him with the handle of my spear, but he hasn’t dropped down yet.

「Is it that?」

The man from earlier has fallen where Celia pointed to and is screaming loudly while struggling.

「No wonder he didn’t fall down.」

The man was flung up in the air and landed on the branch of a tree about three meters high. The branch pierced through his stomach, which didn’t kill him instantly, but it’s not something he can recover from.

「Well, it should be fine if we don’t let him down. Let’s go to his hideout instead.」
「Please stay by my side this time!」

Celia is staying in front of me. She probably intends to protect me. How cute.

「No way……help?」「Are we saved!?」

When I kick the door down and enter the hideout, the women all seem dumbfounded at first, but instantly come running altogether. There are five of them, and one is even a young child.

The girls come crying against my chest. I try to touch their ass, but they don’t seem aroused or seem to notice at all. I try touching their genitals next, but Celia stops me – how unfortunate.

There are other males here, who were brought here as slaves, and are moved to tears.

「This one seems to be with the bandits.」

The escort unit investigating the back of the hideout drags a man out.

「I-I was forced to come along with them!! I was told to watch over them and to kill them if they tried to run……」

I shift my gaze to the girls.

「That’s wrong! He’s part of the bandits and he actually raped me yesterday!」

「This woman, she’s spouting random words!」

Umu, let’s believe the woman.

「Those guys left their spears here too.」

「Yes, because they are of poor quality, they aren’t something we would confiscate.」

「Let’s skewer this guy with a few of those spears and leave him at the entrance.」

Perhaps some members of the bandits who are not present will come back here later. It will serve as a nice example.

I ignore the man’s screams and leave the area. Well, I should move on, this took way too long.

Ooh, the leader is still stuck on that branch and struggling. He reaps what he sows, I’ll let the crows peck at him.

「You girls come with me as well, I’ll send you to your hometown.」

I tell them while fondling the ass of a woman who looks around 30 years old.

「Ah,……um, did you want me?」

「Of course I want you. This large ass is attractive.」

「How about me!?」「And my body?」

「Everyone is attractive. You are all good women, wasted on bandits like those men.」

I get everyone together and hug them all at once.

「I’m happy……」「How lovely…」「How manly, this arm is the one that saved us.」

I hug four girls together in the carriage and entangle my tongue with theirs.

「Are you going to sleep with Koron too?」

As expected, there is one young girl who I can’t fuck yet.

「I got raped by the bandits too.」

「Don’t put me together with those tiny dicks.」

After kissing the other four girls, I show them my already erect cock.

「Amazing……the bandits don’t even compare……at least let Koron lick it?」

I guess that much is fine.

「Is Hardlett-sama around?」

「He’s in the middle of impregnating some girls!!」

I hear Adolph and Celia’s voices. Celia’s voice is harsh. This is the comforting of girls who were treated roughly, and not just me wanting to pour my seed in them.

「Ahn, don’t look away.」

「Sorry. How is this?」

「Aaah!! It’s so thick!!」

「Even though it should have been roughed up quite a bit by the bandits……」
「The feudal lord-sama’s thing feels so tight and painful.」

Aah, as I thought, women are nice.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: 2600
Bow Cavalry: 1000, Infantry: 600, Archers: 200, Spear Cavalry: 200, Escort: 100, Standby in Rafen: 500
Assets: 14700 gold (Army Expense -1000) (Labor -300) (Confiscation of Unjustly Acquired Assets +1500, with a portion returned to the people)
Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 111, children who have been born: 10




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