Chapter 302: Federation Reinforcements ⑱ Holy Sword of Judgement




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

North Teries River. North Coast. Federation Army Camp.

The landing army sets up camp along the river after retreating to the northern coast.
Many have fallen asleep from the fatigue of fighting or the relief of being freed from isolation.
Although they are close to the riverside, there is no longer a need to worry about the risk of being shot at by enemy cannons.

One of the corps commanders approaches me and salutes.

「Lord Hardlett, a job well done!」
「Yeah, we managed somehow.」

One of the ally soldiers extols my accomplishments.

「Salute to the hero who sank the Leviathan!」

「As expected of our leader!」
「Cheers to our boss!」

「Shut up, give me that booze.」

It’s the 105th division soldiers.
First, give me the woman by your side and some booze before you say anything. Next, don’t call me boss or I’ll punch you.

Mucus comes out of my nose after I yell at them.

「Achooo! Aah, I knew it was too cold to go swimming.」

I lay by the fire next to the exhausted Celia and also warm myself up.
I was pulled out of the water before being carried downstream, but I may have floated around in the river too long and caught a cold.


Celia clutches her stomach and lets out a pained groan as she wakes up.

「Sleep a little longer.」

She was soaked in water right after being kicked in the stomach hard enough for her to vomit. I’m sure she’s worn out.
I put my hand on Celia’s shoulder and push her back down before she could say anything.


The female general also tries to wake up.
No, it doesn’t look like she has regained consciousness yet. Even so, she’s feeling around her waist.
She must be instinctively trying to reach for her sword. As I thought, I might get hurt if I treat her like a normal woman.

「This much can’t be helped.」

Celia is also beside her. It would be dangerous to let her move freely so I use strong rope to bind her hands and feet.
I grab her breasts while I’m at it, causing her to let out a disgruntled groan.

「It was pretty tiring trying to float while carrying you. The least you can do is let me touch your boobs…… they’re nice and have a good elasticity to them.」

And then I feel a sharp pain to my head.

「Ow! What was that!?」

When I turn around, I learn that it was Schwartz who bit my head in a huff.
He’s stomping the ground like he’s angry. I guess he didn’t like being used as a jumping platform.

「I’ll give you something later, so be good and just warm up your body.」

Schwartz looks back at me countless times as if asking “you mean it?”, before leaving.
What a disloyal horse to beg his master for a reward.
His mood ends up improving right away after getting a girl or a mare to do it with anyways.


Pipi jumps down from the stupid horse’s back.

「Pipi, are you hurt!? I was so worried!」

I hug Pipi tightly and brush off the useless dog resting on top of her head.
The dog spins once before landing on the ground, falling asleep on the spot.

「Pipi…… nearly died. I made it dangerous for the chief too.」

Now that I look at her, the dispirited Pipi is soaked to the bone, her face is lightly burned and her hair is all frizzy.
Did she get caught up in that explosion? How terrible.

「I’ll put some medicine on you right away. Come over here.」

I pick Pipi up and carry her to the first-aid station.

「Could you tell me what happened?」
「Aye…… actually――」

According to Pipi’s story, she was able to successfully sneak into the ship while Celia and I were drawing the enemy’s attention with our rampage.

That much is fine, but she even took the worthless dog along? If that thing barked or cried, it would be bad.

「He was told he would be turned into barbeque if he made a sound.」

The worthless dog has the same spiritless eyes and is shaking his wet body while lying by the open fire.
He also looks pretty charred.

「It was easy to move around freely with the enemies running around in a panic.」

Fumu, so it was worth carrying the cannons and shooting up a storm.

「Doing as you said, Pipi was going to light the ship on fire, but it didn’t go so well…… there wasn’t much cloth or paper and the floor and walls were coated in a strange substance which couldn’t be burned.」

It’s normal for battleships, not limited to the Leviathan, to use turpentine in order to prevent fires from breaking out.
A small ember wouldn’t be enough to burn anything.

「While searching, Pipi came across a food supply storage. There were guards, but then a loud explosion up above……」

That was probably the time I fired the large cannon at the inside of the ship.

「So the enemies ran in a hurry…… Pipi was able to infiltrate.」

Oh, well done.

「There were fully packed wooden barrels and burlap sacks inside. So it made sense to light the easily flammable sacks on fire.」

Pipi pats Messerschmitt’s head.

「And then Messerschmitt bit my leg and let out a cry.」

Even though he received all that affection, this ungrateful dog bit her?
Let’s dismember him right away and turn him into a meat dish.

「Pipi also got angry and wanted to cover his mouth…… but he ran away while yelping.」

It goes without saying that you’d want to grab him after getting bitten, though having him make noises would alert the enemy. She couldn’t leave him alone to run free.

「Pipi chased after him. He got stuck in a hole in the wall.」

The Leviathan got pretty beat up during the fierce fighting after all.
I would think that the side wall would have more than a few holes.

「At that moment, there was a loud noise and then a wall of flames burst forth in front of my eyes, then Pipi and Messerschmitt was sent flying into the river.」

That was the large explosion. Why would there be an explosion in the food storage though?

「Pipi, was that really a food storage?」
「Aye, it felt the same as the one in the mansion. It’s familiar because Pipi goes there to snack a lot.」

“Except……”, Pipi trails off.

「The barrels and sacks were filled with black flour. Those people were eating pretty awful tasting food.」
「I knew it. Did you see any iron balls rolling around?」

「Aye. Pipi thought they were weights to make pickles.」

That place was definitely the ammunition depot. In the first place, food storage doesn’t require guards to be posted.
Pipi entered the ammunition depot and lit a bag brimming with gunpowder on fire.
If the worthless dog didn’t bring Pipi away, she would have been blown apart.

「This guy saved Pipi. Though Pipi still feels sorry for injuring the chief.」

Pipi pats the worthless dog’s head. The dog lazily opens one eye and stretches his body.

「Sorry. My judgement put you in danger. You did help though.」

I hug Pipi.

「That’s not it. Pipi is just dumb, that’s all. Being useful to the chief makes Pipi happy.」

Pipi and I kiss while we are still in each other’s arms.

「Your hair is a little burnt. I’ll tidy it up.」

I take a pair of scissors and gently brush Pipi’s hair.

「Pipi is glad. But Pipi wants you to help Messerschmitt first. Pipi is fine being after.」

It feels weird for the dog to be given priority, well Pipi is safe due to this guy after all.
The least I could do is reward him by cleaning up his burnt fur.

I trim the burnt parts of the dog’s fur as he sleeps by the fire.

「Fumu…… this part is burnt too…… guh, I cut too much in the back…… guess I’ll do a little more in the front.」

It’s not going well. I’m not good at doing these detailed tasks.

「This stuff is so annoying. Eei, how’s that?」

I’m getting more irritated by the second.

「This guy, what an annoying growing pattern! I’ll just cut from the root. You can’t complain about that!」

And so the worthless dog’s haircut was completed.

「He’s bald. Everything’s peeled off.」

In front of me is an abnormal pile of fur, and then the dog whose fur is like a badly cut lawn.
I throw the fur into the fire before turning to Pipi.

「Now, Pipi is next.」
「Pipi’s stomach hurts. Pipi is leaving for a bit.」

Oh, there goes Pipi.

I look at the dog who is sleeping like a log.

「He was already ugly to begin with and now he looks terrible. This is more like Adolph than Tristan.」

I feel slightly sorry for him and leave a grilled fish in front of his face. Let’s call it even with that.

By the way, Pipi who went to the toilet came back with nicely trimmed hair.
She bumped into Natia by chance and got the clean haircut.
I even said I would help her do it too.

As I was coming back from the first-aid station, I hear the noisy stepping of horseshoes.
I turn to the sound and see a few dozen heavy cavalry walking.
The guy in the middle looks familiar. It’s the supreme commander, Martin Stessel.

I’m considered his subordinate so I stand upright and greet him with a proper salute.
Realizing my presence, Stessel signals to his men to come over.

「I heard about it, Lord Hardlett.」

What did he hear about? There are a whole bunch of bad things he could hear about.

「Don’t play dumb, what else can I be referring to other than sinking the Leviathan. I was watching the naval battle too. To be honest, my stomach started hurting midway through due to nervousness and I couldn’t bear it. Even though I look like this, I’m not the most composed person.」

Stessel takes my hand and laughs.
It’s usually the case that the people who make a comment about their composure are the opposite of what they say they are.

「I could clearly see the Leviathan sink instantly from here too. If possible, I would have liked if you also heard the cheers from the headquarters.」

Stessel’s pleasant smile seems handsome to me even to me as a man.
If I was born as good-looking as he was, I could sleep with even more girls.
The ideal would be if I can get girls to come running to me with wet crotches just by walking around town.

「I hear some soldiers spreading rumors about you riding a horse on water. It goes to show how prominent your accomplishments are.」

「Ha, ha, ha.」

It’s better if I don’t talk about it.
Even though quite a number of people may have saw, it’s only a few hundred people at most. I hope they don’t find out.

「Ivanna came to me just now. She was ashamed that she was made into the enemy’s prisoner on that ship. For me, having competent people return is a good thing…… also, she said that she will come to you to express her thanks later. She’s a soldier and also a female, so I’d like if you don’t scold her too harshly.」

「Of course.」

I’m not going to denounce her for being captured by the enemy.
In fact, I’m probably going to pound her lower half if the mood is right…… my crotch is swelling from the anticipation.
Stessel will think I’m a pervert if I get hard all of a sudden in front of him.

「The enemy fleet collapsed when the Leviathan sank. I also hear the fleet commander went missing after that explosion. The enemy should no longer be able to recover from that. Our ally fleet intends to pursue and drive them back all the way to the sea. The North Teries has finally been reclaimed by us.」

I’m happy for him. If the war is over quicker, I’ll be able to return to my mansion quicker too.

「The enemy still has a large military force on land, however they shouldn’t be a problem now that the river belongs to us. We have the ability and confidence to rout them.」

Stessel pats my shoulder and looks off to the south coast where the enemy is likely to be.

「Your contributions are huge. I’m not in position to talk to you about rewards, but I can at least appeal to the higher-ups.」

Leopolt would probably want cannons and gunpowder.
Adolph might be happy with receiving funds.
Nonna…… anything expensive would do, I guess.

Let’s see, what should I choose.

「Give me pretty lad-…… ha!」

Crap, my true wishes almost came out.

Stessel and the nearby knights smile wryly. Did I just embarrass myself?

Anyways, I wonder if they are awake yet.

When I return to my own tent, the fire which should have been warming up Celia and the others has already been extinguished.
I hear noisy rustling within the tent.

I take a peek and see Celia kick the female general prisoner. She even has her sword drawn.

「…… hey now, abusing prisoners is not a very admirable thing to do.」

Celia sees me and shouts back.

「That’s not it! This woman, she tried to run away!」

Now that I look, the rope binding her arms and legs has been whittled away.
She must have used a rock or some sharp fragment to cut it herself.
That was close. She really is a woman you can’t lower your guard around.


Even now, she’s glaring at me while Celia is keeping her under control.
Her eyes are sharp and gives off an intense pressure you wouldn’t imagine a woman having.

「You don’t have to glare like that. As long as you don’t run, you won’t get hurt anymore. If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have carried you all the way here.」

I extend my hand to her, only to get bitten.
When I retract my hand in surprise, she spits in my face. She’s so hostile.

「This damn woman――!」

Celia delivers a powerful kick to the woman’s side.

「Celia, stop.」

The woman falters briefly before lifting her head right away.
At the same time, the rope around her hands tears and her fist flies at my solar plexus.


She has considerable physical strength. She’s probably stronger than the average man.

「We can’t talk like this.」

Being stronger than an average man won’t pose much of a problem for me though.

I wrap my arms around the struggling woman, and throw her onto the bed.

「Excuse me.」

I hold her hands together and mount myself on top of her body.
With my weight pressing down, she shouldn’t be able to escape now.
She continues resisting for a while until she realizes I’m not budging, then goes back to glaring at me.

「If you flail like that, we can’t have a proper chat.」

None of the allies knows that I’ve captured this girl.
Fortunately, not many people have seen the enemy commander’s face so she would seem just like any other female prisoner to everyone else, however the possibility of someone who recognizes her finding out goes up the more of a fuss she makes and the more attention she draws.

「……I have nothing to say to Federation pigs.」
「Don’t be like that.」

I gently brush my hand along her tan-skinned face.
It has no effect on her.

「I’m not from the Federation in the first place. I don’t mind hearing about any grudges you may have against them.」

I lick the nape of her neck.

「Filthy swine!」

The woman twists her body unnaturally while her arms are held down and knees me in the crotch.
There was a dull thud followed by a short cry.

「Aegir-sama! ……you’re okay?」

「Sorry. Your body is so attractive, I couldn’t help but get hard.」
「Guuh…… damn it……」

I apologize to the woman who let out a groan from the pain on her knee.

「By the way, it’s hard to address you as just “you”. Can’t you at least tell me your name?」
「I’m not introducing myself to pigs like you――」

「It’s Sekrit, Aegir-sama.」

When Celia chimes in, the woman glares frustratingly at her. Oh, so that’s her name.

「I heard it from these guys.」

Celia brings out two young men.
They are easily recognizable as slaves with worn out attire and collars around their necks.
The two of them speak up when they see me pinning Sekrit down.

「T-that’s right. She’s Sekrit, the supreme commander of the Imperial fleet!」
「We’ll tell you everything we know about her! So please spare us!」

「You bastards……」

It looks like they were being kept like pets by Sekrit. They managed to escape when the ship sank.

According to Celia, they were being treated pretty badly and it doesn’t look like they’re going to protect their mistress here.
They seem pretty pathetic as men, though I’m sure it has something to do with how they were treated.

「There are a few other girls captured as well, and all of them are more or less scared of her.」

「So you treated them all pretty cruelly. And you’ve also been horrible to my woman too.」

I don’t think I officially made Ivanna mine, but that’s a trivial detail.

「Then hurry up and execute me.」

Sekrit, having finally resigned herself, relaxes her arms.

「Fumu, that would probably happen if I hand you over to the Federation.」

I hear Sekrit mumble in a soft voice “I’ll kill myself before getting captured by the Federation bastards”. The conversation isn’t over yet.

「You may be a bad girl but I’m not going to let a woman die before my own eyes.」

I wriggle around to get into position while speaking.

「Hah, how naive…… what are you doing?」

I get naked while Sekrit is still being pinned under me.
Of course I take off her underwear too.

「Bad girls need to be punished. I’m not going to use pain though. You should know where this is going.」

After becoming naked, I rest my dick on Sekrit’s stomach.

「You deviant……」
「Don’t call me that. I’m sure you’re the one who did stranger things.」

From what I can see, she stands out from all the girls I’ve met before in terms of deviance.

「I don’t want to hear it from a person who exposes such a strange penis! It’s way too big, stupid monster!」

「Fufufu, you don’t have to praise me so much.」

I get Sekrit on all fours and grab her hips tightly from behind.

Talking will do nothing to reform her. I’m obviously not going to punch her either.
The only other option is to use my dick.

「Now it’s time to punish you. Rest assured, I’ll be careful not to break or hurt you.」

After Sekrit grits her teeth hard enough to make a sound, she glares over at me and shouts in an intimidating tone.

「Perverted pig, do whatever you want. No matter what you do, I’ll get you to shoot out your cum in an unsightly way before I ―― kyaaaaaaah!!」

I push out my hips before she finishes her sentence.
Sekrit lets out a girlish scream unlike the low growls she had been using before.
Celia and the two male slaves cheer for me.

「Ooh, you’re squeezing so tight and it feels so good. Were you perhaps looking forward to this?」
「No…… you’re just too big…… my insides just …… started to convulse on their own……」

That makes me happy, so I continue swinging my hips.
Cold sweat leaks from Sekrit’s body initially, though she quickly acclimated and returned to cursing me.

「How do you like the punishment? Have you reformed?」
「Like I’ll do that! I won’t yield to Federation nobles like you! No matter how large your meat rod is!」

That’s when Celia jumps in.

「This woman is starting to feel turned on. At this rate, this won’t be considered punishment. Leave this to me.」

Celia moves behind me while I’m thrusting into Sekrit and approaches my neck…… then bites down.

「Hey, now’s not a good time. Uoooh!」
「Eh!? ……u……uuuugh…… hiiiiiiiiih!」

I shout and Sekrit shrieks again.
When my weak point gets bitten, I feel my dick, which remains lodged snugly in Sekrit’s pussy, start to enlarge.

Sekrit bends backward and her tongue sticks out of her mouth, leaking saliva as she screams.

「HIiiiiiiiiiiiih――!! Nhhiiiih――!!」

「Not good, I’m going to break her like this.」
「What’s wrong with that? This woman’s genitals should be ravaged!」

Celia huffs and turns away.
I was holding back and flexing my stomach so I would stop short of the limit, but this is a problem.

My problems don’t end there. I can hear someone at the entrance of my tent.

「Lord Hardlett, it’s me. I’m here on orders from the headquarters…… and also I have something personal to speak with you about.」

The familiar voice belongs to Ivanna.

Oh right, Stessel said she was going to come thank me.
I gladly welcome her that and would like to create a relationship with her if possible, except now is a bad time.

「I-it’s too big! Federation swine, is your penis the only thing that’s biiiig, gaaaah!」

After all, I’m piercing Sekrit from behind and in the middle of making her scream.

「Aah, my apologies. Are you busy with something right now?」

I’m sure our voices can be heard from outside and she will probably give up if I tell her I’m having sex.

「I could hear the moans from far away. I’m a soldier before a woman so it doesn’t bother me much. ……I couldn’t thank you properly before. Leaving before doing so would not sit right with me. I’m coming in.」

Ivanna enters the tent.
She must have broken a bone or something. Her dominant arm is wrapped with a bandage.
Then her eyes meet perfectly with Sekrit’s.


When Sekrit averts her eyes, Ivanna shouts.

「Y-y-you bitchhhh!!」

She tries to draw her sword, but perhaps due to her aroused state or her disabled arm, she drops it.
Celia hurriedly gets in between the two, while the two slaves scream and prostrate on the spot.

「Wanting to kill the woman is fine, however Aegir-sama will get mixed in if you do it now!」
「Then just get away from her right now!」

「Aegir-sama has gotten too big and can’t pull out now!」
「What is that supposed to mean!?」

Celia and Ivanna continues to yell back and forth.

Oh, I feel myself get a little smaller from the unexpected circumstances.


No good, Sekrit is on her elbows and her breasts are swaying back and forth, making me get bigger again.

「Sekrit, I thought you perished on that burning boat. I never expected to see you again.」

Ivanna stares at Sekrit with a gaze filled with hate…… then eventually a slight grin forms on her face.

「I see, this may be entertaining.」

Ivanna comments while throwing off her coat, taking off her sword and removing her boots.

「Lord Hardlett, let me join in too. I have a debt to pay back to this woman.」

This turned into something unexpected.

I have to ensure she doesn’t hurt Sekrit too much.
Responsibility is important and something you don’t fool around with. Fun should be squashed by one’s duties.

「Guuh, it’s still getting thicker……」

Absolutely not something to have fun with.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation
Military Strength – Current: 1 080 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 470 000, Civilian Victims: 980 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 330 000 (460 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 230 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 5000 men

Accompanying: Celia (recovered), Natia (haircut), Leah (tired relief), Marta (obedient)
Brynhildr (good night), Pipi (good night), Sofia (big-breasted)
Messerschmitt (bald), Schwartz (enraged), Mirumi (triumphal return), Yakov (excited)
Sekrit (being punished)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 451, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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