Chapter 303: Federation Reinforcements ⑲ Punishment




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Capturing the enemy general without reporting to His Excellency Stessel is inexcusable, but I will let that go for now.」

Ivanna says to me with a glare while I’m grabbing Sekrit’s ass and swinging my hips.

「I’ve been in this woman’s care. So I have to pay her back.」

As Ivanna strips down, she also sends a scowl at the two male slaves trembling in the corner of the room.
The two of them who let out a short scream fall flat on the floor and shake uncontrollably.

「Hmph, everything you bastards did was also this woman’s fault. I won’t get angry at mere slaves.」

She finally pulls off her underwear and becomes completely naked.

「What is a sex-obsessed prostitute going to do after getting nake―― ugh! Hiiih……」

Sekrit was saying something to Ivanna, but she falls forward and screams before she could finish.

「Sorry, I have no ill intent. This is just a man’s nature.」

My eyes are locked on the naked Ivanna.
Her muscular body and disproportionately soft-looking large breasts, as well as her slightly opened genitals, are in plain sight to me too.

My dick which was already close to its max size swells further as if to say “this isn’t my full power”.
Being pounded in doggy style, Sekrit’s body curls up as she pants.

「I don’t want to hear anything from a perverted woman who is in anguish from getting pierced by an enemy man. Damn pervert.」
「That’s not it! Shit…… this horse-like dick……is tearing my crotch apart…… can’t move my body……」

Sekrit tries to turn around to glare at me, however the twisting of her body makes my cock rub her insides, making it hard for her to move.

「Sorry. I’ll at least caress you and make you feel good.」

She really might break if I move anymore so I wrap the hand I had on her ass to the front to rub her clitoris, and also gently fondle her bouncy dark-skinned breasts with my other hand. If this helps get her accustomed to my rod, her hole will eventually loosen and the pain should lessen.

Ivanna doesn’t seem to want to wait.

「Lick me.」

She stands in front of the agonizing Sekrit, grabs her head with her left hand and pushes it up against her crotch.

「Come on, what’s wrong? Use your tongue and lick it thoroughly.」

Sekrit looked like she was going to bite down, but she couldn’t summon any strength with my dick stuffed inside her, only able to resist with her eyes and obediently doing what she was told.

The heinous female general gets rammed from behind as her face is buried in Ivanna’s crotch.
This stirs up an immoral feeling within me, though we might be overdoing things a little. It was as if the two of us are gangbanging her.

「I’m not sure how to feel about forcing her.」

I try to talk Ivanna out of it and get an unfavorable response.

「This is nothing like what she did to me! She shoved an extra large dildo in me while two other male slaves penetrated me at the same time!」

In that case, I can’t strongly oppose her.
Sekrit is getting her just desserts. I’ll make sure she gets her punishment as long as she doesn’t get hurt.

「Let’s change position.」

I hold Sekrit who was getting fucked from behind, turn her body while I’m still connected to her so that she’s facing me, and then get into a cowgirl position.

「Igiih…… turning me around with such a thick thing inside……」
「Sorry. I thought it wouldn’t hurt as much as pulling out since the tip is so wide.」

We’re in the cowgirl position, a position where the female has the initiative, however Sekrit collapses limply onto my chest.
I hug her, rubbing her shoulder and back softly.
While she groans in pain, I feel her hole slowly get used to my dick, even starting to secrete its nectar.

「Alright Ivanna, get her to lick you like before.」

Ivanna’s eyes stay fixed on me as she brings Sekrit’s head to her crotch again.

Since Sekrit is in cowgirl position and laying on me, I’m naturally lying under and can see Ivanna’s genitals above me.

「Aah, what a nice view. As expected, beautiful girls have pretty vaginas.」

「U……guh, pervert big dick man……」

I get abused verbally by the two of them at the same time.
Hey now, I’m getting bigger.

「How big is this guy go―――― hiiiiih!!」

That moment, Sekrit suddenly lets out a silent shriek and her body curls upward.
Her gradually softening hole begins to spasm again. I wonder what happened.

「I have a debt to pay back to this woman too! How do you like this!?」

Before I knew it, Celia has gone behind Sekrit…… and penetrated her ass.

「Aaaaaaaah! Guuuuuh!!」

Celia has attached one end of a double-sided dildo to her own hole and inserted the other end into Sekrit’s asshole.

「Do you admit defeat yet!? I can’t accept someone like you getting fucked by Aegir-sama…… take this!」

Celia pulls her hips back and then pushes forward in one swift motion.

「Ah, it feels like I’m scraping against Aegir-sama.」
「Yeah, the rubbing feels good.」

When Celia moves, Sekrit’s insides also undulate in pleasure.

Sekrit’s face is a mess now.
She’s helpless with my dick plugging her pussy and Celia’s dildo filling her asshole.
She can’t form words let alone resist and can only let out screams.

「Huph, what a slovenly face from getting violated by a little girl. It might be better to get guys to gang rape you in terms of revenge though.」

Ivanna calls out to the two men in the corner.

「Hey, go rape your mistress. Do it in the same manner you thoroughly did to me.」

「Y-yes ma’am!」

I stop the two men right when they stand up.

「I won’t allow that.」

I speak out while looking up at Ivanna’s crotch.

「I want to make her mine if possible. I don’t want to let any other man fuck her.」
「You think I’m going to agree to that? You think I’m going to forgive her?」

What a powerful voice. She seems dignified even when standing completely naked.

「I understand where you’re coming from, though she’s a pretty woman. It’s natural to want to make a pretty woman girl belong to you.」

I pat the head of Sekrit who is laying flat on my stomach, and suck on her tongue lewdly sticking out of her mouth.

In the meantime, Celia tirelessly moves her hips. She might surprisingly be into this kind of thing.
Also, I don’t remember you bringing that dildo. Where did you get that, and what is it for……?

「I won’t tolerate that, but further questioning would dampen the enjoyment. You two, just dig each other.」

「R-right! Here I go!」
「Yeah, go ahead. Ooohh――!」

「Hey idiots, stop that. If you’re going to do it, step outside.」

Having two men go at it beside me won’t just dampen my mood.

I try to chase the two connected men out somehow, and unfortunately it has gotten me to shrink quite a bit.
The girth of my rod has reduced as well, so when Celia thrusted her dildo, my dick slipped out.

「Uggh…… haa, haa…… it’s finally out.」

Sekrit sighs exhaustedly.
I was going to step away to take a break and then notice Ivanna holding something in her hand.
Sekrit’s face warps when she sees it.

「Fufufu, look familiar?」

It was a dildo way bigger than the one Celia is using.
The bumps all over the shaft and its pitch black color made it appear outstandingly villainous.

「Isn’t it amazing? I thought I was going to die when this thing was shoved inside me.」

Ivanna holds down Sekrit’s leg and pushes the dildo against her vagina.
I was going to stop her, then I reconsidered. It shouldn’t be a problem.

「I’ll do what you did. Let’s see you suffer!」

Ivanna forcibly pushes the dildo in.
The extremely thick dildo destroys Sekrit’s genitals and makes her cry out agonizingly…… or it was supposed to.

「Guh…… fuu.」

The dildo smoothly slides into Sekrit’s hole.
She closed her eyes tightly to brace herself, then makes a relatively composed face.
Ivanna was the one who seems in shock, as she pulls back her hips before once again thrusting.

「Uu…… fumu.」

As I thought, Sekrit isn’t suffering.

It’s to be expected. My dick which was in her previously is two sizes thicker and longer than the dildo.
Furthermore, my rod is covered in veins so she shouldn’t have any issues with the bumps on the dildo.

「What’s with this gaping pussy!? How much do you sleep around, naughty whore!!?」
「Fufufu, you can’t beat me with just that, you know?」

Celia ignores the heated exchange between the other two girls and swings her hips.
Don’t go overboard, it would be troublesome if you developed a strange fetish and wanted my ass later too.

「Leave this to me. I’ll punish her kindly.」

I pick up Sekrit from behind and get her in a reverse sitting position.

「Gentle can’t be considered punishment…… good grief, do you treat all women―― dowah!」

Ivanna takes a step back and falls over when she circles around to the front in dissatisfaction.
Did she let out a pained cry because her right hand is hurting?

「What’s wrong? Are you alright?」

When Ivanna sees my dick, she has a hand to her mouth and her eyes widen in surprise like a virgin.

「W-what’s with that penis!? Are you truly human!?」

Why is she fussing now? I thought it was exposed all this time.

「It was shoved deep inside before so I couldn’t tell! If this was inside, then that dildo wouldn’t……」

I once again insert my cock into Sekrit’s hole.


It didn’t feel like I was tearing her apart like before.
I wouldn’t say her insides are wrapping around me, they’re just acceptingly giving way and letting me in.

「It feels better than before. Your body remembers my size.」

When I push all the way inside, I sit cross-legged, then reach from behind her body to grab her bountiful breasts.

「You just stretched it out and made it loose! It’s not remembering…… nhiih!」
「What a nice body. You’re so pretty, Sekrit.」

I repeatedly kiss the nape of her neck while thrusting upward.
If I continue to seduce her like this, she’ll eventually become mine.

Celia and Ivanna are staying in front, staring at the place where I’m connected with Sekrit.

「Hey, is your master really human?」
「Of course. Aegir-sama has an uncommonly large dick and is matchless in bed, but he definitely isn’t an orc!」

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything.

I spread Sekrit’s legs wide so the two can see more clearly, then quicken the pace of my movements.

「T-the balls are especially large too…… is there a lot stored inside?」
「A tremendous amount.」
「Oooooh…… oooooh!」

I lightly tug on Sekrit’s nipples and increase the intensity of my thrusts.
Pulling out and shoving in would be too painful so I’m only sliding my shaft up and down. It seems to be working out perfectly for her.

「By the way, you are also his lover, right? Does that thing go in your delicate body too?」
「Of course it does! Except I faint instantly when Aegir-sama gets serious…… wait, nevermind!」

Celia’s hand is reaching down to her own crotch.
Ivanna is staring intently at the connected area and drips of honey start to leak out from her crotch.

Seeing that, my arousal finally reaches its peak.

My hands move from her boobs down to firmly hold her waist.
Sekrit must know from that action and my throbbing member that my ejaculation is close. She starts to struggle.

「Are you going to cum!? Pull out! Cum outside!」

Ivanna grabs both of Sekrit’s hands and shouts.

「Go ahead and give her a creampie! Punish this woman with your seed!」

Sekrit’s legs flail wildly while she hits me with her head countless times from the front.
However with both hands sealed and a hard shaft skewering her, that’s all the female general can do.

「I won’t forgive you if you cum inside! Are you trying to get me pregnant!?」
「Shut up! Those men came inside me plenty of times on your orders! You’ll be getting the same treatment!」

I tenderly caress Sekrit’s cheek and whisper.

「It’ll be fine. Don’t worry.」
「Do you have contraceptive medicine?」

I slowly shake my head.

「If you get pregnant, I will take responsibility and make you my woman. That’s why you can rest assured.」

Sekrit curses and resists violently. She shakes off Ivanna and grabs my face.
She tries to push me away pathetically, making it seem like she’s entangling herself with me instead.
I can’t get enough.

「Sekrit, I love you. Accept my seed inside you.」

I push my hips deeper inside her and embrace her body tighter.
At the same time, I press my lips against her dark-skinned back, sucking strongly before letting out a groan.

「Stop itttt!!」

Accompanied by a sticky squirting sound, my hot semen gushes into her canals.
I can feel my balls and rod pulsing vigorously, pumping the thick fluid out of my urethra and into her body.

「Aah, Sekrit. You’re such a wonderful woman. My semen won’t stop shooting.」
「How dare you…… how dare you……」

Sekrit seems to be drained of strength and gives up resisting.

「Hey, what is that ‘byu’ sound? Is it what I think it is?」
「That’s the sound of Aegir-sama’s ejaculation. As frustrating as it is, this volume sounds like he enjoyed her body quite a bit.」

Her body was nice, just as Celia surmised.
My seed endlessly spurts out, making Sekrit’s stomach visibly larger by the second.

After eventually making her look like a pregnant woman, my dick becomes limp and slips out, allowing the immense amount of semen to flow back out.

「That was great, Sekrit.」

She doesn’t say anything.
I softly brush the dumbfounded Ivanna’s cheek.

「Isn’t it nice that the punishment was completed like this?」

I slowly bring my hips close to her.
My dick is wet with my seed and Sekrit’s juices.

「Of course it’s not nice. This woman is an enemy commander, we should be bringing this to His Excellency Stessel……」
「Don’t say that, such a pretty woman may end up getting executed if you do that. Can’t we just say “the enemy commander sank to the bottom of the North Teries river along with the Leviathan” and leave it at that?」

I slowly bring my dick closer to Ivanna’s face.

「This meat rod avenged you and your subordinates. Are you not satisfied?」

My dick finally hits Ivanna’s face.

「Aah, gosh.」

She grabs my thighs, opens her mouth and swallows my dick.

「Nngh, nboh, nbh.」

She releases me after bobbing her head two, three times.
My once sloppy dick is cleaned up.

「This is thanks for getting revenge on my nemesis. That doesn’t mean I’m letting her off! I’ll keep quiet from His Excellency, so violate her continuously and get her pregnant. For a womanizer like you, it should be just what you want.」

Ivanna says that before she starts dressing herself.

「Aah…… I thought we could continue and make love.」
「Moron, I’m not such an easy woman. If you want to win me over, come with the appropriate preparations.」

With that, Ivanna exits the tent.

「Um, I’m ready anytime if you want.」
「Yeah. Come, Celia.」

Before I could embrace Celia, I feel arms circling around my neck from behind.
It seems Sekrit has already recovered.

「Hey now, you should rest for now. Or are you going to strangle me like this?」

When I look back, Sekrit is blushing and acting in a flirtatious manner.

「How could I…… I wouldn’t do that to the man I love.」

Her tone is strange. It sounds like she’s a totally different person.

「I realized after you implanted your seed. I was born to be your sex slave.」

Sekrit wraps my body with hers.
She uses a sweet, coaxing voice and stares at me with moist eyes. She almost looks like a prostitute trying to butter up a customer.

「I swear to be your loyal lover forever. Let me seal the oath with a kiss.」

Sekrit presses her lips against mine and then lowers her face down to my crotch.

「I’ll kiss master’s splendid thing down there too……」

I don’t know what’s going on exactly, but I have no reason to refuse if she wants to kiss my penis.
I spread my legs and allow her to greet my crotch.
Her hands rub my ass and holds my waist steady.

「-!? Don’t!」

Celia shouts when she watches in suspicion, and then Sekrit’s eyes shoot open like she was inspired.
Her slightly agape mouth all of a sudden widens and she bares her white teeth.

「You fell for it! I’m going to tear this thing off.」

Sekrit, while still holding down my waist, bites down on my meat rod with all her might.

So her sweet words was just an act and she wanted to bite off my dick from the start.
Her teeth sink deeper into my shaft.

「Don’t move! I’ll cut down this woman!」

Celia hurriedly draws her sword. Sekrit, as if saying she won’t let go even if her head gets cut off, exerts more strength with her jaw.

「Stop it.」

I hold Celia back before reaching down for Sekrit’s breasts.

This is a fight between me and her.
If I end up being torn apart, then that just shows how much of a man I and my dick was.

「Aah, excellent boobs. Your skin is also really smooth…… I can see why Mack likes dark-skinned women.」

Even while bitten, my dick gets harder and bigger.
If it continues to grow in size and rigidity, it won’t be that easy for her to bite my genitals off.

「Nngh!? Gguuhh!」

Sekrit is desperate though. She isn’t simply biting down, she’s tugging and yanking.
I feel a sharp pain. I see, she’s going to get me limp from the pain and then rip it off.
Does she have experience doing this before?

「I knew it, we should just kill this woman. Aegir-sama’s precious penis will get torn off!」
「I appreciate the concern, but my dick isn’t that weak.」

I’m confident I can win. The reason being the vampire, Brynhildr.
She often bites my dick when I rub her the wrong way, then proceeds to suck my blood.

Getting bitten by her always feels painful, but it’s the most supreme pleasure at the same time.
The intense pain and intense pleasure are linked.

My dick throbs and swells up as Sekrit digs her teeth deeper.
Like a wolf trying to finish its prey, she whips her head side to side in an attempt to tear my dick apart.

I fondle her breasts while reminiscing about Brynhildr sucking my blood.
My cock doesn’t stop expanding. Even I can’t control it at this rate, this limitless swelling.

And then finally the battle is decided.


The hand wrapped around my ass falls limp and Sekrit drops my dick before collapsing herself.

「Alright, it’s my win.」

Celia quickly suppresses her, however she doesn’t resist anymore.
She’s holding her mouth and staring at me with teary eyes while trying to say something incomprehensible.

「It looks like she dislocated her jaw.」

Celia says in disbelief.

「How terrible. Don’t move, Sekrit. Someone get a doctor…… no, I’ll go.」
「Wait. More important than her jaw is Aegir-sama’s tool. It must be treated after being bitten to that extent.」

Celia checks my penis and confirms no issues.

「It looks like the teeth only dug into the skin. It didn’t draw any blood so it’s not a big deal.」
「Y-you’re right. Only teeth marks remain after all that……」

「We better call the doctor fast. Sorry, Sekrit. I’ll make it up to you.」

I apologize to her for overdoing it and exit the tent.
I’ll pretend I didn’t hear Celia mumble “is Aegir-sama really human?”.

After the doctor fixed up her jaw, I gave her plenty of loving to make up for my blunder and as punishment for biting me.
She didn’t display any of the sweet acting or attitude nor did she put up any excessive resistance.
I want to use this momentum to eventually make her heart fall for me.

And thus the sweet time ends.

The next day, commander Stessel ordered the entire army to advance to the southern shore.
At last, the decisive final battle between Empire and Federation is about to begin.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation 「The Night Before The Final Battle Starts」
Military Strength – Current: 1 080 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 470 000, Civilian Victims: 980 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 330 000 (460 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 230 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 5000 men

Accompanying: Celia (adjutant), Natia (elf), Leah (tired relief), Marta (obedient)
Brynhildr (good night), Pipi (good night), Sofia (big-breasted)
Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Mirumi (worry), Yakov (tired relief)
Sekrit (resisting)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 451, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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