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4 years old. Nonna’s eldest son.

He is being strictly taught by Nonna to be the next head of the family.
Although still young, he has shown extraordinary talent in martial arts and studies.
His personality is mild-mannered to put it nicely and faint of heart to put it in negatively. He is indecisive and does not seem to be someone who can lead others. He often leaves the decision-making to Anastasia, who he is always with.
He enjoys watching theater. His special skill is mental arithmetic.
Resembling his mother, he has a slender and beautiful face. His sex drive is pretty strong.

4 years old. Nonna’s eldest daughter. Bartolome’s twin.

Like Bartolome, she has shown great potential in the literary arts.
In contrast though, she has an assertive personality. She is obsessed with competition, and is belligerent and fierce, willing to do anything to achieve victory.
Her hobbies are jewel collection and watching dogfighting (it was actually betting on fights, but she compromised after being reprimanded by her mother). Her special skill is faking crying.
She has a handsome face with a hint of her father around her eyes. Her libido is extremely high.

8 years old. Catherine’s eldest daughter.

She is the daughter of her mother’s previous husband and has no blood relation to the protagonist.
Fortunately, she does not seem to have much recollection of her eventful past due to how young she was.
She frequently acts very spoiled with the protagonist and for some reason made a guts pose when she learned she was not biologically related.
She is below average in all aspects of studying.
She has a calm personality and is idolized by all the other children as their older sister.
Her hobby and special skill is drawing.
She stands out as attractive even among the pretty faces. Her libido is severely high.

6 years old. Catherine’s eldest son.

He is taciturn, possibly because his mother could not reveal herself in public, and doesn’t actively talk to anyone besides his mother and sister.
He often reads, picking up technical books Tristan finished, and there is even evidence of him studying Alexandro’s trajectory to the throne. He is excellent in martial arts and studies, but he never comes out on top. Head-helmina says it is deliberate. He seems conflicted when his mother is together with the protagonist.
He inherited superior looks from his mother while his physique is gradually becoming more manly like the protagonist. His sex drive is unknown.
One time, a maid who helped bathe him commented in surprise, “He’s not normal. He will grow to be as big as his father in the future”.

2 years old. Catherine’s second daughter.
The protagonist seems to have forgotten her name.

7 years old. Mel’s third daughter.

Perhaps because she had an abundant life ever since she can remember, her personality is more happy-go-lucky than her much older sisters, Kuu and Ruu.
She isn’t particularly talent in any area, but she can get along with anyone. She has an especially strong love for her family.
She frequently pretends to be the older sister to those younger than her, but she isn’t relied on very much.
Her hobby is shopping and her special skill is bargaining.
She has a tidy and approachable appearance. Her libido is quite high.

6 years old. Mel’s fourth daughter.

She is more happy-go-lucky than Sue.
Although she doesn’t have any outstanding talent, her ability to get along with anyone and create harmonious relationships is the same as Sue’s.
Her hobby is eating while walking and her special skill is guessing the secret ingredient in food.
She has the appearance of a loose and defenceless girl. Her libido is unusually high.

5 years old. Mel’s eldest son.

He is Mel’s long-awaited son of the family.
He grew up with four sisters to take care of him so he is pretty spoiled.
He isn’t aggressively selfish, he just acts very sweet.
He has a manly frame similar to his father, but has a kind personality that isn’t suited for fighting.
His hobby is taking naps. His special skill is cooking.
His appearance is average and his sex drive is somewhat strong.

6 years old. Carla’s eldest daughter.

She is Carla’s daughter.
Since she grew up with Nonna’s twins from when she was a baby, she treats them like siblings.
Her personality is like her mother’s and is determined, although sometimes can act spoiled.
She has great physical ability, but is not good at thinking deeply.
She is interested in Bartolome except her eyes are locked on Anastasia for some reason.
Her hobby is hunting. Her special skill is hitting targets with a bow.
Despite hiding it, her libido is considerably high.

Other children who are unlikely to appear in the story.
Backstory might be established later.

5 years old. Maria’s son.

2 years old. Maria’s child.

4 years old. Claudia’s child.

4 years old. Yoguri’s son.

4 years old. Rita’s daughter.

2 years old. Melissa’s child.

Dorothea, Miti, Marceline, Annette all have one child each.
Ivanna’s child has been entrusted to her home in the Federation.



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