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Battle at the Royal Palace – Part 09

The battle near the castle gate was reaching its final stages.

Margrave Grugschilt fought valiantly, but the difference in numbers was too much to overcome. One guard fell, then another. Grugschilt’s body was marred with numerous small wounds.

The armed fighters, relying on their sheer numerical advantage, surged forward in a final push towards the carriage. However, the tide of battle suddenly shifted.

Several enemies screamed as they were knocked away by an unexpected force, and fell into the moat.

“Wh-What… What is this?”

“N-No one told us about him!”

Knight Commander Lawrence joined the fray, swinging his greatsword around.

“Knights! Subdue the mercenaries!”

At Lawrence’s command, the knights stationed atop the gate sprang into action, delivering punches and kicks to the fighters beside them before leaping into the castle.

With the return of the Knight Commander, the knights were finally able to act upon his orders. Those waiting within the castle, biding their time to take down

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