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Paula’s Resolve – Part 03

Lavia tensed up.

A snake was slithering through the fallen leaves. A snake of astonishing size. It was about forty centimeters thick and exceeded ten meters in length. Covered in dark gray scales, it blended into the darkness, but its eyes emitted a faint, bluish-white light.

This giant snake, known as the Ravine Serpent, possessed Spirit Magic stones that emitted a significant amount of magical energy and electricity within its body. The prevailing theory was that these Spirit Magic stones were produced internally, but the truth remained unclear.

The Ravine Serpent continued its advance. Snakes possessed two powerful sensory organs, one of which was the Jacobson’s organ. Present in many creatures, this organ closely resembled the sense of smell, but did not connect to the olfactory nerves. In the case of snakes, they were often seen flicking their tongues, collecting substances from the air and transferring them to the Jacobson’s organ inside

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