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Paula’s Resolve – Part 04

Brinkra complained that her mentor, the Frontier Sage, was so absorbed in his research that he wouldn’t even eat properly, and apparently she had inherited that trait as well.

Paula had already witnessed Brinkra’s research obsession during the night they spent together.

“What to do… The food’s getting cold.”

Brinkra only did the bare minimum of household chores, so Paula cleaned and did a large amount of laundry yesterday.

This morning, Brinkra savored the soup that Paula made. Brinkra was much older than Paula, but appearance-wise they looked to be of the same age, eliciting a sense of kinship in Paula.

“If you chant, ‘Become delicious, become delicious,’ while cooking, the food actually becomes more delicious,” Paula muttered softly as she stirred the stew in the pot.

This was something her friend Priscilla, a fellow party member and hunter, had taught her. It did seem that food became much tastier with the incantation rather than

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