People Call the Dungeon the Forest of Deception – Part 05

Hikaru told Lavia to wait at the hotel, while he alone headed to the Adventurers’ Guild to butcher the Red-Horned Rabbit.

Stopping by the hotel every single time is such a drag. The best thing would be for Lavia to roam around alone, so I gotta work on that quick.

And by that he meant leveling up.

Hikaru was considering using the Soul Board to give Lavia some level of Stealth. With 5 points, he could put 1 point each on Life Cloaking, Mana Cloaking, and Imperceptibility. One point on Imperceptibility should be enough against ordinary people. Lavia’s current Soul Rank was 6, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to gain 5 levels.

It’s kinda hard to move around with Lavia practically restrained.

News about Lavia’s disappearance should be out by now, but since she was confined in her home for most of her life, only few people knew what she looked like, including

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