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Secret Forbidden Spell – Part 02

The Duchy of Nightblaze lay nestled in a basin encircled by mountains, with vast fertile lands all around. In about three months’ time, the wheat fields that extended as far as the eye could see would turn into a glorious golden hue. The ponds dotting the fields seemed like shimmering droplets from above.

The Duke’s castle sat atop a hill in Wreath-elka, seat of the House of Nightblaze, while the homes of its subjects sprawled at its foot. Boasting a population second only to the kingdom’s capital, it buzzed with activity.

The spacious carriage station witnessed a continuous flow of carriages arriving and departing daily, wearing down the cobblestones to a smooth surface.

A black-haired girl donning a well-tailored white robe jumped out of a remarkably fancy carriage—Selica of the Four Eastern Stars.

“So this is Wreath-elka!” she exclaimed.

The rest of her party members followed suit, disembarking from the carriage, when a man

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