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Secret Forbidden Spell – Part 03

Calling the Four Stars of the East his last glimmer of hope might be a bit of an exaggeration, but Duke Nightblaze ultimately turned to them for help, believing that there was no harm in trying. And as expected, it was in vain.

“Oh, Galeicrada…”

The red-eyed Duke gently brushed his motionless son’s hair. He had shed countless tears, consumed by thoughts of his child. His once resilient wife, too, had succumbed to despair and remained bedridden for about a month now.

Unlike most nobles in the kingdom, Duke Nightblaze had married only one woman and had continued to love her and her alone. As a result, he showered their beloved child with so much love, to the point that rumors began circulating that the couple had not had a second child because of his excessive affection.

They had their worries about having only Galeicrada as their child, but they believed that by

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