Stealth Kid Goes to Cotton-elka – Part 05

The next morning, they had breakfast of packed food, then set out for Cotton-elka.

“These packed foods don’t really fill the stomach,” Pia grumbled.

“We should be in Cotton-elka in the evening. We would’ve arrived way earlier if we had horses.”

“Our food is pretty much the same as packed food anyway. It’s still a while before we get the proceeds for the tomatoes.”

“Yeah… They should be harvesting them right now. Next step is to dry them, then sell to the peddlers, and then we profit.”

Put it another way, this was the time when Cotton-elka was struggling financially. Talking with Pia brought back memories of the village to Paula. No matter how hungry they were, they weren’t allowed to eat the tomatoes. Priscilla’s father, a hunter, would sometimes secretly give her bird he had caught in the forest, and it was unbelievably delicious. Last year and the year before, Cotton-elka flourished thanks

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