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Test Your Skills, Glory Awaits the Victor – Part 03

“You’ve checked the bracket, right? Now all you have to do is win, and you will be fine. If you keep winning, we will face each other in the quarterfinals. When that happens, please withdraw.”

“Withdraw? Shouldn’t the stronger one remain in the tournament?”

“I do not doubt your abilities, Miss Selyse, but I have trained under the Sword Saint. It’s impossible for me to lose against adventurers,” East said with utmost confidence.

They were sitting in the lounge of a hotel, the most luxurious one in Hopestadt, facing each other. The dim and quiet atmosphere was a stark contrast to the bright sunlight outside.

The other members of the Four Eastern Stars were enjoying tea and sweets at the next table.

Their laughter reached East, and he glanced over nervously in their direction.

“You will be facing Jillarte in the second round, the daughter of the previous leader and the ray of hope of

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