The Depths of the Dungeon – Part 02

The sun was already setting. The gigantic White Dragon had been slain, and although monsters still attacked Cotton Elka sporadically, it was safe to assume that the biggest threat had been eliminated.

“I went to the entrance of the dungeon and checked inside,” Sara said after returning from her recon. “There was no sign of any monster, and the air flow was stagnant. I think the dungeon’s dead.”

The villagers erupted in joy. Selyse furrowed her brows. She, Sara, and Selica had already recovered thanks to Sophie. Most of their arms and legs were badly burned by the flames, but Sophie’s Healing Magic managed to fix even that.

Priscilla was also healed by Sophie. Pia, still asleep, had suffered surprisingly light injuries, which Paula healed. She would have to explain things to her friend later. Paula herself woke up as soon as she recovered a bit of her mana.

“Does that mean the

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