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The One on Top – Part 01

After a good night’s sleep, Jillarte greeted Hikaru the next morning with a bright smile on her face. They had a simple meal of yesterday’s leftovers, then left the house together.

Jillarte looked nervous yesterday, but today she held Hikaru’s hand readily.

“Let’s go over today’s match,” Hikaru began as they walked. Jillarte seemed closer to him now. “Selyse is faster and has better swordsmanship, but you have the upper hand in terms of raw power. You should take advantage of that.”

Jillarte had 5 points in Muscle Strength, while Selyse had 3. This stat directly affected the amount and quality of one’s muscles, and Jillarte had a much leaner body, more so than Selyse.


How could you tell a girl that she’s better in terms of raw power? Jillarte thought.

“You don’t sound too happy,” Hikaru said, perplexed.

“I’m good.”

“As for the rest, let’s just see what happens. Don’t let your opponent control the

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