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Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mystery Psychological Romance Supernatural
  • Author: Anit666

A new demon king has once again come in existence and is raising an army to destroy the world “Phiria”. To defeat him, The Holy Kingdom started a summoning ritual to summon heroes from another world into Phiria. Three heroes are summoned, and the Demon King who is aware of their summoning has started to move in order to crush those heroes before they become a nuisance.

The Holy Kingdom also has some more plans for our heroes. Both of them want our Heroes to dance on the palm of their hands, without even realising that they’ve summoned the puppeteer from hell himself. In this eternal game of intellect, strength, bravado, courage, joy, grief, trust, betrayal, hope, despair, chaos, manipulation, love, hate, life and death, the Ruler has descended to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

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Latest release: Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 434 years 4 months ago

Latest release: Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 434 years 4 months ago

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