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Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 6




Author: Anit666

【3rd person’s POV】


The same room where the three heroes had just been taught by Olivia.

4 people were currently sitting around a small desk. They were: Alicia, Liera, Olivia and Reygus.

“So, how good are the new heroes? Would they be of any help in the coming war?” (Alicia)

Alicia started the meeting.

“How good, you ask? You saw it for yourself didn’t you, princess Alicia?” (Reygus)

“Hmmm? Did something happen while you were teaching them magic? “(Liera)

Liera asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“Yes. The human Sam was able to cast the Eternal Flame on his 1st try.” (Alicia)

“…….Stop with the jokes please, Princess Alicia.” (Olivia)

Olivia laughed. But who could blame her? Eternal flame is considered to be one of the most difficult magic spells to cast. It was only natural for her to think that Alicia was joking.

“She isn’t joking. That Sam was able to use the mana in the atmosphere to cast Eternal Flame. And he didn’t even use a chant for it.” (Reygus)

“What?!” (Olivia and Liera)

Both of them exclaimed in horror.

“Yes. He said something about imagining the process instead of the result itself. He might be a genius when it comes to magic, one that might surpass even me.” (Reygus)

“Isn’t that too far-fetched? You were also able to use magic on your first try, right? Although it wasn’t eternal flame, but still…” (Olivia)

“Well it would still take him a lot of time to surpass the current me. ” (Reygus)

One cannot bridge the gap in experience of 5000 years with just talent after all.

“Well, he can also use martial arts, you know. His swordsmanship is second only to mine and the knight commander’s, you know.” (Liera)

“Oi oi…. just what type of monster have we summoned?” (Olivia)

Olivia sighed.

“That is irrelevant. It’s fine as long as he can kill the Demon King. Not to mention that I’m sure that you 3 can easily suppress him in case he decides to go against us, right?” (Alicia)

“Of course.” (Reygus)

He declared confidently. And his confidence was well-founded. They can defeat Sam. But they have yet to know that Sam is not the only one they need to be wary of.

“That’s all we need then.” (Alicia)

【Sam’s POV】


“Is it just me, or is it getting hotter out here?” (Sam)

I spoke out absentmindedly.

The sun was dispiritingly high, and with it being the middle of summer and the clothes I was wearing, I was sweating bullets. Time and time a gust of wind blew and gave me some relief, but that was overcome by the heat the sun was pouring on me.

I was currently standing in front of the Royal castle, or as some call it, the Imperial Castle. The castle was huge, and it was made of marble. The elegant carvings on its walls and pillars, with a beautiful statue of Phiria on the top the highest tower created an exquisite scenery found only in fantasies.

Wait, this is a fantasy world, ain’t it?

It’s been a month since we were summoned into this world. And every day of this past month was filled with hellish training. Magic in the morning, martial arts in the afternoon, and theory lessons mainly on Magic Science and art of war in the evening.

Also, in the 1st week, I got lessons on the native language of this world from Olivia in the night, and I passed rest of nights in the Central library of this palace. I couldn’t read all of the books though.

During this time, I got to learn about what kind of powers we were granted by the Goddess Phiria. Unfortunately, it’s not a power that we can directly use in battle. It just drastically improves our speed and efficiency of learning things. What others would take a year to learn, we can learn it in a week. This in itself can make a very big difference though.

According to Reygus and Liera, we three have become very strong. Moreover, according to them, my growth is rate exceptional even for a hero. What Jack and Chloe took three days to learn, I learnt it in a day. They said that learning while being cooped up in the castle without any actual battle experience would be detrimental to my growth, and hence wanted me to go out into the world and get some practical knowledge. So now I’ll be able to go outside this palace.

Although I’m sure I have much more practical knowledge than what going outside can ever provide, I’ll still go outside to gather information.

In this one month, we three weren’t allowed to go outside, nor did we meet anyone new other than the people we met during the first two days. Even the guards were the same. The reason they gave us was that they wanted to prevent information about us being summoned being leaked to outside. They didn’t want the Demon King to know about us before we’ve matured into proper Heroes, lest he might launch a full-scale attack with all his available resources to eliminate us.

An acceptable reason.

Anyways, after some consideration about what to do after going out, I’ve decided that I would become an adventurer belonging to the good old Adventurer’s Guild, while Jack and Chloe would train some more to reach my level. Only then would those two be allowed to go out. In this one month, I’ve developed several magics. Most of them have use in battle, but there are some that can heal and some that help in my daily life.

But the one I like the most is ‘Decomposition’. Decomposition is a magic that breaks down anything and everything into its constituent atoms, and then those atoms into their constituent electrons, neutrons and protons. In another words, this magic is too OP. But this magic is not absolute.

First of all, it takes a large amount of time to cast it, and hence cannot be used in battle. Also, I can only decompose small objects, and humans only the size of 5 years olds. I cannot decompose someone who has a greater mana control than me. Not to mention that this magic would fail if the target has surrounded itself with a layer of mana, which almost all of the strong people in this world do.

I’ll have to work on improving it. I also want to work on selective decomposition, a magic where I can decompose only a part of the target body.

I’m also working on mass-energy conversion. This magic would completely convert the target it’s used on into energy, according to the Einstein’s Mass-Energy Relation. Simply speaking, I can wipe out this entire world with the help of this magic. I intend to use it as large-scale annihilation magic, something which can obliterate the entire Demon Army.

Though, it somewhat saddens me that the people of this world don’t realise the true value of magic. Even though they have the privilege of being able to use magic, their most advanced spells are the ones that can only bring destruction. With the help of magic, one can bypass all the basic laws that govern the universe, and produce miracles that only the ones hailed as Gods can achieve. For example, I want to use magic to bend Time and Space itself to my will. If I could somehow succeed in it, then I just might become omnipotent.

But right now, I’m standing outside the castle, alone in my battle outfit. The only thing I have is some money and a map to the Adventurer’s guild. Although princess Alicia opposed fiercely to my decision of going alone, she couldn’t win against my stubbornness. But I’m sure that she would send some spies after me who would watch me from a distance.

I’ll have to sniff them out later and send them back.

This world’s currency is coins. Namely, bronze, silver, gold and platinum coins. A silver coin is worth 100 bronze coins, a gold coin equals 100 silver coins and a platinum coin is worth a 1000 gold coins. In this world, a bronze coin is roughly equal to 1 dollar.

As for my battle outfit, it’s simply a black leather hoodie with black leather jeans and black boots and gloves. In addition to that I wear a mask that looks like the skull of a tiger minus its lower jaw. My shoulders and half of my back is covered by black feathers and on my chest is a necklace that seems to be made of the ribs of some animal.

Basically, I look like the leader of some tribe. Chloe laughed too hard after seeing me in my outfit. Two one-handed swords are sheathed on my back, and two guns are holstered on my waist.

Yes, guns.

I had them custom made. I gave them the design, while they made it. Though they look like automatic pistols, the barrel is twice as long, and the bullets are twice as long as the .44 magnum. And yes, they are also black, with some simple carvings in golden.

Although I say the bullets are twice as long as a .44 magnum, they are much more than that. A normal bullet actually comprised of a bullet core, the propellant and the primer, encased in the bullet casing. It is the bullet core that actually leaves the gun, and its length is roughly 10% of the whole bullet.

But my guns use magic to fire the bullets, so there is no need for the propellant, primer and the casing. The bullets are just metal cylinders tapered at one end, and hence are 20 times longer than the bullet core of a .44 magnum.

The firing mechanism is relatively simple. When the hammer strikes the bullet, it automatically uses mana to cause a small directional explosion and force them out of the barrel at a speed nearing sound. Also, I use a combination of electric and magnetic fields on the barrel to increase the speed of the bullet up to Mach 2. Anything hit by them would have no choice but to simply be ripped apart.

However, the recoil from firing such a bullet at Mach 2 would be considerable even after using magic to reduce it, so I’ll have to use magic to augment my wrists while using the gun. Moreover, since a normal gun and bullet would simply melt due to the amount of current needed to accelerate it to Mach 2 and the air resistance, so I had them make the guns using dragon bones. The bullet is covered by dragon bone powder to allow it to tolerate the air resistance.

Now, since I’m ready, let’s head towards the Adventurer’s guild. Let’s also hope that I don’t get involved in some weird cliché situation.





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