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Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 9




Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


So, we formed a party, with our first quest being the subjugation of a dragon. This is a very good opportunity to see just how strong I am from this world’s standards, and to measure just how strong this world’s creatures are. If I can defeat a dragon, one of the mightiest and the cruellest beings, then it would prove that I’m ready for the upcoming war. Not to mention that I would get some dragon parts, which are very useful in many things.

The bones of a dragon are much stronger and durable than any other metal. The weapons made from the dragon’s bones are stronger and sharper than the ones made from steel, and the leather processed from its skin also has strong defensive capabilities, against both physical and magical. Some of its parts are even used for research purposes and can be sold for very high prices.

But now that I think about it, just how old is this Cornellia? Because she’s an elf, her outer appearance would remain the same regardless of whether she’s 20 years old or 200 years. Should I ask her? But my friend said that you should never ask a girl her age. Well, as long as she’s older than 18 it doesn’t matter.

I mean, I should be ready for everything, right? Though I’m sure something like that would never happen.

After registering our party, we went outside the Adventurer’s Guild to head towards the Northern gate of this city. This city is surrounded by a large circular wall, which has 4 gates to enter and exit. They are the Northern gate, Southern gate, Eastern gate and Western gate. As it’s clear from their names, each gate points to its respective direction. The one we’re going to use will take us outside the city towards the safest part of the Argent Forest.

The capital city Gundia is in fact surrounded by a vast forest, the Argent Forest. This was the reason why a wall was built around the city. It was to keep the monsters residing in this forest out. However, as most of the monsters in this part of this forest are weak, they pose no significant threat to me and Cornellia.

Unlike my world where cities, especially the capitals are surrounded by other cities, this world’s cities are usually surrounded by forests. This world is vast, and so are the territories owned by the kingdoms. However, the population isn’t that large, so the number of cities required is small. Hence cities are constructed at large distances from each other to cover the entire country. The land between the cities are covered by forests, or are used for agriculture. In some countries, the cities are separated by vast expanses of deserts.

We exited the city and started walking towards the Argent Forest.

But after leaving the city, I started feeling a gaze on me, as if someone had been following me. Is it a spy? Then, did Alicia send two spies after me? Or is Cornellia not a spy? Although I would like to apprehend the one observing me right now, I cannot because Cornellia is with me.

I looked towards Cornellia, and found that unlike her previous cheerful expression, she was looking a bit restless.

Maybe she also noticed that spy and is confused? Anyway, I cannot do anything about him when Cornellia is with me. I gotta look for a chance later.

We continued walking through the forest in silence. I was on the lookout for monsters, but we didn’t encounter any. In fact, the path we were walking on was devoid of any other people. The birds were chirping and the little animal squeaking, and the trees surrounding us rustled every time wind blew. I occasionally saw a squirrel or two looking for food or playing on the road, but it always swiftly dashed away the moment it noticed our presence.

I had thought that our travel through forest would be tedious: we would have to fight monsters in this blazing heat. But the forest was cooler than I’d expected it to be.

“Hey, what’s your name by the way?” (Cornellia)

Cornellia asked, as if unable to endure the silence any longer.

But seriously? She doesn’t even know my name? Well I never introduced myself, did I?

“Samuel Hayden. Call me Mr. Hayden.” (Sam)

“But you asked the receptionist to call you Sam. Why this discrimination?” (Cornellia)

“Did I? Well then, call me Mr. Hayden.” (Sam)

“Hey!” (Cornellia)

Cornellia puffed up her cheeks and started looking the other way.

What is she, a child? But her reaction was cute and interesting, so I guess I cannot complain. She reminds me of Chloe. Teasing her is gonna be fun hehe.

“Ok ok geez, you can also call me Sam.” (Sam)

She looked back towards me with a big smile.

“Ok! You can also call me Cornellia.” (Cornellia)

“Ok. And by the way, what’s your age?” (Sam)

Although my mother warned me against it, I still courageously dived into the river to see what would happen. Cornellia’s smile vanished and she spoke in a colder tone.

“Didn’t your parents ever teach you to never ask a girl her age?” (Cornellia)

And I got brilliantly chomped by the crocodile for it.

What’s with girls and their ages anyway? Why are they so secretive about it?

We continued talking about useless things, like our backgrounds and hobbies, while on our way through the forest. But suddenly, an arrow came flying out of nowhere aiming for my head. I tilted my head to let it pass. However, that arrow was very fast, and could have killed a normal traveller.

Seems like someone is aiming for my life. After 5 seconds, a number of what looked like to be elf warriors came out of the forest. All of them were wearing identical green tunics, with a small picture of a bright yellow flower sewed on them. All them were pointing their bows at me with eyes filled with hostility and murderous intent. There were elves at my back too. The gaze I felt earlier was from these elves.

“Step away from our princess you lowly human!” (Elf 1)

The elf screamed condescendingly.

Lowly human?

I looked towards Cornellia and asked.

“Do you elves advocate elven supremacy?” (Sam)

“N-No! A-at least not me………” (Cornellia)

She got flustered and tried to deny the accusation while waving her hands, but the last part of her sentence was spoken in a very low voice, as if she was afraid of something. But before I could ask what she meant by that, another arrow came flying at me. This time, I caught it with my bare hands and broke it into two.

The elves were clearly agitated at this. Did they not expect something like this to happen?

“I-Impossible! For a mere human to catch our holy arrows imbued with mana with his bare hands!” (Elf 2)

Oya? Those arrows had mana in it? That mana was so weak that I didn’t even feel it.

“Anyway, Cornellia, how do you explain this.” (Sam)

I totally ignored those elves and asked Cornellia. She was being restless from the moment these elves appeared. Those elves also threatened me to step away from her princess, and since there are only two people here besides them, and since I’m clearly not their princess, by process of elimination, Cornellia is the only one who can be the said princess. This means she’s totally related to this.

But before Cornellia could reply to me, the elf who looked like this squad’s leader took out his short sword and attacked me. Looks like me ignoring them and talking like this to their princess has pissed them off. The elf swung his sword while aiming for my neck, as if he wanted to kill me.

Geez, these people are so violent.

But he’s so……………. slow. I unsheathed the one-handed sword from my back and swung it towards that elf the moment he came near me. The next moment blood spurted out from his right shoulder and his right arm fell right next to him on the ground.

“Can you just fuck off? I have something to talk about with her.” (Sam)

I said this in the coldest tone possible. Even Cornellia next to me had beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

The elf whose hand I just cut first looked at me and then at his right shoulder, and when it dawned on him that he had just lost his right arm, he started screaming due to pain. I would have liked to cut his head off, but decided against it cause these elves were related to Cornellia.

“Wh-What have you done?!” (Cornellia)

She screamed in shock and ran towards the elf that was writhing in pain on the ground and started casting healing magic on him. As if time had been reversed, the arm I had cut off grew back, and the cut arm that had fallen on the ground vanished. Even the blood that had been splattered in the ground and stuck on my sword disappeared as if it was never there.

Ok, just what the fuck? Did she just reverse time on that wound? Or did she reverse the time of the whole body? Or maybe she did something else instead of turning back time. Whatever she did, it was beyond the realm of healing magic. Healing magic cannot regrow organs of the body, no matter what you do. However, whatever she cast on that elf regrew his arm. No, his arm was restored.

Interesting. I gotta learn this at all costs.

“Are you alright, brother?!” (Cornellia)

“Y-yeah….” (Brother)

Brother? This rude elf who just got his ass handed to him by me is Cornellia’s brother?

The brother, and all the other elves, except Cornellia of course, once again looked towards me with hostility, but their eyes also held fear this time. I just shrugged and sheathed my sword, which didn’t even have a drop of blood on it, back into the scabbard on my back.

“So, will you explain what’s happening here?” (Sam)

Before the brother could say anything, Cornellia stood up and spoke.

“Yes, I will explain it. I would first of all like to reintroduce myself. Cornellia El Lucent, the first princess of The Elven Kingdom, at your service.” (Cornellia)

She bowed slightly to me. Oi oi, she’s the first princess? I can already see where this is going……..


Well, at least she’s not a spy.





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