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Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 12




Author: Anit666

【3rd person’s POV】


“What are you doing?”

She stopped moving the moment she heard the sharp voice. But fear wasn’t the only thing that was stopping her from moving. Her body was refusing to obey its owner’s commands, and such a phenomenon was brought by the voice.

She was somehow able to move her head, and she turned it around to see just who had stopped her. At the end of her sight was Shiggurath, or as she knew her, Drache, leisurely sitting on the sofa. Shiggurath had appeared at such a bad timing, she thought.

Moreover, she hadn’t even sensed her in the room. Shiggurath must have been hiding her presence, she determined.

“I’ll ask again: what are you doing, Simone Zestringer?” (Shiggurath)

Yes. The one who had sneaked into Sam’s room to kill him was none other than his host, Simone.

Simone stayed silent. She didn’t have anything to say to such wretches after all.

“I see, so you don’t plan on answering. Then, die!” (Shiggurath)

Shiggurath declared as she partially transformed to produce her tail. Her tail which was sharper and deadlier than a sword, rushed to end Simone’s life.

Simone understood that this was the end. At the death coming towards her, she closed her eyes. However,


She heard a sound of metal clashing against metal. She opened her eyes to see what had happened, and found the figure of her father standing in front of her. In his right hand was his sword, and he had parried Shiggurath’s tail strike with it.

Simone was bewildered by his father’s presence. But her father paid no heed to her and just continued to stare at Shiggurath.

Shiggurath withdrew her tail and positioned it in front of her in such a way that she’d be able to attack with it anytime. Her crimson eyes shone dangerously in that dark room.

“Just about the right time for you to come out. I’ll say this once, Reishu. Get out of my way or I’ll kill both of you.” (Shiggurath)

Simone didn’t think her to be capable of killing Reishu, but that was because she had yet to know that she was the one and only Shiggurath.

Reishu sheathed his sword, and then kneeled on the spot.

“F-Father?! What are you doin-” (Simone)

“Shut up.” (Reishu)

Her father scolded her in the coldest tone she had ever heard.

Is Drache that dangerous of an opponent?, she thought

Reishu turned to face Shiggurath again, and spoke.

“Please forgive the foolishness of my daughter. I’ll make sure to reprimand her later, so I pray you’ll let this go.” (Reishu)

However, Shiggurath didn’t let up.

“Let this go? She just tried to kill Sam in her sleep. The punishment for that is death.” (Shiggurath)

For Shiggurath, there was no crime more severe than hurting Sam, the only source of her hope.

Reishu, who understood just how serious Shiggurath was, stood up, unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards her. That was enough to convey that he won’t be stepping aside when his own blood was in danger.

“Hmph, fine then.” (Shiggurath)

Both of them started manipulating the mana surrounding them. Both the manas clashed with each other, thus creating gusts of wind. And in that clash, Shiggurath was winning. Her mana control was superior after all.

T-This is bad! Simone was scared shitless.

Just as both of them were about to cast magic, a loud voice reverberated through the room.

“Whoa stop there for a minute, both of you.”

The next moment, all the mana swirling inside the room dispersed like smoke in the wind.

Sam got up from his bed and walked up to stand between both Reishu and Shiggurath.

“Jeez, just what the heck are you doing in someone else’s room? Fight outside if you want to do so.” (Sam)

He chided them lightly. Shiggurath undid her transformation and stood to stand beside him.

“But she just tried to kill you!” (Shiggurath)

“Yeah I know about that. But that doesn’t warrant killing her right away, does it? I believe there are steps you can probably take before that.” (Sam)

“T-That’s…..” (Shiggurath)

Shiggurath went silent in front of Sam’s impeccable logic.

“And that goes for you as well. Why are you trying to kill a person you met just a few hours ago? Did I offend you in some way? Or are you secretly working for the Demon King? Did she send you to kill me?” (Sam)

However, Simone just ignored his question and turned her head, as if whatever was happening had nothing to do with her.

“Answer her question Simone. Just why in the world did you do something like that?” (Reishu)

This time her father pressed her for answers. Simone, who couldn’t find the courage to defy her father, finally turned to face them. She looked at Sam with a look full of contempt and spoke in a disgusted tone.

“Because you aren’t worthy of being a Hero!” (Simone)

She pointed to Sam while saying that.

Well, that’s probably true. I’m far from the ideal Hero. Sam thought.

“I don’t? Well, then who is?” (Sam)

Sam asked that question purely out of interest. However, Simone took it as ridicule. She couldn’t take it anymore and finally shouted.

“My father, who else! There’s no one worthier to be the Hero than my father! He should have been chosen as the Hero, not you, a mere human from a peaceful world!” (Simone)

“Hmmm. I know that I’m not the best Hero. But I do know that someone whose daughter is a murderer isn’t fit to be a Hero. I mean, how is he supposed to bear the burden of protecting mankind when he can’t even handle his own daughter?” (Sam)

Sam scorned her. He didn’t actually believe what he said, he just wanted to gauge Simone’s reaction by saying that. Simone fell for his trap and started shouting again.

“I have nothing to do with that! It doesn’t matter what I am-!” (Simone)

However, she couldn’t complete her sentence. After all, Reishu had slapped her in the face before she could do that. He looked straight into her eyes with eyes full of rage and bloodlust, and spoke in a cold, threatening tone.

“Shut up and get out right now.” (Reishu)

Simone touched her cheek and stared at him in horror. She then turned towards Sam and looked at him with a face full of wrath. He just shrugged nonchalantly, which infuriated her even further. She finally turned around and left the room, slamming the door on her way out.

After she left, Reishu sighed and bowed towards the other two.

“I apologise for her…… misconduct. I never would have thought that she would do something like this.” (Reishu)

“Oh really? Then what are you doing in my room?” (Sam)

“What else would you expect? I’m the ruler of this castle. Of course, I would know everything that’s happening in it. That’s how I’ve continued being the king.” (Reishu)

“I see, that makes sense. Anyway, I hope you can properly discipline your daughter. I’d be troubled if she continued attacking me like this in the night.” (Sam)

Sam sighed.

“Yeah, I’ll try to, though I don’t know if I would succeed.” (Reishu)

“Hmmm? You don’t know? Then who would? You’re her father, aren’t you? You should be more than capable of disciplining her.” (Sam)

What Sam said made sense, but Reishu’s face contorted in grief after listening. He stayed silent for a while, as if struggling to find the right words to say. He finally managed to speak in a voice full of sadness.

“I…….. I’m a failure of a father.” (Reishu)

Sam had been involved in another trouble.





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