Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 22




Author: Anit666

14 February, 20XX
It was a beautiful night and lying here staring up at the stars was very relaxing. Though as my vision started to fade, I wondered if this would be the last thing I saw before I bled out.

The sounds of sirens in the distance were oddly calming, and I finally decided to go ahead and doze off. However, the boy beside me was still screaming at me to hold on, but he sounded more and more distant by the second.

And I finally closed my eyes.



I opened my eyes, and what I saw first was an unfamiliar ceiling. The ceiling was white. Is this heaven?

But the rhythmic beeps entering my ears and the sensations in my body told me otherwise. I slightly lowered my gaze, only to see an oxygen mask over my face.

I see, this is a hospital. Seems like I survived. But how did I get here?

I tried moving my head to confirm my surroundings.

“Oh? You are awake?”

An unfamiliar, yet gentle and calm voice entered my ears. Someone was here in this room with me. I moved my head towards the voice, but the moment it did, I was assaulted by a sharp throbbing pain in my head.

“Ah don’t move yet. You suffered an injury in your head.”

The owner of the voice, a young man, started walking towards me. A short moment later, his face entered my eyes.

“Just lie here and don’t move. I’ll call the nurse.”

The boy had black hair and black eyes, and seemed to be like an average student you could find anywhere. However, what caught my attention were his eyes.

Ah, how beautiful his eyes are, I thought as I continued to gaze upon them. Those eyes seemed lifeless on the surface, as their owner’s heart was barren and faithless. But the more I looked at them, the more I could see an unfathomable and unyielding will burning within them.

A will to do what? That was suddenly the question I was the most curious about.

He continued saying something, but I didn’t really hear it. The entire time he was talking, I was fascinated by his eyes.

The boy started walking away after finishing what he wanted to say. I wanted to stop him and look at his eyes some more, but I was unfortunately too weak to say anything.

I lamented that this might be the last time I’m seeing him. As it turned out, my fears were unfounded.



12 October, 20XX

I said after being satisfied at the me who was looking back at me from the mirror. I had spent the last hour in choosing a dress and grooming myself. In the end, I had settled for a white summer dress, as today was warm.

Today is ■■■■’s birthday. On my birthday, which was on the 15th of March, he had hosted a surprise birthday party for me along with my mom and ■■■■■■. Even now when I look back at it, I still find it surprising how the hospital had allowed him to do so. According to him, he had to do a lot of things to get the hospital’s permission.

So, since it is his birthday today, it’s only natural that I would host a surprise birthday party for him. Though, given the kind of person he is, I doubt he even remembers it’s his birthday today.

So, we, I and ■■■■■■ namely, invited him out today to throw him a surprise birthday party. And damn, he was so persistent about not wanting to go because he wanted to laze around on a holiday. Convincing him was harder than the quantum mechanics they are teaching us nowadays.

Good grief, why did we have to fall for a pain in the ass introvert like him?

■■■■■■ and I divided our roles. She would prepare for the party at her home, while I would take ■■■■ there. Which means this has turned into a date. Ah I’m so excited!

After messaging ■■■■ that I’m leaving my house and he should too, I came downstairs.

“Mom! I’m leaving!”

“Ah it’s time for your date already? Fufu, it’s nice to be young. Have fun, dear.”

“Mom! It’s nothing like that!”

“Yes yes. Say hi to ■■■■ for me.”


I grunted as I left my home. A mother’s intuition is kind of scary.

But given how she constantly teases me about it, I know that she isn’t against it, and is in fact encouraging me. Cannot blame her, she must also be happy about how ■■■■ had helped me get over my fear of men and trauma after what happened.

No no, I shouldn’t be thinking about depressing things! I should focus on enjoying my date today.

With such thoughts in my mind, I started walking towards the public park of our block. That was our meeting place. I arrived there 5 minutes later, and found that ■■■■ was already waiting for me there.

Oddly enough, he was on time. That was unexpected. The moment our eyes met, my heartbeat quickened. Cam down, me!


He slightly raised his hand and greeted me. Different from me who had dressed up nicely for this day, he was wearing his casual clothes. A plain yellow shirt and black jeans, with sneakers.

I feel kinda stupid for spending an hour for getting ready. I’m sure he woke up just an hour ago.

“You sure are dressed very nicely. Do you plan to go somewhere else after this? Maybe a date or something?”

I take back my words: spending that time was worthwhile.

“You’re the one who’s dressed too casually. When going out with a girl, you should dress up more properly.”

“As you say, my queen. Anyway, let’s go now, shall we? Wherever we are going for today.”

Yes, we hadn’t told him where we would be taking him today, which only added to the difficulty of convincing him.

“Yes. Let me book a taxi.”

“Taxi? Just where the hell are you taking me? Is this a kidnapping? I have a knife with me, you know. And I’m not afraid to stab myself to death.”

There it is, one of his suicide jokes. ‘It’s casual existential crisis’, he says.

“Yeah I’m kidnapping you. Now shut up and let me call the taxi.”

I booked an U*er from my phone which arrived in 5 minutes. The destination? The biggest mall of this city. I want to buy a gift for him first, and from there we would go to ■■■■■■’s house where we’ll celebrate it.

The money for his gift was collected by me and ■■■■■■, and the rest was supplemented by our moms. They were also very excited for this party. My mom would also be attending the party tonight.

We got into the taxi and he started driving. While chatting about useless things, we reached our destination in half an hour.

“Whoa, here? What are we going to do here today?”

“Some shopping.”

“Um, then, am I here to hold the bags for you?”

“Of course not. I brought you here with me for some advice.”

“Ah it’s fine then.”

“But of course, you wouldn’t be such a brute to let a lady carry all the heavy stuff.”

I tried teasing him.

“Now listen here, lady. I’m an advocate of true gender equality. So, you are going to carry your stuff yourself.”

“What a barbarous man you are.”

“You should have known it all along.”

He smirked.

“I did. Now, let’s get going now, shall we?”

And I started walking towards the destination in my mind after that, and he quietly followed me. Soon, we entered a S*ny store.

“Hmm? Here? I thought you were going to buy stuff like clothes and all that.”

“We’ll do that another day. For now, I want to buy something from here.”

“There’s going to be another time?”

He asked while making a horrified face.


I answered while smiling. Soon, a sales boy came to us.
“What would you like to buy, madam?”

He asked me, probably because I was more properly dressed than ■■■■.

“I want to buy a Pl*y Sta*ion 4.”

“This way please.”

After saying that he led us towards the back of the store.

“You want to buy a P*4?”

“Yes. And I want your help on that, like what model should I buy and what games should I start with.”

“Hmmm……. how much money do ya have?”


“Rich people. Well, since money isn’t a problem, then you should go for the 1 TB model of P*4. As for the games, you don’t mind killing and all that stuff, do you?”


Well, since I’m buying this for him, I’ll just buy whatever game he suggests to me.

“Then buy D*om, Unch*rt*d series and Ni*R:Aut*m*ta.”

These are all games I’ve never heard about.


After that I told the sales boy about what I wanted, with additional explanations from ■■■■ whenever necessary. He gave us what we wanted, and I spent around 400$ buying it.

However, the PS4 was heavy, so ■■■■ took it from me. It was already evening by the time we were over. I messaged ■■■■■■ asking whether everything was ready, and she replied that it was.

“Well then, this is the last place we’re going, so I hope you’re ready.”

“You’re my boss for today. Do as you wish.”

Can I take you home and do **** and **** with you?

No wait! What kind of perverted thoughts am I having?!

“Your face is quite red? Are you okay?”

I instinctively touched my face, but of course that wasn’t going to tell me what colour my face was.

“I-I’m okay. Let’s go now.”

I called the taxi again, and we finally headed towards ■■■■■■’s house.




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