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Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 3




Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


I took out the gun holstered at my waist, and fired at my left wrist.


It hurts. But this much is nothing.

Since the bullet was traveling at a really high speed, it blew off my entire wrist, thus separating my hand with the arm and hit the ground thus creating a crater. Blood was gushing forth like a fountain.

Cornellia and Shiggurath looked with horror at the atrocious act I had committed. But they soon regained their senses.

“Just what the fuck are you doing?!” (Cornellia)

She shouted at me. She immediately walked up to me, and started casting the Healing Magic on my wrist. Yes, this is what I wanted.

I carefully observed my arm while it was being healed. I also focused all my senses to feel the change that my arm underwent. The moment she cast the magic, I could feel mana flowing into my arm. It flowed till my elbow, and then started collecting.

But this mana was different from the one I use to cast magic. Yes, this was a living being’s, Cornellia in this case, mana. It was different in the aspect that it felt like it had a will of its own.

And that’s when the time reversal started. The time reversal was gradual, but its effect wasn’t. The moment it reached the point when my arm was intact, the change happened abruptly. In other words, my hand suddenly attached to my arm through the wrist, and there wasn’t a single wound on it.

It didn’t happen like the hand that had fallen on the ground flew over to my wrist and got reattached. The process was much more abrupt. It was as if my hand and the blood got transported to my wrist and got reattached. And this happened so rapidly that I couldn’t even notice or feel it.

I tried moving my hand, and it moved just as I wanted it to. It felt completely natural, as if the injury had just been a lie. My arm was as good as new.

Now then, how can I learn it? Let’s ask Cornellia. Or so I thought, but when I looked at her face, I found that it was filled with wrath and worry.

Um……. what?

“Ms. Cornellia? What happened? Why does it seem like you are furious?” (Sam)

“Ah? You have the nerve to ask me that question after what you did?” (Cornellia)

What did I do?

“What would you mean by that?” (Sam)

“You fool! Why the hell did you blow of your hand like that?!” (Cornellia)

Oh, so she’s talking about that.

“I wanted you to demonstrate your healing magic. However, it cannot be used if there is nothing to heal, is there? So I injured myself. The reason I did it to myself was to understand what your magic does. And I’ve concluded that you actually reverse time. But how do you do it? I mean, altering the flow of time should be theoretically impo-“ (Sam)

“Sam!” (Cornellia)

She suddenly shouted my name.

What happened now…..?

“There’s no need to shout, Cornellia. I’m standing right in front of you.” (Sam)

I said in a gentle tone. It seems that Cornellia is angry with me. But why?

“You hurt yourself so severely just so you could learn magic? Just how reckless can you get?!” (Cornellia)

Hmm…… it seems she’s angry because I hurt myself. Wow. I guess that’s a natural reaction, probably. Now then, how should I pacify her?

Yes, I’ll do that.

“I’ll admit that what I did was outright reckless. There were probably ways to do it in a more peaceful manner. However, that would take more time. And time is a luxury we cannot afford. The Demon King won’t wait for me to learn this magic. Also, I believed that you would be able to heal me.” (Sam)

“You….!” (Cornellia)

It looked like Cornellia had more to say, but she just sighed, and spoke in a gentle yet firm tone.

“I… understand. But please don’t do something like that again. Promise me.” (Cornellia)

That’s a promise I unfortunately cannot make.

“I’ll try my best.” (Sam)

“Good. Then, let’s continue with the lesson, shall we?” (Cornellia)

“Of course. Tell me, just how do you reverse time?” (Sam)

“Reverse time? I don’t cast a magic that reverses time. I cast a magic that heals. If we take what just happened as an example, then while casting my magic on your arm, I imagined the result as ‘your arm being restored’ and not ‘the time of your arm being reversed’.” (Cornellia)

Hmmm…. that’s weird. That doesn’t explain why she was able to alter the flow of time. Manipulation of time is more difficult than manipulation of space, but she was able to pull it off just by imagining a result of healing me. Why was that? Is it possible that her magic attribute leans towards time manipulation? Is something like that even possible?

Moreover, just how am I supposed to manipulate time. I know for a fact that it’s not impossible, as evident by what Cornellia just showed me, but I don’t understand how to do it. I mean, Science says that time travel is not possible due to the various paradoxes that arise due to it. So how do I imagine the process of bending time?

I was lost in thought, but Shiggurath brought me back.

“Hey Sam, is it really necessary to understand how it happened? I mean, would it really matter?” (Shiggurath)

“Of course, it does. How else-“ (Sam)


No, wait. She’s actually right. It doesn’t really matter whether I can explain it or not. In fact, magic itself cannot be explained by Science.

I see, I was misunderstanding magic itself. Magic is nothing but just a way to break the laws of physics. Yet I was hung up on understanding it through those very laws.

That means it doesn’t matter whether I know how time is being manipulated or not. What’s important is I can manipulate time. The same would apply to space manipulation, Decomposition, Demolition and the other magics.

And to do that I would have to improve my mana control. Good grief…

But the conventional method of casting magic isn’t going to cut it. I need a new way. Maybe I should imagine both the process and the result? Like, I’ll imagine the process till the laws of physics are being followed, and then start imagining the result after that? That way should be more efficient. Though I can already see how difficult it’s going to be. Not that I’ve any other method available to me right now.

I now know what to do. And it’s thanks to the two ladies in front of me. I should properly convey my gratitude.

“Shiggurath, Cornellia. Thanks a lot. It’s only because of you two that I now know what to do in order to become stronger.” (Sam)

“Huh? You know? That means you have grasped how to use my healing magic?!” (Cornellia)

She asked excitedly while leaning towards me.

“No, I haven’t. In fact, I don’t even have the slightest clue about how I can learn that magic. I was actually trying to understand that magic, but I have realised that doing that is neither necessary nor possible. So, I’ll be counting on you to teach me how to do it.” (Sam)

“I-Is that so? I’ll make sure that you learn that magic and use it!” (Cornellia)

She said it in a joyful tone.

“Ah but no hurting yourself, okay?” (Cornellia)

“Yeah yeah.” (Sam)

I replied curtly to brush her off.

“And you too, Shiggurath. Be ready to teach me some magic.” (Sam)

“Understood. I’ll make sure that you get as proficient as me in casting magic.” (Shiggurath)

Is that even possible? Well, only time will tell.





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