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Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 11




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“It’s time for us to get serious, Hayden. Or this would be the end of us.”

Jack declared with a serious voice tinged with annoyance. He continued glaring at the hurricane in front of us. That’s when it hit me. Bahamut, a name I was painfully familiar with.

“Hey Shiggurath.”


Her voice trembled.

“That’s Bahamut?”


The Bahamut?”


Her voice trailed off in the end. Goddamnit!

“The Dragon Emperor, and your younger brother?”

This time, she didn’t even say anything, and weakly nodded.

I see.

The Dragon Emperor. He can also be called the Dragon God, but for some reason he likes to call himself ‘Dragon Emperor’. Born only after Shiggurath, he commands over the dragons of this entire universe. As strong as a Lord of Hell, he’s known as a tyrant who brings destruction and death whenever he moves from his throne. Such an entity is currently in front of me, and against me.

Hmm, interesting.

“I’ll run.”

I declared and simply turned around, ready to make my escape. I mean, I know that we should probably be able to beat him and win this war, but I ain’t taking any chances.


Shiggurath screamed and caught my shoulder strongly, thus barring my escape.

“What do you mean by escape?! Are you going to leave me alone here?!”

“What the fuck do you want me to do then?! It’s the Dragon Emperor, BAHAMUT! We are literally going to die if we don’t get the fuck out of here right now!”

⟦Ah, so you realise that you can die.⟧

Maxwell snickered.

⟦A comedian eh? Fuck off! I don’t have time for your faggotry!⟧

“What about your promise then?!”

She’s worried about that?!

“How the fuck would a dead me fulfil a promise made to the dead you?!”

I screamed.

Everyone else was looking at us dumbfoundedly, perhaps confused as to why we were bickering under these circumstances. Do they not realise the calamity in front us?

“Wait wait wait, Shiggurath. You are saying that man is your brother?”

Cornellia asked with a confused expression and Shiggurath once again nodded.

“If he’s your brother, then he’s going to be at least as strong as you, right? I can’t wait to fight him hehehe.”

Liera chuckled creepily and started walking towards the tornado. Why the fuck is it still blowing anyway. A dragon’s transformation doesn’t even take up this much time. Perhaps it is trying to intimidate us?

However, a hand gripped her shoulder preventing her from advancing forward.

“Stay back, Liera. He’s too strong for you. You’ll die before you can even take out your sword. And that’s because he’s much stronger than Shiggurath. His strength rivals that of Balgaar.”

“A dragon on the level of Balgaar?!”

Liera’s jaw dropped at this revelation and her entire body shuddered. Perhaps she remembered the horrors she went through due to him, and thus finally realised the gravity of this situation.


Jack shrugged.

“Hey, can you guys decide what you’re going to do? I’m getting bored here.”

Regina who was laughing like a maniac until now sneered at us with a condescending look. Everyone present glared at her with hostility in their eyes, and strangely enough, the bloodlust of the girl- females was slightly heavier than Jack and mine combined.

These girls are scary. Though we haven’t even revealed our full bloodlust yet.

Now then, what to do? The script I wrote has been compromised. I should probably stop improvising plans. I did expect the entry of someone on Regina’s level, but I wasn’t expecting the fucking Dragon Emperor himself. Fuck.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I’ll make sure you pay for this, Regina! The toll of your betrayal going to be very heavy!

“We’ll fight, and massacre you.”

But before I could think of a suitable response and answer, the Lord of Hubris and Vanity standing beside me, Jack Hargreave, declared this. His tone indicated that he was clearly looking down on both Regina and Bahamut, not to mention the Commandments glaring at us from behind her.

Regina frowned upon listening to his response, perhaps because this wasn’t the reaction she was looking for.

“You are going to fig-”

Regina started saying something, but.

“You have added just Bahamut to your side, and you think that this war is as good as won? Just the kind of thinking I would expect from a third-rate enemy.”

With his hands in his pockets, he scoffed at them.

“Third rate and us? I am the Demon King, Leticia Zi Lamperouge, the walking extinction level event that is feared by the entirety of mankind! And a plebeian like you, a Hero’s sidekick, dares to call us third rate?!”

Veins were popping on Regina forehead due to anger. Wait, did she just introduce herself as Leticia, and not Regina? She is still maintaining that farce? Why?

“And I am Bahamut, the Dragon Emperor. I am much stronger than that disgrace standing there. You think you stand a chance against us?”

A deep heavy voice, one which weighed on your soul itself, came from inside the tornado. The winds had decreased, and I could vaguely make out the figure of a dragon, and three pairs of glowing crimson eyes staring at us.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Shiggurath clenching her fists and hanging her head low. On the other hand, Chloe, Cornellia and Liera were already backing off after feeling the aura of Bahamut.

What’s with the people of this world being extremely cocky? Like, if a man is standing in front of you and declaring that he can defeat you, perhaps you shouldn’t take it that lightly.

But what surprised me the most was the army standing behind me. They had yet to run away even after seeing such a mighty existence glaring down at them. Their courage was really commendable, to say the least.

“It seems you are misunderstanding your positions. But before that, this show is getting on my nerves.”

Jack continued from before, this time with an icy cold voice.


He simply said a single word, which would have perhaps seemed coming out from his mouth because of the false pride borne due to being named as a Hero. However, I knew different. With that word, Jack Hargreave released all of his blood-thirsty aura.


Bahamut groaned, and suddenly the tornado surrounding him vanished as if it was a lie. His overwhelming aura pressing on our souls disappeared as well. What came out from the tornado was a large black dragon. It was around 100 metres in length, and had three heads. On his back he had three pairs of wings. All of his necks were moving independently, as if they had their own minds, but all of his eyes were focused on Jack.

“This is what you are in front of me, you filthy mongrels.”

Jack ridiculed them. The battlefield went silent, perhaps because they were afraid of Jack’s overwhelming prowess. Regina too was glaring at him in a trance, perhaps because she didn’t think that Jack would be this strong.


Meanwhile, the gigantic dragon Bahamut, mumbled.

“You will pay for this!”

He roared, ready to fight. Regina also broke from her trance and faced us with the intention to fight. I’m surprised that they still want to fight us. Oh well.

“Alright then. If you want to die so badly, we’ll give you a death befitting of your fervour.”

Jack replied while building up his will to fight. I then turned towards my teammates.

“Jack and Shiggurath, you go and obliterate Bahamut. Chloe, Cornellia and Liera, handle the commandments. Regina is mine.”

Everyone nodded to my directions.

“And Jack, release her seal.”

Jack grinned viciously.

Now then, Regina’s betrayal and the arrival of someone as strong as Bahamut wasn’t in my plans, but it still was not something I wasn’t prepared for- I’m always prepared for a betrayal after all. Our morally bad decision of continuing the fight will surely bring about a lot of deaths, but as Regina said earlier, we couldn’t care less.


Well then, let the game begin.




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