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Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 13




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“How…………… naïve.”

Perhaps my words resonated with her, as she quickly regained herself and dodged the strike coming at her head from above.


I couldn’t help but click my tongue at her marvellous reflexes. I jumped back to take my distance from her and resume again.

“Maybe you are right.”

Hmm? Regina, different from her overbearing attitude from before, calmly looked at me and smiled. It was not the smile of the Demon King Regina who was here to defeat me and claim the world for herself. No, it was the smile of self-derision of a helpless girl.

“Maybe I am naïve.”


“But this is the choice I have made. Only by acting like this can Regina have any hope of fulfilling her desire. That’s why, even if this is a war that I will lose, I will keep fighting to the bitter end.”

She pointed her sword at me.


Ah, I see.

“I understand now. I understand everything, Regina- no, Leticia. You’ve been so thoroughly broken that you have lost the ability to trust. Being manipulated and used by the one you once considered your friend while your dearest was held hostage. You did everything you could, yet your wish was never fulfilled. You clung so desperately to the hope I had given you, but the moment you got the power to do everything on your own, you discarded me. After all, betraying is better than being betrayed. Our relationship was formed on a fickle trust, while your relationship with Bahamut is based on a contract. That’s why you chose him over me. Your story, without a doubt is tragic. However.”

Her brows furrowed as she silently waited for me to continue.

“However, there’s only one truth here. You stand against me. Which means you are an enemy. And Samuel Hayden has only rule for enemies: mercy, does not exist.”

Her grin widened and her eyes filled with determination.

“As I thought, Samuel. You are not a Hero. You are not even a human. You are just a monster.”

A monster eh? I would like to retort, but I don’t think she’s interested in that.

“So be it. Now come at me, Demon King, Leticia Zi Lamperouge!”

I called upon her to come at me with everything she had, which, honestly speaking, would kill me. The real prowess of Regina is enough to kill the current me.

Yet, I invite her, to me. Because that’s the only way to end this.

“I am coming for you, Samuel Hayden!”

She replied at me as such, and thus our battle resumed.

【Shiggurath’s POV】


“Jack and Shiggurath, you go and obliterate Bahamut. Chloe, Cornellia and Liera, handle the commandments. Regina is mine.”

Sam instructed us. But can he even handle Regina?

Can we handle Bahamut?

It’s been a long time since I last saw my little brother. He has grown quite big since last time, and I am proud to see his splendid growth.

Too bad he’s on His side.

From the moment I was banished and Bahamut was crowned as the Dragon Emperor, I knew that a time would come when I would need to fight him. I would need to fight my own flesh and blood, only because He wanted so.

But I also knew that I will never be able to kill my own brother, so I decided that when the time came for me to pay for my sins, I would proudly accept it and let my brother kill me. But I needed to be extra sure, and so I placed a seal on my powers.

A seal that can be opened only by me, and Him.

But I never thought that day would be today. I am this close to my goal, but alas my time has come. My death here would lead to Sam’s defeat, but that cannot be helped, I guess.

This is the price for my sins, after all.


Seeing Sam’s valiant back as he went off to confront Regina, while leaving his back to us because he trusted us, hurt my heart when I thought about how I was going to betray his expectations.

I don’t know why but my heart clenched and it became harder to breathe the moment I imagined him falling in battle due to my betrayal, enough to make me want to give up on this idea.

He probably expects me and Jack to wrap this up quickly and help him in his fight with Regina, because it’s clear that he cannot do it alone. But I am sorry, Samuel, no matter how much it hurts to do this, this is the one thing I will never compromise on. No matter what.

And so, I killed my emotions and steeled my heart, ready to face death at the hands of my little brother, who’s not so little anymore. Bahamut might be jumping with joy in his heart right now, because killing me would erase the one single blemish tainting his life. So be it.

If my death can benefit him, then I will die.

I will betray Samuel and die at the hands of Bahamut.

I will-

“You are not thinking of betraying us, are you?”

An icy cold voice brought me back from my thoughts. I saw Jack standing before me and peeking in my eyes. This was the first time he was so close to me. And due to the outrageous thing he had done earlier, his cold apathetic expression now seemed much more ominous. He was a man I never understood. Sam sees him as a friend and completely trusts him. But what about him? What does he fight for?

His eyes narrowed sending a shiver ran down my spine, as if someone was licking it, and my entire body stiffened.

“I will ask again. You are not thinking of betraying us, are you, Shiggurath?”

Why……… why would he ask me that at this point of time?

“Why would you think that? You should have no reason to do so.”

I somehow managed to pull a straight face and answered him. Learning from my blunder with Cornellia in that dungeon, I practiced lying in front of a mirror.

“That’s true. I should have no reason to think that.”

He spoke with a shake of his head.

“Of course-”

“But, the fact is, I do.”


“You are thinking of dying by Bahamut’s hands to pay for your so-called sins, right?”

Why does he know that?!

A domineering aura overflowed from him, which almost made me stop breathing. I always thought him to be Sam’s sidekick, but it’s now clear that he is as terrifying as Sam. No, he’s even more terrifying than him! Shit!

“Too bad, you are not going to die today. Not unless we permit it.”

“What do you mean by-”

I wanted to ask him what he meant by that, because his words clearly implied that he was threatening me.

However, I couldn’t finish my sentence because the blood in my throat had made me choke on my words.

I looked down and saw and felt an arm thrust into my chest and jetting out from my back. The strike had penetrated my heart and squashed it like a bug.

The arm, of course belonged to Jack. His movements were so fast that I could not even register them with my eyes, and his strike was so powerful that it managed to penetrate my defence and impale me.

“Khak khak!”

I vomited out blood and almost fell down, but his arm impaling me kept me in my place. I tried to use magic to heal and defend myself, but for some reason, I couldn’t.

No, it’s not just some reason, it was Jack. He was stopping me from using my magic! The only reason I hadn’t died yet and was able to think this clearly was because of my resilience as the highest-ranking dragon.

“Like I said, you won’t be betraying us.”

His threatening words combined with his bloodlust assaulted me, which are perhaps the last words I am going to hear before my life ends.

Forgive me Bahamut, but………… looks like your good for nothing older sister is going to disappoint you once again.

I am sorry.

I am really…………




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