Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 9




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Well boy, are you ready for this?”

Reishu called me from behind and asked this question while I was gazing at the rising sun beyond the horizon. The light from the sun lit the grassland, while a soft breeze brushed past my cheeks every now and then. The sky was clear, but the weather forecast from the mages of the kingdom had foretold rain during the afternoon.

It was a nice day for a war.

I turned around and greeted the elf standing behind me.

“Well, good morning to you too, Reishu.”

“What a nice day for a war.”

“Yeah, I know that.”

Reishu chuckled lightly, but I knew how eager he was for this. In simple terms, the more he contributed here, the higher his chances would be to be recognised by Phiria for his efforts and given a reward, which undoubtedly would be the resurrection of his daughter.

“Well, I am ready. What about everyone else?”

“So am I. The soldiers are in formation, and ready to move out at a moment’s notice.”

I turned my gaze at the soldiers behind Reishu standing 500 metres from us, and they did seem ready. The cavalry was ready with their spears raised high, the magicians were on the standby with their staffs while the archers were vigilantly eyeing the horizon to be the first to pick up on the presence of the demons. The flags of mankind had been raised, symbolising their will to fight until the bitter end.

“And what about the key players?”

They are the ones who matter the most after all.

“Reygus and Olivia are also ready and in position. I don’t know about Liera yet. Azell and William are also on standby. Jack seems eager to fight, while Shiggurath doesn’t really need to prepare for this. I’m not sure about Chloe and Cornellia though.”

“I see. Thank you for your report. You should also go back to your designated position. We don’t know when the Demon army would appear.”

“They should have been here by now.”

His gaze travelled to behind me, to the battlefield which was devoid of our enemies. I also turned around.

“Perhaps the Demon King plans to bring all of them here at once through Teleportation magic and catch us by surprise?”

“Who knows. We should remain vigilant.”

“I agree.”

Yes, although the entire army of mankind was already here, ready for the upcoming Holy War, the Demon army was nowhere in sight. The land in front of me was devoid of any soul, save for the mages riding on dragons doing recon.

Today was the designated day for Regina’s invasion, the day when mankind’s fate will be decided. A week had passed since her declaration of war. Simone had been killed during this time, while a lot of other things happened as well.

Six day after the Regina’s declaration, Liera and the others, along with the The Holy Kingdom’s army and the Royal Elven army- commanded by Karzark- arrived at Blatan.

Since the city was clearly not big enough to house entire armies of the two largest nations, they set up a camp at the Faraway Grasslands, with the important figures like Liera’s team, Azell the pope, Karzark and the King of the two nations staying at Reishu’s castle.

It was decided that our army would take a Crescent formation divided into four parts. The right wing, comprised of human knights, would be commanded by the commander of the Holy Kingdom’s army, William Stedfield. The left wing, made up of Elven knights, would be under Karzark.

The central wing, a combined force of both the kingdoms, formed of mages and the elite cavalry to protect those mages, would follow the orders of Reygus and Olivia. The rear wing, comprised of archers and long-range magicians, would be under Azell. There was an additional regiment, comprised of dragon riders that would attack the Demon Army from above, and it was under the command of Reishu.

The decision to keep the human and elven knights separated was made based on the fact that they have different physical capabilities. Elven knights are light and nimble, relying primarily on complex techniques and a variety of weapons, ranging from swords, knives and even clubs, to gain the upper hand in battle. Human knights, on the other hand, use mainly brute force and a straightforward way of fighting to win. Keeping them together would have hindered their movements. Separate, they can bring out their full potential and can be used to target specific types of enemies.

And then there was us, the Hero party. It was decided that Jack and I would fight Regina together, while everyone else would be on support. The commanders of each wing, except Azell, would handle the Commandments of Regina’s side.

Liera was the supreme commander for this war, while Alicia acted as the coordinator between different wings by overseeing the entire battlefield from camp set up behind us. The camp was basically our commanding headquarter.

Everyone is ready and in position, with the resolve to give up their life for the betterment of mankind.

I soon heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and found Jack walking towards me as if he was strolling in a garden. Everyone is ready to fight for their life, yet this guy isn’t even taking this seriously. I guess he’s thinking that this war- no, this game is as good as won.


He greeted me by raising his hand. I did the same.

“Are you ready?”

I asked, just in case.

“I’m always ready for a war, you know. What about you?”

“Only time will tell. What about the others?”

“Chloe seems prepared, mostly. Shiggurath doesn’t even need to prepare, while Cornellia also seems ready.”

“I see.”

That’s all I need to know, for now. The success of this operation might depend on how they perform, and it would be a failure if any of them died.

“As for your plan…… are you sure it’ll work?”

“It should. Probably.”


Jack frowned when he picked up on a word not belonging to this situation.

“After the appearance of Balgaar, I can’t help but suspect the rising of other unexpected problems. That’s why I would like you to get serious and be prepared for anything that might come our way.”

“Yeah yeah. It’s not like we are going to fight Gods here. Don’t worry too much.”

Oi, that’s basically a flag!

I was about to scold him for his leisureliness, but I noticed that he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were seeing something behind me. I turned around and followed his gaze to see a black spot in front of the rising sun. The spot quickly became bigger and bigger, until I could make out the silhouette of a dragon.

“Oh well, seems like the key players are here.”

Jack chuckled behind me.

I used magic to augment my eyesight. I could vaguely make out Regina, along with five demons.

“Is that all? Where is her army?”

“She probably thinks that she doesn’t need it?”

Jack made a baseless conclusion.

“That’s not possible. This game is equally important to Regina. There’s no way in hell that she’ll take this lightly.”

“Well, we’ll know it only after meeting her.”

“That’s true. For now, go and inform Liera that our enemy has arrived.”

“I don’t think there’s a need for that.”



I swiftly turned around after listening to an unexpected voice, and saw Liera standing beside Jack.

“What? Of course, I would know the moment the Demon King entered the battlefield. For now, you should gather up your team. This is going to be a battle to death after all.”

Then what about the time when Regina trespassed in my room back in the royal castle of Gundia?

“Understood. Jack, please call everyone here. It’s time for war.”

Jack frowned as I passed my responsibility to him, but went to the camp nonetheless. After he left, I turned to Liera who was entirely focused on the Demon King. Judging by the speed of her steed, she’ll arrive in front of us in 5 minutes.

“Well then, Liera. I hope you are ready for this. You have learned your role properly, right?”

“Of course.”

“Now then, fire up your spirit, lubricate your blade with the blood of those that have fallen before you, and get ready to create a mountain of corpses that’ll reach the Heaven. This is a war after all.”

Her eyes glinted with the sick glee of a battle maniac, and a savage smile appeared on her face. Oi oi, please don’t lose your sanity here…….

“I have always been ready for this, Samuel. What about you? You are not going to die, are you?”

“Only time will tell.”

I have done everything that I could. I have prepared myself for every scenario that I could think of. I have placed my pawns in their positions, ready to check the King the moment he makes a mistake.

The path to victory has been paved. All that’s left is for me to walk it.

“Time to create a living Hell.”





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