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Ruler Vol 4 Afterword




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

Yo boiis, Anit666 here with Ruler’s 4th volume, Advance to the Fall.

As usual, I gave my all for this volume (especially the interlude), and honestly, the result was better than I expected. What about you? Did you like it? Did you enjoy it? Or were there things you’d like to complain about? Please let me know in the comments or on discord.

This volume was kind of an introduction to the second arc, so it was a bit slow. As for the upcoming volumes….. well, expect a lot of madness, much more than the 1st arc. The Hero Michael, the unnamed lady and her butler, the Fae Lord, Cecile, the Council, the demons, and finally, the Gods; watch them as they dance on the theatre of despair while Sam and Jack direct them with the most beautiful of smiles.

What about Phiria, you ask? Well, she also has an important role, probably more important than you think, but it’s still hidden. Find out for yourself in the upcoming volumes.

Now as I listen to Moonlight Sonata’s 3rd movement, I wonder what else should I write here…..

Ah, right!

This volume’s favourite moment was undoubtedly Solomon’s introduction.

Did it surprise you? It would have surprised me if I had encountered it somewhere else. Like, as they leave God’s Realm, Phiria fucks up and teleports right in the main boss’s chamber. And what does the boss do? Kneel in front of Sam and call him his God.

Like, what the actual fuck Samuel? That’s clearly illegal

*angry Regina noises*

Ahem! Anyway, Phiria’s attack on Sam was the second most favourite moment, while the reunion with Tzeeneth was a close third. Sam’s comrades were like “Yayy got a God class weapon! Imma whoop my enemies’ ass with this” and then Sam comes in and literally gets the strongest weapon that can make the Gods kneel with just sheer bloodlust. What’s more? The weapon is sentient and seems to know Sam.

Anyway, I’m running out of things to say, so let’s wrap this up.

To the readers; thanks a lot for picking up this novel and sticking with it till now. I’ll continue working hard to ensure that Ruler becomes one of the greatest masterpieces you’ve ever read.

And thank you, Weasalopes. Thanks to you I can deliver Ruler in its most perfect form.

Well then, until we see each other again.




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